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I'm 17 and at a young age, I've always had a passion for poetry and arts. I decided to then take my poetry skills and turn them into words that people can relate to. It was just about three years ago when I wrote my first book and ever since then, I loved writing books. So far I am working on two books at once and have two already completed too, I hope to publish them to the world one day and make my dream come true. The biggest thing that I love to do is help those around me and make them see themselves for who they actually are and not who they think they are. People deserve to know how beautiful they are and if you're reading this, that includes you. I have the biggest love for my family and my friends are included in that and they are my biggest inspiration to pursue my dream. I hope you guys enjoy my short stories! P.S. If you like or follow, I will do the same.