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Age: Old enough to know better but young enough to not care. Hobbies: shooting, cross-stitching, latch-hooking, kayaking, basketball, chopping wood, swimming, helping others, and writing. Zodiac: Cancer, but if I hadn't been born early, I'd have been either a Scorpio or a Sagittarius. Born in July and due sometime between mid-November to mid-December. Personality Type: INFP-T Beliefs: I'm a bisexual Christian who doesn't have anything against other religions or races. Your belief is your belief. Ask me or draw me into a debate, and I'll debate, but don't hate on me for it because I wasn't the one who started the debate. I love to talk about conspiracy theories and philosophies as well as other religions, so happy to oblige. Dreams: To become a child's advocate lawyer, a rancher, a big-time writer, a mother, and a soldier. Oh, and to travel the world. Who Am I?: I'm just a simple girl from a large Native American & Italian family in Nowhere, USA who has big dreams. I'll cuss you out while blessing your heart. I'll feed you, give you the shirt off my back, but don't stab me in the back because that "sweet, naive, innocent sweetheart" you knew will turn into a "raging, psycho, cold-hearted bitch". Clubs: Young Life, Campus Ministries, Spanish club, the college magazine, Psychology club, an animal shelter club, Delphinian Society, Retreat Leadership Corps, and an ecological club Blog/Sites: https://carolinahome2003.edublogs.org/ https://devotional4theday.edublogs.org/ https://randomthoughtsoflife.edublogs.org/ https://www.poetry.com/user/117544 Note: I will participate when possible in contests, however, it may be far and few between because I'm a college student until at least 2025, double majoring in Pre-law and Psychology with a minor in religion or counseling.