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Jody is a Pittsburgher who loves coffee, her dog, and her husband--the order of which may change daily! In the early days of her career, she was a feature, news, and obituary writer and a photographer for a number of small newspapers in Pittsburgh and Northern VA. Sadly, one-by-one they all closed as journalism shifted to the USA Today style of writing, which eventually morphed into the 140--and then generous 280 character Twitter versions--of writing that she hate (she has been told she uses way too many words in a sentence!) So as someone who needed to pay the bills (and eat), Jody back-burned her journalism and writing career and channeled her energy into being a good secretary (before they were called Administrative Assistants). Fast forward 29ish years and in 2017, she left a looooonnnnngggg career in corporate America to open her own Virtual Assistant business. When she is not helping her clients do their best when they delegate to her, Jody is designing word art and finger painting art for her Redbubble and Zazzle stores and is hoping to start her own line of bedding on Spoonflower and her own line of Yinzer (Pittsburgese) gifts. She is also trying to shake the dirt off her long buried writing roots and get her words (and all of the characters in her head) to grow and thrive. She is looking forward to submitting to Reedsy and getting know other writers! Jody has one book under her belt, in 2007, she and her husband co-authored the Arcadia Images of America book, Forest Hills. Her children's word puzzles are regularly featured in GBU Magazine, and her very silly poetry can be found periodically coming out of the snout of her dog on his Instagram page @codybearthedachsund.