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LM draws inspiration from fairytales, folklore, and nature to write stories that are quirky, humorous, fantastical, and sometimes even strange. They've self-published children's books at Barnes & Noble which include Josh's Epic Country Adventures, Little Ghoulie's Ghostly Tales, The Alien that Came to Earth, and The Groundskeeper of Strange Town. They've also self-published a novella What Goes Unseen (under the name Aron F. Carro) and a witch mystery Demons in the Details (under the name Briar King). Their stories can also be found on Wattpad under BriarKing93. Their design work can be found at their L-MDesigns store on Redbubble, Cafe Press, Zazzle, Art Pal, Fine Art America, VSUAL, Threadless, and Bonfire. Their photography can be found on their sites and in their photo books on Barnes & Noble (Country Summer and Taste of Country). Some of their photography can be found on ViewBug under elizabethkonkel. They also run a series of blogs: Writer's Shelf, Infinity Sisters Reviews, A Cup of Tea & a Hot Read, LM Stories, and L&M Designs. Their FB pages are LM Stories, L&M Designs, and Lime Productions. Their Instagram is lmstories93 and their Pinterest is @elizabethkonkel. Reedsy Stories: A Spirit Set on Revenge Escaping the Fool Virus Changing Tides A Tree's Century Renewal A Family Secret Message from the City A Trickster's Tea Party The Silver Bird, the Hunter's Crown, & the Queen's Treasure Liar, Liar, the Truth is Dire No Goodbyes Today Discovery in the Wyldwood Lost at the Festival of Madness Let's Face the Future Pranked the World into Oblivion Truth Magic Works in Mysterious Ways Leaping Together Standalone stories: Escaping from the Wrath of Water The Good Fortune of a Library Book Two Former Villainesses and Overdue Library Books Another Night in the Library of Worlds Wrong Way to Find Treasure Ghost at the Door with a Dare Through the Open Window The Road Trip Trope The Crooked Hotel A Series of Unfortunate Dates Parts 1-3 The Superhero Swap The Royal Secret Parts 1 & 2 The Sinking Yacht Party Taking a Hitchhiker for a Ride The Curious Tale of Calypso Grimly Parts 1-4 The Silent House Rose-Colored Truths A Mystery in London Silence in the Town The Bird House The Locked Door The Gossiping Clowder