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I was born and raised alongside the Smoky mountains of Western North Carolina. Frequently finding myself lost within the wood, falling deeper inside my mind as the serene silence slowly takes me. Nature has a way of embracing you, healing the hurt you have yet to understand. I've always found uniqueness from the little things. A breath of fresh air, the gentle hum of a bass, the rhythmic swaying of an evening tide, baby bats horsing around at dusk, the loyalty of a good dog. When you learn to appreciate the beauty in the most mundane aspects of life, you find peace. Since I was a small child, I had an infatuation with art, to be able to bring to the world what you hold deep inside. I find it to be the saving grace of humanity. It is what sets us apart from the perpetual motions that is mortality. Without it, we are nothing more than meat sleeves awaiting a bitter demise, only to be forgotten with the maliciously unrelenting time known as life. Art allows us immortality. Eventhough our physical beings will one day be no more, I find solace in knowing that we will forever remain alive within the words we write and the canvases we paint.