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I am so stupid. So incredibly stupid. How could I ever fall for this? When I finally was getting over this play boy, he pops out of nowhere. Well, I guess not nowhere. I probably should have thought of the possibility that Emma would set me up with my ex. 

I have been on plenty of blind dates before, and I can admit I like them. The element of surprise is fun, and I honestly think that blind dates are good for you. Let you get out there. I, myself, don’t really need to get out there though. 

My mother always told me to date around when I was in school so I knew exactly what type of man I like. I still haven’t figure that out. And I’m a senior. 

But isn’t college supposed to be for irresponsible drinking and “dating?” 

I sure hope so. 

My name is Olivia Turner. I’m 17 years old and I really like ballet. That’s pretty much it. Oh, I also really like boys. A little too much. 

But, to be honest, all of the girls are like that.

I have been on, estimating, 57 dates. That’s only since I was sixteen, which makes me pretty sick now that I sit here and think about it. 

I’ve never really had a serious boyfriend. Not until Robin Meyer showed up. 

I met Robin at a hangout a year ago. We were playing night games, and we just happened to be paired up in a group of cops and robbers. Although, I have a theory all of my friends purposefully grouped us; even though Robin was currently dating Alice at the time. 

Alice was a sweet girl, but had no comedy in her. I know she had mediocre grades and would only really talk to Robin. We were all jealous of her, naturally, since Robin was one of the biggest hotties in school. 

His deep blue eyes and poofy brown hair, that reached up at least three feet above his head, made all of the girls want him. 

During the game, me and him connected pretty well and I had fun. 

A few weeks later, we got the “awful” news that Alice was moving, and she would no longer see Robin again. It took all of us by surprise, for sure, but what made all of us jump was that the next day Alice came to talk about it. 

She said the she was really moving, but she had wanted to break up with Robin for a really long time now, but just didn’t have the guts to break his heart. 

She was glad, and laughing with us. All of my besties were legitimately freaked out. 

After that, it was like a pack of wolves, all fighting for one guy. 

I, however, did not find that he was single a chance to jump at him. Instead we just had friendly chit chat over the phone, just like friends. At least, that’s what I thought. 

When I heard the Robin told almost everyone in the entire school that we were dating, my first reaction was to scream. 

Literally. Not out of happiness, no, but because I was so pissed at him. 

What had my text, “I hope you have a good day at school,” made him think we were together? We hadn’t even gone on a date, ever! 

I confronted him about while we were doing laps outside during gym, alone. 

“What?!” He said, when I told him. “I told them that we were talking, and I had a crush on you.” He said, sighing out loud. “I can’t believe them. They must have spread all of these rumors.” He decreased his pace, breathing heavily. 

“So, you do have a think for me?” I say, confused. 

“Well, yeah. But your not supposed to know.” 

“You did just kinda tell me.” I say, chuckling. 

“Yeah. I did.” His tone was nothing but serious. 

We didn’t talk after that. Instead we would spend our time in and out of parties and kissing. We were never really together, until we were. Two months after out parading he actually asked me out. 

“The fair?” 

“And by ourselves?” I question, just to make sure he said the right thing. 

“Yep.” It’s all he said. 

“Okay, pick me up at seven.” And just like that, we were dating. Boyfriend and girlfriend. 

The first think I noticed after it was official was the death notes. By just so many girls. So, so many. In my locker, backpack, desk, and somehow even my shoes. 

“Give us back out hottie!”

“You don’t deserve him!”

The list went on and on. At on point I started just emptying my backpack out by the trash can. My vision on how Alice wanted to break up with him was starting to get clear. It was exhausting. 

Robin wasn’t that popular. He had friends, sure. But he really was just known for being a dork and hot. 

But I had to deal with so many people asking questions about him, most of them being girls, and also being a girlfriend. 

I had never really been a girlfriend before. Robin gave me chocolate, said incredible things about me, and I was just sitting there. 

It made me feel pretty bad about myself, but sooner or later I started acting just like him. 

After one more month, people started to calm down and we were the “perfect couple” in school. 

When dances came around, we were the best couple. 

When parties came around, we were the best couple. 

When hangouts came around, we were the best couple. 

I liked it, a lot.

Then it happened. Just the right thing to make out relationship come to a crashing halt. 

