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Updates: A not so children but is for children for my age story called, "Denny" (Feel free to give feedbacks!) Please check it out! I'm 11 years old and I secretly write action and thriller stories behind my family and friends.... And.... I love you Laiba Noor and Amany for supporting me!!! I can't thank you enough, only you knew that I love writing ^w^ Aside writing, I do digital arts (my profile pic is one of them) and some dancing. I play the guitar and a bit of guitar bass. I learnt a few piano chords and etc. I'm an editor at some art company (still learning) and a part-timer at my father's business (I rarely get paid though) Aiming to work as a comic artist (or at least a bassist in a band) And I'm a frog person (judge me all you want) Also, please feel free to recommend your short stories too! And be honest with your feedbacks, they mean everything to me! Note: Please don't decrease my points cuz' I've been working my ass off in earning them. And don't expect me to have excellent grammar because I'm not English and I don't read books that much, but I'll try my best to improve and see my name on the leaderboard. And please do anything to ring my notifications bell, because seeing the yellow dot on it makes my day. :D and please follow my favorite author, Aditya Pillai! And whenever I write a new story, don't expect happy endings from me~ (just kidding, not all of my stories are sad) Love you~