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I have always loved reading. I particularly love reading romance novels and the occasional short story. I have always been a shy, quiet and reserved person. Don't talk much.But I have always loved books. They were, in some way an escape for me. Back in school the library was my favourite place. What started my writing frenzy was not a short story but a crazy thought I penned to paper. It was titled "The Holy Family and Social Media/Modern Technology" It was all about "What if social media and modern technology existed during Jesus's time back in first century Palestine?" Anyway, I do hope you enjoy these short stories I have submitted. And I hope to submit more in the future. Please feel free to leave a comment on my stories. It doesn't matter whether the contests are over. I still would like to get your feedback on my old stories. Thank you.😊 The stories I enjoyed writing most was 'Forever Love' and 'Hot Pink Stilletos.'😊 Favourite Authors Enid Blyton (Childhood favourite) Barbara Cartland Sidney Sheldon Jeffrey Archer John Grisham Danielle Steel Jane Austen The Bronte Sisters Favourite TV Shows Dancing with the stars Downton Abbey (absolutely loved it❤) The Tudors (loved it❤) The Crown Victoria The Spanish Princess (loved it❤) A Discovery of Witches Band of Brothers (loved it❤) This is us Th Undoing Bridgerton Favourite Movies The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (read the books) The Hobbit (read the book) The Chronicles of Narnia (read the book) (There are many more. Will not attempt to list them all😊)