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I won't be on this website till the 2nd of June. I'll reply to all the comments once I'm back. Greetings, humans, animals, aliens, ghosts, witches, wizards, fairies... okay, I think you get the idea. Okay, how do I start this.. I'm a HUGE Potterhead and an anime nerd. And yeah, an all-caps-obsessed teenage guy who loves to annoy his friends. Aaaaaaaaand, I'm a professional procrastinator too. I'm a mixture of sassy, classy, and a bit of badassy. I apologize for anything I post when I'm hungry (my brain can't process anything when I'm hungry, okay?) Yep, I'm stressed, blessed, and coffee-obsessed too. I might walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off. Yep, I guess I have a sense of humor. Okay, let's do some fun stuff.. Name: Aiden Otaktay (that's not my real name, of course) Age: somewhere between 13-19 Pronouns: he/him/his My favorite color: purpleee Zodiac sign: Taurus Personality type: INTJ-A Hobbies: reading, writing, playing chess, and annoying my sister Current mood/status: booooooorrrreeeeeddd I am... From District 2(Hunger Games) Dauntless (Divergent) Slytherin (Harry Potter) Son of Zeus (Percy Jackson) The moment when you spend hours finding the perfect name for your character and then you finally find this one name that you really, really, REALLY like. But that name ends up being your username... Yeah, I think I'm the only one who does that. ABRACADABRA!! Nope, I'm still a bish. My magic didn't work. 8 FUN FACTS 1. You can't wash your eyes with soap. 2. You can't count your hair. 3. You can't breathe through your nose, with your tongue out. 4. You just tried no.3 6. When you did no.3, you realized it's possible, and now you look like a dog. 7. You are smiling right now because you were fooled. 8. You skipped no.5 9. You just checked to see if there is a no.5 10. You didn't realize there's only supposed to be eight facts. If your brain is still working after reading my bio, then, believe it or not, YER A WIZARD, HARRY! ✌️out