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In her more personal life, since her diagnosis with bipolar disorder in 2012, from an online column on the subject, to her own blog (, Jocelyn has dedicated herself to writing openly on living with the condition, trying to distil the human experience from an oftentimes alienating discourse, fighting the stigmatisation of mental health issues. A self-confessed foodie and former feature writer for Food and Home Magazine, Jocelyn is also the author of collection of essays, Grana, centred on the culinary world, as the binding glue for family, friends and fond memories. In her spare time, a bibliophile through and through, Jocelyn is also a consulting editor in both an academic and prose capacity. There have been ups and there have been relapses, but she continues to thrive by relishing the things she holds closest amongst them the joy of a new book, the pleasures to be had in the kitchen, and the constant reminder that we are all just a little bit magic. Twitter @FryerJocelyn

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