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Do you remember the first time you felt fear? How about hope? Love? Betrayal? Excitement? Anxiety? You do?! Your brain does, your brain can pinpoint the first time it understood those feelings. Some are wired, some are hard wired, some are rewired. If your brain remembers, your subconscious remembers. Not only does it remember, it learns, it adapts, it judges and it guides... you. Life has been a traumatic experience for me, from the loss of my brother, pets, my mother, uncles, friends, to the near loss of myself either completely or just to the point of making life not worth living anymore. I have endured! Like me, there are millions of people, there will be millions more, for such is life. I am not writing books, I am simply conveying a message: You are not alone! My words are just there to reassure myself and my readers that the message is safe, that it is understood. You ask me, why should you read my works? I ask you this: would you please read some of my words? Once you have, did you feel me feel you? If yes, would you please help me spread my kinship to others as well? Thank you! Feel free to comment and provide feedback.