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(27/4/2022) Jeez, why is this bio so cringey~ Hey! This is actually an alt account I used when my stories weren't getting approved on my og account. Now since there's the fee, getting approved isn't very relevant now. :) My favorite stories of mine, for now, are probably 'The Girl With Fire In Her Eyes' and 'We Are the Revolution'. (15/8) Active for now, I guess (I hope) after two months. Boy, I missed this site, and woaw, it has changed dramatically. (June) *currently inactive (working on two other projects)* People whose stories I will certainly read and comment on when I'm back: Everyone who is following me (1 story each at least) I will read your stories soon; don't unfollow me because I'm inactive! I am a certified night owl. Languages: English, Spanish, a teensy (teensy as in a vocabulary of like 20 words) bit of Esperanto. I'm currently writing a novel. It might turn out around 200 pages and I'm super excited. My story writing status: ✍ currently writing a story ⌨ not writing a story πŸ’‘ Brainstorming on a story Now (15th August, 2021) ⌨