Robin wouldn’t come to school anymore. He skipped, hanging out with his new friends. He was popular now, and it wasn’t a good thing. When at school, he would just prank me. When we were alone on dates, he would look at his phone the entire time. Is this why Alice wanted to leave? I don’t think so, but now I’m curious to why she wanted to. 

It was him, who broke up with me. He did it over text, the cliche of all rom-coms. It was awkward between us, and I really missed him. The old him.  

I know it was for the best, but it was hard. 

Really hard.

That’s when I started to binge eat ice cream and tacos. Another cliche. Turns out, I can’t be a professional model like the girls in those movies, because I ended up gaining tons of weight. 

Well, not actual tons but my face is all fat and bloated now, and I kinda look like a fish. I’m still really pretty, at least I hope, but it still sucks.

A freaking year went by, and I’m now just starting to go to the gym. Still working off the fat and such, and I have no idea where the location of Robin is. 

Until now. 

Emma, one of my best friends, who has stayed with me though all of this, set me up on a blind date. I agreed, wanting to get away from my past. I’m sounding very dramatic, but it was a pretty hard for me. First boyfriends aren’t supposed to be hard. But they are apparently, because Emma set me up with Robin. 

I doubt she wanted us to date again, but more settle some rough history. 

And I feel really, really stupid because I am all dolled up for fro-yo, and I know I put way too much makeup on, and he is here. He is here. 

At least he isn’t on his phone. 

He gives me a warm smile and slight wave as I enter through the door, still processing whatever the heck this is. 

Pissed, I go up and ask, “What do you want? Your gray hoodie back? I already sold it to charity.” 

That stupid jerk understands my feelings. “I know your mad about what’s going on. But, instead of yelling at each other about a hoodie a completely forgot about, I think we should just talk it out.” 

I budge in front of him, and order my yogurt. Strawberry with golden Oreo crumbs. 

I sit down after getting my tiny spoon and gesture for him to sit by me. 

“I’m really sorry.” He says. 

“Okay…” I sigh. “It’s been a year. Now, you want to say sorry? That’s it?” I roll my eyes, and dig through the ice cream. Looking for a big chunk of Oreo. 

“I know I was a jerk to you, but it was different for me. Being popular, a part of the group. I never had that. And you were struggling too. I know you’d never really have a real boyfriend before..and well...it was..” He glances at his hands, a sign that he is nervous. 

Hard. It was really hard.” 

“It was hard for me too, when you broke up with me, over text I might add, I gained all this weight and stopped taking care of myself. So, all you wanted was to apologize?” I ask again. Where is he getting at? 

“The guys told me to do it. As a dare. Break up with you.” He said, shoving his hands in his face. 

“And you listened to them?” Of course he did. He wouldn’t be here if he didn’t. Spit got caught in my throat and I felt like I was going to cry. 

“I’m not proud of it. After, I was just so depressed. I regretted it so much. And you avoided my calls and I didn’t know what to do.”

“Do about what?” 

“I still have feelings for you.”

In that moment, it didn’t feel like I was in an anime, or a romantic comedy. It felt like I was underwater, I was drowning. After a year, this boy comes back and admits his love for me? It felt like my own personal hell. 

All I could do was sit there. Listening to the birds chirp outside and the fro-yo machine crank. 

After a couple of seconds, that felt like years, I spoke. 

“It’s been a year.” I only mutter this. 

“That’s how strong my feelings are.” 

A year. An entire year, and he just decides now? I’m sure if I ask him he will come up with a lame excuse like, “It was so hard to reach you,” or “I’ve been busy myself getting away from being popular.” Like it’s that bad to be popular. He just didn’t manage it well, and you know what? That tells something about his character. 

I have been getting over him. But, I still love the guy. It’s frustrating and uneasy to see him like this. To see me like this. 

Right now, I think I just need some love. 

“Okay.” Deja vu, eh? 

“Really?” He asks. 


Right there and then he kissed me in font of all of the fifteen year old kids, trying there best to get some money in this stupid fro-yo shop.  

His mouth tasted like chocolate ice cream and sprinkles. Of course he got ice cream before I got here. 

You could say I was happy. Really happy. 

With the sun shining through the window, the snow on the ground outside of the shop that glittered so brightly, his mouth against mine, things didn’t seem so bad anymore. 

February 18, 2021 20:44

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