Over her shoulder

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  Eva was out buying some groceries, she tugged on her hoodie and pulled it as down as she possibly could, she hunched her back and tried to seem as small as possible. Her eyes permanently on the floor. She shuddered away from everyone who uttered a greeting towards her, ignoring them. She walked to the counter and paid for her purchases. The cashier guy rose his hand to wave her goodbye, she flinched and she didn't understand why. Mumbling a quick and quiet bye Eva took off quickly but quietly so as not to draw attention to herself- back to her home or more specifically her house.   

Eva took off her shoes and headed into the house towards the kitchen, she dropped the groceries down and stretched, she'd sort them out later. She climbed up the stairs towards her bedroom. She opened her bedroom door cautiously, almost as if there was something inside waiting to pounce on her. Opening the door fully, it became clear that the room was empty, she let out an involuntary sigh of relief. She laid on her bed then pulled out a book from underneath her pillow. She laid and read for hours, only ever interrupted by the sound of the wind or creaking of the windows.   

It was nighttime and Eva was halfway through her book, she didn't want to go to bed but she knew if she didn't it would get too dark for her to sleep at all. Eva got up to lock her doors and windows, silently cursing herself for not doing that earlier. She locked all doors and windows and headed to the front door. She picked up the padlock from a stool nearby and placed it in the door holes she jammed it hard knowing she'd have a hard time opening it in the morning but she didn't care. She went back up the stairs to lay down.   

Eva was in bed staring at the ceiling then she suddenly got up and headed down to the front door. She needed to make sure she locked the door. She jiggled the lock, unlocked it and locked it again. She went back up to bed satisfied. That was until ten minutes later. Eva got up and repeated the same thing. She did it over and over until she passed out.   

It was morning again. Eva got up to do her morning routine got up to do her. When she was done, she popped an anxiety pill in her mouth and was out the door. She moved, in the same manner, she did every day, briskly but quietly. She dragged her beanie down so far it was hovering above her eyebrows. Her boss had told her she wasn't allowed to wear a hoodie to work, said it was unprofessional. If Eva had the choice she wouldn't go to work, but she didn't so she went to work every single weekday, she had to.   

Eva stopped in front of the office she spent most of her time in. Like every day, she looked over her shoulder to make sure she wasn't being followed and trudged into the building. The receptionist didn't bother to say hi. She hadn't bothered in a long time, she knew Eva wouldn't reply. She never did.   

Eva stood in front of her cubicle and slid the door shut as quietly as she could. She pulled the beanie off her head and put on the computer in front of her. She began to work. She concentrated fully on her work knowKnB she wasn't going to be interrupted, not until 2:58.    

Eva glanced at the time; 2:57. Eva cracked her neck and pulled her beanie back on. She stared at the clock till the seven changed to an eight. She waited patiently and a few seconds later the door slid open and she was met with grey eyes, she looked away. She felt his gaze on her face and for a change, she didn't feel scared at least not the usual type of scared. She slowly lifted her gaze to meet his, he didn't like it when she looked away, he told her that.  

 Eva watched him as he spoke, listening but never saying a word. He never seemed to mind so she made no effort. She watched him glance at the time; 2:15. It was time for him to leave. He got up swiftly and told her goodbye. She stared at the door as he slid it shut, after a few seconds she returned to her work.    

She worked tirelessly till it was 5:00. She stood up and stretched. She came out of her cubicle and noticed the office was basically empty. Although she wasn't comfortable around people she found the emptiness unnerving. She locked up and headed out the building, yet again ignoring the receptionist's presence. She started heading home.    

On her way home, she couldn't help but feel she was being followed. She kept looking back but never spotting anyone. Suddenly she heard loud footsteps right behind her. She took off, weaving through the mass of people hurriedly heading towards her house.    

She was in front of her door fumbling with her keys. She finally got the right key into the keyhole and slammed the door shut as she huffed and puffed. She was about to lock the door with the padlock when she heard the doorbell ring. Her heart stopped for a moment. She worked up the courage and looked through the peephole, she was met with grey eyes. She knew those eyes. She opened the door slowly. Did he follow her here? Maybe, but why? She didn't understand.

She blinked at him, hoping for an explanation. He knew where she lived! She needed to know why he was here, what his aim was. He said nothing, he just stared back. They remained that way for what seemed like forever to Eva until he spoke. 

 "Why do you run?", He asked her looking into her eyes like he was searching for her soul.  

She opened her mouth to speak."Because they are after me", the words came tumbling out. She cursed herself under her breath, of all the things she could have said. She had no idea why she said that, why she wanted to tell him her woes. Why she opened the door for him and sat him down by the counter to tell him all about the past that had been haunting her for years, but she did it all anyways.   

August 16, 2019 19:04

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