The portal inside the dustbin

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"Ugh.seriously?"asked the fat Willy Patterson to his thin brother Tony Patterson. Tony replied, " I can't eat some ooglie,ugly food. Unlike you I only eat the good food." Willy was in a rage. "I eat everything that mom makes because I love it." Then Mrs.patterson came out of the living room. "Enough boys! Go get some sleep."😡

The boys went to their rooms. Both of them were sleeping soundly. Suddenly, Willy heard a voice."Hello? Anybody there?" He woke up from his sleep. He wondered who it would be. He said to himself.

A voice in my head? But I'm still only 11. Nah,it must be someone from the outside.

He ignored the voice and tried to get some sleep. But he heared the voice again. "Is anybody getting my 'Mind Rays?' Someone please help me! I have travelled here from another planet!" Willy woke up again. He looked around his room. Nobody was in his room. He slowly opened his bedroom's door and tiptoe towards his brother's room. He opened the door. His brother was sleeping and there was nobody in the room. Willy searched the whole house except the attic. His mom told him and his brother to never go to the attic. There was no one present. Suddenly he heard the voice again." Hello? I think I'm on top of a house but in a room. And it's filled like a junkyard."😓

Willy immediatly knew that he was in the attic.

Oh no. Not in the attic. This is bad. Why am I doing this?

Willy ran to the attic. Before entering the attic, he saw his brother about to go into the attic." Tony?"Willy whispered to himself. But it was loud enough for Tony to hear it. Tony turned to see his fat elder brother. Willy whispered to his brother. " What are you doing?" Tony replied, "I came in search of a voice." " You too? I thought you were sleeping." " I was acting. I thought you were an alien."

Both the boys heard the voice again." Hello? sombody help me please!" Both the boys looked at each other with a frightened face. Tony whispered," Mom said we should never go into the attic." But Willy pretended like he didn't hear anything. He went into the attic. Tony followed him. They noticed a green light glowing behind a stack of boxes. They both went behind the boxes to find an old human with weird clothing and with weird gadgets connected around his body. Beside him was a dustbin. The weird green light was coming from the dustbin. The human looked very old that Willy assumed him to be at least 80 years old. His arms and legs were locked with an electric bracelet. It had some number buttons on it. Tony was sure that he has travelled through other planets. They heard the voice again. "Thank you for coming to save me!😂

The password is 08461192321630." Willy entered the password as he was telling. The human was released. "You do speak English right? Then why are you using 'Mind Rays'? You know we can hear you now." Willy said. The old human finally talked. " oh yeah. Sorry. I am Prof.Heckleckpeck. This is the year 3001,right?'

Tony answered," Um..... No. This is 2018." The professor looked shocked. "WHAT! But I set the time machine to 3001!" Willy was stunned." You are from 3001!?!? And you travelled in a TIME MACHINE!?!?" The professor nodded his head. Tony noticed the green light disappearing. " Um..... Guys? The green light is fading!"

All the three of them looked into the dustbin. They saw a portal and on the other side of the portal there was a magnificent lab. And the portal was closing. The professor was shocked. " AAAHH! THE PORTAL IS CLOSING!" The professor ran behind the boys. With speed he ran from there and dived into the dustbin." MAMMA MIA!" The boys were watching excitedly. 😮

But the professor banned his head against th dustbin's bottom. The portal as closed. The professor came out of the dustbin. "What just happened?" Willy asked. The professor turned towards him. "I'll explain."

It was 3001. I was working on my biggest project. Time machine was popular. Everyone had a one. We lived in peace and harmony. So no one used it for bad purposes. We humans found 8 planets that support life and we started to live on it too. We've explored 12,000 light years of our universe. But we wanted to travel beyond that. And I successfully created an inter galactic atomic space traveller. I had my time machine built inside it, so I can use it for emergency purposes. I and my assistant Plocklock finally travelled to a planet called 'THE FLAUFERAFUR'. The inhabitants of that planet didn't welcome our arrival. We became their prisoner. I tried to escape and I finally reached here. My assistant was taken into a room. I think he was killed. The portal has closed. My inventions are dead. I even had a mini model of the time machine. But it's lost.

Suddenly a green from the dustbin started to glow. A man came out of the dustbin. The professor was so happy." PLOCKLOCK!!!" The professor hug his assistant tightly. Plocklock too was happy. "I thought they killed you." PLOCKLOCK answered." No professor. I made a model like your same miniature modal. I escaped using it. We better go back to our lab professor." The professor agreed. He turned back towards the boys. "I had a good time with you boys. I'll sure visit you one day." Tony asked, "Professor, can you give a gadget to me as your gift?" "Sure. I'll give you a 'HYDRO ATOMIC FOOD CREATOR!' You can make out of water vapour." "Actually,I don't like foo..." "Okay. Bye." The professor and PLOCKLOCK jumped into the dustbin. After that a gadget came out of the dustbin with a manual. Tony catched it. He gave it to Willy and walked away. "We better get some sleep." Tony said to Willy. As both of them were about to get into their rooms, a voice called up. "BOYS! Come and brush your teeth!" Both the boys looked at each other. Tony felt exhausted and said," I wish he could have given ' OBEY ME TIZER ' so that mom would obey me!!!!!!!!"

April 22, 2020 07:17

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Bampro 21
04:23 Apr 30, 2020

This is my first submission in reeds. I feel that my story is lame. Anybody who likes this story,please encourage me.


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