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Je m'applle Anshika. I am a teenager who happens to be passionate about her writing career. Comment areas which can be better. AND STOP DOWNVOTING!! I love this writer's community, I hope we can share many ideas and collaborate. In addition to that, I hope you like my stories. Social Media: Instagram- @anshikag02 If you want to follow me, message me that you are from reedsy and I will approve it along with following you back ;) Also, any space lovers out there? Well, that question is there because I love it. Also, I get inspiration from Haruki Murakami, I hope you get inspiration from him too. After space and literature, my hobbies exist till cooking. I wouldn't say I am good in studies and sports, but I am at least above satisfactory. ;) Genres- dystopia, science fiction and of course I love writing some erotica. P.s- I try my best at making seqeuls!