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Artemis, Jaemin, May, Yoonki, Doseok, Taehyun and Jungguk had gotten together at Yoonki's place to talk. Yoonki had called a friend meeting that excluded Jun. He had something important to talk about.

"So, what are we here for?" Jaemin asked Yoonki once they were all sat down on the couches in the living room.

"And why isn't Jun invited?" Asked Doseok asked.

"You're not still angry about him walking in on you guys, are you?" Artemis asked.

"You guys know how Yoonki holds grudges. Don't be too worried. This isn't about that anyway." May laughed.

"Actually, that's exactly what this is about." Yoonki said. "I wrote a list for Jun a while ago and I think I wanna help him out."

"With what?" Jungguk asked. 

"He needs a girlfriend. So, here's what we're gonna do. We'll have a party at one of our houses and we'll each have to invite at least one girl. We won't tell the girls what's going on because, knowing Jun, he'll meet all of them and maybe he'll take a fancy to one of them." Yoonki explained.

"Take a fancy?" Taeyeon asked.

"Like one of them." Yoonki clarified.

"I know that. Since when have you said stuff like that?"

"Since I wanted to now, shut up and listen. If we succeed, he'll get a girlfriend and have someone to bug besides me. What do you guys think?"

"I mean, I think it's with good intent so I say go for it, Sugar Cube!" May said as she slapped a hand down onto his thigh. He yelped before turning to May and glaring at her. May just smiled back at him and lightly squeezed his thigh twice.

"Where are we gonna find a girl though?" Jungguk asked.

"Take a walk and ask the first girl you pass if she wants to go to a party with you." Yoonki instructed.

"Wouldn't I look like a creep though?" Jungguk asked.

"Maybe but, sacrifices should be made for friendship." Yoonki said, making everyone else laugh. Yoonki turned to look at Doseok. "And you." Doseok's eyes widened. "You don't peep a word. If I find out that you told Jun the plan than I will personally hang you by your toes to a tree and then beat you like a piñata." The group laughed knowing that he wouldn't really do it. Doseok gulped and shook his head.

"I wouldn't spoil it anyway." Doseok said quietly.

"Oh, come on now. Everyone knows that you couldn't keep a secret if you tried." Jaemin laughed and the rest of the group joined in. Doseok lowered his head in embarrassment but Jungguk, who happened to be sitting next to him, put his arm around him. 

"Don't take it too personal. It's just a joke. Mostly." 

Doseok smiled and lifted his head up again. "I know."

. . .

The boys had all found at least one girl (not counting their wives) and the party had been going on for a while. Jun had been mingling well but he could tell that something was up. Exactly seven girls besides his normal friend group were at the party. He found it strange but he hadn't gotten anything out of Jaemin or Yoonki. 

Jun turned to take a look around the room. He spotted Doseok drinking in a corner of the room on a couch so he headed over there after finishing a conversation with a nice red head. 

"Hey, Seokie!" Jun said as he sat next to Doseok on the couch and nearly spilled his drink.

"Hi, Jun." Doseok said after putting his cup down on a side table so that it wouldn't spill.

"Party's pretty great!"


"Which one of the girls did you invite?"

"I invited the girl with the black hair over there." Doseok started to point across the room before halting and then yanking his hand back to his body.


"I mean, yeah, I did invite someone."

"What's up with you? You only do stuff like this when you're trying to lie." Jun gasped. "Oh!!! You ARE lying! What's up with this party? I figured it was weird."

"What do you mean? Nothing's ... wrong with the party. It's fine. I mean, we may have done something. No! No. No we didn't do anything."

"You're so clearly lying. Why even try? You know that you can't lie."

Yoonki noticed that Jun was talking to Doseok and he could see that Doseok was trying to lie. It was working about as well as it had always worked, which was not good. Yoonki waved their best distraction over.

"Yeah, Yoongs?" Taeyeon said.

"First of all, don't call me that. Second, go distract Jun so that Doseok can get away before he ruins the whole thing."

"Yes, sir!" Taeyeon saluted before strolling over to Doseok and Jun. "Hey guys! Watcha doin'?" He asked.

"Nothin' much. Just trying to understand something." Jun said.

"What are you trying to understand? I might be able to help."

"I doubt it. You're younger than both of us."

"Younger doesn't always mean dumber!" Taeyeon said and Doseok nodded in agreement.

"Okay. I feel like this party was especially planned." Jun said. Taeyeon tilted his head.

"What do you mean? Every party is planned."

"This one's different though."

"How so?"

"There are exactly six girls besides wives. It's almost like this is some sort of set-up for me since I didn't bring a girl."

"You're just thinking too much. It's a party. Of course, there are a lot of girls."

"But this is so different from any other party. Where are the extra boys? Or any boys besides us? I'm not dumb. I can tell somethings happening. Plus, if nothing was happening, than Doseok would have no reason to try to lie."

"Maybe he didn't to point out which girl he invited. I saw how fast he pulled his hand back earlier."


"But possible."

Yoonki had been watching for a while now. He could tell that they were gonna need a better distraction. Yoonki made his way up to the red-headed girl that Jun had spoken to earlier.

"Hey, I'm Yoonki."

"Hi, Yoonki. Cherry." She reached her hand out and they shook.

"Which one of the boys invited you?"

"The cute silver-haired boy over there." She said as she pointed to Taeyeon, who was still sitting on the couch.

"Did he explain what was going on?"

"Kind of. He said that you guys were helping a friend out and each of the boys from the friend group was inviting a girl to the party. I was told to not tell the tall, friendly guy with black hair what was going on. He showed me a picture. Isn't it the guy he's talking to right now?"

"Yeah. Well, here's the deal. We're trying to help him get a girlfriend. I think he's starting to figure out that something's going on and we need a distraction. One of our friends can't lie to save his life and Taeyeon went over there to help him but it looks like they're gonna need more help. Would you mind, just, going over there and distracting him somehow."

"Sure!" Cherry walked over to where the three boys were sitting on the couch. "Hi, Jun! Do you want to dance?" She smiled at him and he smiled back before looking at Doseok and Taeyeon.

"I'll be back to grill you guys. I still know something's up." He whispered to them. He stood up and walked over to dance floor.

Doseok and Taeyeon both sighed.

"He really isn't as dumb as he acts. It's a real problem, sometimes." Taeyeon said. "Also, you need to work on your lying skills. You can't even lie for something that's worth lying for! How can anyone be like that. Did your mom force feed you with truth syrum?"

"My mom didn't force feed me anything. She didn't even really feed me at all."

"That was, kind of, a rhetorical question. I didn't mean for you to say something so sad. I know how your parents were. Sorry. I guess I probably shouldn't have brought that up at all."

"It's fine. It's only the truth."

"Sometimes people don't need the truth though! Sometimes a small lie is better. Actually, I really am curious. Why can't you lie?"

"I don't know. I've never been able to. It makes me feel so guilty and I can't stand it. I feel bad when I know something someone else doesn't know but I keep it from them."

"Sometimes it's for their own good though!"

"I know but that doesn't help my conscience at all."

"I've gotta teach you how to lie. Sometimes you need lies. Not all of them are bad."

"Fine. But teach me later. Let's just enjoy the party for now.

January 12, 2021 15:30

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