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“You cannot do this to my daughter! She’s only twelve!” The young mother was frantic. She couldn’t lose her girl to a place that she could never go to. Who cared if Hades was her father?

“Mary, she’s not safe once she turns thirteen. She needs to go to the Demigod Camp. That’s the only place where she can’t be harmed. The wards keep the monsters out.” Hades pleaded with his mortal lover. He knew that the road ahead of young Biance Merriweather would be dangerous.

Just then the young redhead ran into the room. ‘Daddy’s back!” She raced to him, giving him a huge bear hug. “Told you he’d be back.” Hades ruffled her hair affectionately.

“Yes you did, Love. Go play with Naomi while Daddy and I discuss adult matters.” With a pout, the child exited the kitchen.

A minute later, they rushed to her room as she let out a yell. Bianca’s stormy grey eyes were furious. “A big black dog stole Naomi!” She pointed out the window. “Can you get it back, please Daddy?”

“You said only those of the underworld could summon hellhounds, Hades.” He met her terrified glance.

“No, I said usually only those of the underworld summon them. Any god/demigod can do it, it’s just not as easy for them.”

“We’ll find a way to get Naomi back, Bianca.” She followed Hades into the hall.

“She goes under one, no two, conditions.”

“Name them, Mary.”

“One, you immediately claim her. Two, if she’s sent on a quest, you help her in any and every way possible.”

“Fine. I will immediately claim her but I cannot directly assist her. However, I swear on the River Styx, that she will be sent help and assistance however possible.” Thunder clapped overhead showing that his promise was sealed. His brothers, Poseidon and Zeus, weren’t happy that he was so involved in Bianca’s life but he didn’t care. He wasn’t leaving his daughter’s fate up to the rest of the gods and goddesses.

“Tomorrow then.” Mary went to tell Bianca the news. “How would you like to go on an adventure?” The child’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Tomorrow, you go to a summer camp where you’ll meet lots of cousins and new friends.”

“Can Daddy come? Will I be able to take Naomi?” She held up her stuffed hellhound that Hades had retrieved from the actual hellhound.

“We can take you but we can’t go, Sweetheart. Daddy can send word to the director so they know to expect you. You can take Naomi. Kay?” She nodded as Mary picked up the bags and took them to the truck where Hades was.

“We need to go. Now. If we don’t, she may die. I can’t go with you.”

She nodded and rushed to Bianca’s room. “Change of plans, Bianca. Your adventure starts now.” She hugged her mother and ran downstairs. Mary sent a prayer to the gods and goddesses for a safe journey.

“Ready, Mama!” Mary went downstairs, turning the lights off as she went. Hades met her in the kitchen, pulled her to him, and kissed her deeply

“Let me make you immortal, Mary. We’d be together forever. You’d be a goddess to the world instead of to just me.”

“But Bianca…” She trailed off as Hades interrupted.

“Will be fine. She’ll make us both proud. You could visit her whenever. I wouldn’t worry about monsters killing you to get to her. Be my immortal wife and queen, be with me forever. We can protect her together.”

“But Zeus would strike me dead just to prove I’m mortal, wouldn’t he?”

“Nay, my love. Zeus, Poseidon, and I all have the power to grant immortality to those whom we wish.”

"We'll see, after Bianca's safely at camp."

He nodded and a shadow passed over his face. He vanished and she headed out to the truck. Two hours later, they were almost there. ”Mama, there’s a big creature ahead. Looks like something that's supposed to be in Greek mythology. Half bull, half man? Definitely Greek mythology.”

“Did you just say a minotaur?”

“Yeah, crazy, right?”

“No. It’s all true. If I fail to outride him, get out and run for your life. Get to the camp on the hill and yell for help. Do you understand?” She nodded, wide-eyed, as Mary pressed on the gas. “Bianca, RUN!” Within a few minutes, the gas was empty, meaning the gas gauge didn’t work as it showed half a tank.

“Come with me, Mama. Please!” Her mother’s terror scared her.

“Not for mortals! GO!” Bianca was torn between running to safety and saving her mom. She decided there was no way her mom was going to die from some mythological-now-real creature. She grabbed one of the swords that her mother kept under the seats for when she had fencing lessons. “Don’t worry about me. Just run!” Fury, simple and true, blazed in Bianca’s eyes.

“No! You’re coming with me! If that stupid camp doesn’t like it, they can deal with it!” Just as the minotaur landed on the cab, she pulled her mother out. “Go, I got this.”

Mary’s green eyes filled with tears. “Ares, please guide her sword to a swift victory. Hades, why’d she have to get your stubborn will?”She rolled out of the way as the minotaur leaped off of the truck’s cab.

“You don’t try to kill my mama!” With that, the girl leaped high into the air, her red curls flying out behind her making her look like a Scottish warrior princess, and landed on its back. She stabbed the creature through the ribcage three times before spinning around the horn and landing deftly on her feet. The creature grabbed her mother, snapped her neck, and flung her across the road. Fury, pain, and adrenaline drove her every motion. Leaping high over its back, she spun so the sword would land in its heart and plunged the sword home upon landing.

“Bianca.” Her father appeared before her as the creature disintegrated into ashes.

“Are you even human? Why was that creature after us? What am I? This was all supposed to be Greek mythology!!! And now it's suddenly real?!”

“No. I’m Hades, the Greek god of the underworld. It sought your powers. You fought well, Daughter. Your mother lives as the queen of the underworld. You’ll see her soon.” He pointed to the camp. “Go.” She sighed and went. Hades wondered, not for the first time, how she’d wound up with his stubbornness and attitude and her mother's skin and hair. No sooner than she’d set foot inside the campgrounds, she was wrapped up in her mother’s embrace. To her surprise, her mythology and Latin teacher, Miss Secada, was there. As was her fencing instructor and Greek teacher, Mr. Page

She began to glow grey as a black skull appeared above her. Campers and adults knelt before her as Miss Secada approached her. “It has been determined. Bianca Merriweather, daughter of Hades, king of the underworld, welcome to Camp Demigod, my dear.” Her father appeared behind her mother, smiling one of his rare smiles. For the first time, Bianca felt that she was truly home.

She noticed her mother leaning back in Hades' embrace with a smile larger than life itself plastered on her face. "I told you she'd be safe here, Mary," he whispered against her ear.

"I know you did, but us humans." He laughed and drew his wife and daughter into an embrace.

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