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Hello! I'm into dark fantasy-- obsessed with it. My mom's worried it isn't good for me, but I breathe doom prophecies and bleed plot twists. I FORGIVE YOU. EVEN YOU, DOWNVOTER. GOD PUT US HERE TO LOV,E NOT TO HATE. NUMBERS ARE INFINITE, BUT FRIENDSHIP LASTS FOREVER. FRIENDSHIP IS MORE VALUABLE TO ME THAN POINTS. What can I say? I even forgive this girl, but she's going to have to leave Reedsy if she copies again. I joined Thorncry/Hidden Gem (the name hasn't been chosen yet) and my current clan name is ~Jaguar Thundersoul!~ it's pretty cool, ask Emerald about it. My profile is from Epic Music World's best video in my opinion. They're an epic music channel I adore. This is my favorite video, or one of my favorites. if you listen to anything at all, do "Day of Tiw" and "Blood Red Roses". RISE OF LEGENDS | 2-Hours Epic Music Mix Epic Music World Epic Music World Verified • 665K views 6 years ago *IF YOU DON'T LIKE THIS MUSIC, EITHER THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU OR YOU ENDED UP WITH A BAD TRACK* I'm obsessed. OK, I'M ANGRY NOW DOWNVOTER, YOU SUCK I CURSE THEE WITH SOME SORT OF ANCIENT CURSE AND I HOPE YOU-KNOW-WHO RIPS YOUR NOSE OFF (Inspired by a thread I read by Aerin) I noticed that a lot of people don't get publicity for really good stories, so I joined Oasis. I came to Reedsy looking for a place where I could hone my skills and become sharp as a dragon's claws in this area. Hopefully, Reedsy will be a pace where I blossom like a blushberry bush. I'm excited to meet other fantasy-loving humans here, people who, like me, wish to be elves. NOT THE SANTA ELF! The real kind, with bows and arrows and a magical language. So, yeah. Anyone out there? Hello? (Calls into empty account) Darn it! No one's came to my account! Except for you! Well, make yourselves at home and read some dark teen fantasy! You're all invited, as long as you follow the rules: No evil curses No hexes No swordplay without my permission No poisoning No ale No potions (because those stain) No invisibility cloaks (see next rule) No stealing And no Liberty Mutual ads. Thank you for following my rules, if you do, I'm sure that we can all have a swell time reading and writing! Thanks for stopping by my page! (*AGAIN: NO LIBERTY MUTUAL ADS*) Byeeee! :)