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Profile picture from Conner's Doodle Creator picrew by DoodleConner Check out the sequel to my story "To Go Beyond" https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fmw9AVeNk85iGfN9oFzXDpGzYtSi4StTk34UXA93EeY/edit?usp=sharing Series order: "To Go Beyond" "To Come Back Home" (Link above) "Ghost Towns" "Project Songbird" "Hidden Guidance" "The Songbird's Beginning" Okay, forget the whole rats in a hoodie thing, it turns out those rats were a disguise as well. I'm actually an entire swarm of bees pretending to be four rats that are pretending to be human, but I keep getting distracted by colorful things. I'm also a college student. If you've seen me with this site opened in the middle of a bio lecture, no you haven't. I'm trying to find time to write, but life is hard and I've been losing a war with Amazon's self publishing website for months (note to my future self: don't use Amazon's self publishing site ever again), so my creative juices are gone and I think I've permanently lost my half of the brain cell. My current hobbies include waxing poetic about the moon, staying up until three in the morning to do homework, waiting for my Minecraft husband to get home with the milk, and performing medicated baths on the crustiest of dogs at the local animal shelter. If this sounds like you, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Fun fact time: Your mitochondria comes with extra DNA. This DNA is passed down from your mother only. The mitochondria was originally an organism on its own, though there is some debate over the actual origin. That being said, it is imperative that you all know this: the mitochondria is, in fact, the powerhouse of the cell. Enjoy your stay. (And by the way, Reedsy, I still would like to indent my stories please and thank you.)