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My favorite stories, for now, are probably 'The Girl With Fire In Her Eyes' and 'We Are the Revolution'. (15/8) Active for now, I guess (I hope) after two months. Boy, I missed this site, and woaw, it has changed dramatically. (June) *currently inactive (working on two other projects)* People whose stories I will certainly read and comment on when I'm back: Everyone who is following me (1 story each at least) I will read your stories soon; don't unfollow me because I'm inactive! I am a certified night owl. Languages: English, Spanish, a teensy (teensy as in a vocabulary of like 20 words) bit of Esperanto. I'm currently writing a novel. It might turn out around 200 pages and I'm super excited. My story writing status: ✍ currently writing a story ⌨ not writing a story 💡 Brainstorming on a story Now (15th August, 2021) ⌨ చɾìէìղց էìքʂ: 1. Less is more. 2. When you write dialogue, try saying it out loud. 3. After you edit your story, read it out loud and you will catch many mistakes you would otherwise not have noticed. 4. Run grammar checks if needed, but don't follow the corrections blindly, because even machines can get it wrong. 5. Don't use the same word repeatedly. For example, using 'horrified', 'frightened' etc instead of using 'afraid' multiple times paints more vivid pictures in the reader's mind. 6. Use imagery and metaphors to describe, but make sure you don't go overboard and make it tedious and 'adjective filled' to read. 7. An eye for detail is extremely helpful. 8. Use strong verbs instead of adverbs. *Will be updated soon!* I plคຖ t໐ ຟritē tຟ໐ kiຖ໓Ş ໐f Şt໐riēŞ hērē -> Complex stories with a lot of research and character development. -> Simple 'impromptu' stories for fun. I will state which kind of my story is, in the comments section, to let you know. I will try to critique stories often, although most of my critique will come from the aspect of grammar. I hope I can receive critique in return. :) I enjoyed reading and recommend: Harry Potter Rick Riordan books Jane Eyre Little Women series The Hunger Games Maze Runner Missing A Little Princess Black Beauty The Diary of a Young Girl Demystifying Reincarnation What Katy Did A Christmas Carol Goosebumps (From when I was younger) Relatability factor: 1.When you realize that every other protagonist in MG novels is exactly twelve years old. 2.When you finish a maths problem and your answer isn’t remotely close to any of the options. 3. When halfway through a heated discussion, you realize that the other person’s claim is more reasonable and you agree with them. 4. When you as a writer procrastinate writing by doing a million other things like reading, drawing, cleaning your room (yes!!) and just lazing around. 5. When you're going to say something phenomenal, but when you open your mouth, you forget what it is. I hope you enjoy reading my stories. Stay safe!