Dionne Nichols

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My love for books and stories began as early as I can remember, but I didn't like to write. Writing began as a painful elementary school exercise, (one I secretly hated, then secretly loved) but the greatest gifts my teacher gave me at that time were anonymity, open form, and write what you know. Later, creative writing classes I thought would be easy were hard and dialogue creation was difficult, much to my surprise and disappointment. But the exercise of writing never stopped; the smell of paper, the feel of a pen in my hand, and the joy of openly placing words into books has lasted my entire life. Fear of rejection, criticism and acclaim held me back for years, and kept me from submitting work for publication. So now I find myself here, no longer afraid, no longer holding myself back; finally willing to share and participate in a writing community. I salute all other authors for giving me the courage and inspiration to step outside my comfort zone and offer my work and a piece of myself to the world.