I’m a 28-year-old female, I have deep-set brown eyes and my very short, wavy, black hair is neatly styled. I am recently married, with a kid on the way.

   I am on the way home from the store. When I looked behind myself I saw a car? “Ehh it’s probably just my imagination.” I thought to myself. It was dark outside almost 11 pm. “Ow!” I exclaimed “This child never stops moving!” I looked behind myself again. “It’s still there?” I panicked a little and took a picture, it wasn’t really good though. When I got home, I went and snuggled with my now-spouse.

   The next morning, I went out to my part-time job. (as a waiter) I saw the same car! I think at least. This time I took another picture just to make sure. It’s sort of freaking me out. It could be just me overreacting like I said last night it was dark out. Anyway, I got a lot of slack for my job, because I am pregnant. My kid is due on September 23rd! I can't wait!

   When I got home, My husband RJ was on the couch waiting for me. “Honey?” he said


“Oh! Your home!”

“Well, duh.” I started laughing. He moved from his spot on the couch, and walked over to me and spun me around then kissed me! “I love you,” He murmurs through my hair. I giggle. “RJ! stop it! you’re tickling me!” He moved his face from my head. “I was just having some fun,” He whispers in a fake whiny voice. 

  That night I decided it would be best to keep this car following me a secret. For now at least. I looked at my sleeping husband and imagined back to when we first met. It was back in high school in 11th grade. 

   I was walking down the hall when I saw RJ coming down the hallway on a skateboard. He screamed out “WATCH OUT PRETTY GIRL!” I was like “...Huh…?” BAM he ran into me I fell over “OWW!” I cried out as my left wrist started aching. He was so tall! He quickly jumped up from the floor and grabbed both of my hands I winced as he grabbed my left wrist. He must if saw the pain in my eyes he dropped my hands I winced again. He looked troubled “Are you-” I responded with “Ami.” he continued “Ami ok, I got that. Are you ok..?” I said “Yes, I am fine.” and looked away from him and winced again. “NO YOU’RE NOT!” he caught me “Fine I’m not.” He grabbed me by my right wrist. And dragged me to the nurse’s room. After I got out of the nurse’s room with a bandage. (I sprained my wrist) RJ was pacing back and forth. I smiled and said “I never got your name…” He said “OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY I DID-” I put my finger to his mouth “shhh,” I said “It’s nothing more than a sprain.” and I started laughing so hard and I kissed him. He looked at me with big eyes then sort of pushed me off of him then he pulled me back for another kiss. Just kidding that didn’t actually happen. It went more like this I let him finish what he was saying. Then he blushed and reached for my hand and was rubbing it like it would feel all better. I looked at him and said, “You should have paid more attention.” he sighed and said “I know, I know” and then we became really good friends and eventually became more than just friends… Which lead up to dating for 7 years and then being engaged for 4 years then finally got married.

   The next day, as I was going to work,  I saw the same car! I knew it was the same car because of the 2 pictures I had. This time I took a picture of the license plate. When I got to work the car pulled up by my work and I saw a flash. I almost called the cops but decided against it. It probably just my imagination I said to myself for the third time. 

   As I walked into the store a couple of my co-workers came over and said “hi” we were just casually discussing work. When all a sudden I saw the car again! I started panicking again. The person in the car looked at me. It was a man who looked sort of familiar but I couldn’t exactly put my hand on who he was. He realized I saw him and drove very fast away. I went back to talking to the co-workers but realized they were questioning me. “Hey Ami… What the heck are you looking at?” I said “What?” They were like “You keep gazing into space…” I responded with “Uh- I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I hoped they wouldn’t notice my nervous face and shaky response. They didn’t. “Good” I thought to myself. They shrugged their shoulders and returned to talking.

   On my way home I saw the car again! “This is getting really creepy!” I said to no one in particular. All a sudden I had an urge to pull over. So I pulled over. The car stopped right by me and walked out. Then I realized who it was. It was RJ! He looked at me and I instantly realized, no RJ just looks like him… He looked at me and said “Finally I got to you!” 

   I stepped backward about to run to the car. “WAIT!” He cried out. I stopped THAT IS RJ’S CRY! I froze. The man said “Ami please don’t go I have to tell you something!” I looked at him and said, “What do you want?” He looked at me with a bunch of sadness in his eyes. That is when I noticed it was his father, Carmen. He looked at me, “you figured it out?” I started shaking. “Carmen what are you doing here, you live hundreds of miles away?” He sighed and said, “I’m not alive anymore I can go where ever I want.” I gasped. “But if you not alive… How are you here…” He looked at me that moment I realized he was almost floating. He said “That isn’t important.” I looked at him, confused. “What do you mean it isn’t important!” He sighed again “Never mind that. I need to warn you,” He pointed at my stomach “whatever you do, NEVER EVER! Let this child go near ANYTHING that has to do with warmth!” I said a little rudely, “You don’t tell me what to do, WITH MY CHILD!” He looked hurt “Please” He begged “Don’t! Not until she is at least 16 years old!” “Why?!” I responded “I can’t I-I-I don’t have enough time” His eyes grew big and he disappeared.

   Exactly 3 months later I gave birth to a beautiful young girl! “How did he know she was going to be a girl?” I said muffled… RJ said “What did you say?” “Nothing” I responded.

April 14, 2020 22:27

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20:57 May 21, 2020

This story was amazing, Rosey! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I thought that the 'stranger' would be a creeper, but a GHOST (or paranormal thing)? Creepy. This story was really creative, but I would like to know more about Ami. Other than that, I don't have any critiques! Keep writing and stay safe! -Brooke


Ivy Spade
22:32 May 21, 2020

I'm glad you liked it! Ok! Thanks!


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