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OK guy's, I get it and I'm seriously considering changing my name as I, in all of your estimations have been miss named. For those that don't know me, I'll explain. Without exception, if I walk into a room full of people who know me I hear them mutter under their breath, Julian, he's a Kent! So I'm thinking of changing my name by peer pressure to Julian Kent, whadya think? I'm not writing too much on Reedsy as the prompts here are not in line with my genre so working on a new book instead. Also, I see other stories getting loads of reads and likes, but mine stay around 5 / 7? I guess I'm not promoting myself, but some guidance from someone, another Kent maybe, may help, otherwise I'm losing the will with this site! An ageing English writer (not originally from Kent) of humorous stories about situations I have found or find myself in. Through no fault of my own the stories involve those that surround me, who are more than often these days of a medical persuasion, yet not limited to. Some stories are a little naughty, but hey we've all played hide the kipper and been on a tour of the bike sheds before, haven't we, or was it just me? Enjoy, comment, like, hate, smile or just pigeon hole me as just another Kent!