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Check out the sequel to my story "To Go Beyond" https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fmw9AVeNk85iGfN9oFzXDpGzYtSi4StTk34UXA93EeY/edit?usp=sharing Series order: "To Go Beyond" "To Come Back Home" (Link above) "Ghost Towns" "Project Songbird" "Hidden Guidance" "The Songbird's Beginning" GOING THROUGH MY VILLAIN ARC I'm actually four rats in a hoodie with an outdated typewriter. I love writing but most of what I do is kind of bad. I'm just here to have fun and not cry. Aspiring author, ghost hunter, future veterinarian, and going for the title of Epic Gamer by beating the original Legend of Zelda without a guide. Also the one at D&D night who plays Fire Emblem music to set the mood. I lack brain cells, therefore I lack fear. If you're from my college and reading this because I put it as part of my introduction, I'm truly sorry. If you're a friend I directed to this site, I'm not sorry, you probably deserve this. Some of my stories are good. Others are bad. I dislike the majority of them, but that's just because I wrote them and I have a love-hate relationship with my writing. That is to say, I love the ideas I come up with and I hate what I put down on paper. One day maybe I'll finish something I set my mind to. Or maybe I'll lose all motivation and dramatically throw myself into the sea. The latter is more likely than the former. Enjoy your stay. (And by the way, Reedsy, I still would like to indent my stories please and thank you.)