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Just a weird teen who likes to write, not very important or significant! :P Music, writing, and reading is pretty much my life minus all the chores I've got! :D I'm still learning to write though so feedback is definitely appreciated! Please do check out Batool Hussain, Twilight Bee, Zilla Babbit, Anja Z, Angelina Valencia, Audrey Winter, A. y. R., Miranda Carter, Sophia Rose, and Kendra Stone! The biggest thing that I love to do is help those around me and make them see themselves for who they actually are and not who they think they are. People deserve to know how beautiful they are and if you're reading this, that includes you. Bully free zone and an LGBTQ+ safe zone Don't hurt yourself, whatever it is, yeah i know it's hard but just because you have a lot of stress doesn't mean you have to relieve it by hurting yourself or going to ways that may disadvantage you. Something could go wrong in the future, there might be a turning point and from them on you're going to feel very regretful. So if you think about the future it's best to just keep away from that but if you really can't help it or if you're really really lost or don't know what to do, as i've always said, come here, look for me, ask me, talk with me and i'll try my best to relieve your stress if i can, if i can help, if not, i'll try my best to make you feel better <3