Horror Thriller

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

The flickering flames of the fireplace created a cozy atmosphere, it was snowing outside but that didn't bother Violet, she was snug as a bug in her house but the coziness soon got to her, it had wrapped her around like a monster that had coiled her tightly in it's grasp.

The comfortable atmosphere around her made her crave for her favourite comfort foods, the biggest dilemma though was there was no one or two things that she liked, there were many!, so many that she couldn't even count on her fingers!

If she started to think about all the things she liked she would get tired but still couldn't make a finite list, her cravings were infinite and thinking about them made her even more hungry, to resolve her dilemma along with her hunger she turned to the food delivery app on her phone.

The more she searched through it the more indecisive she got, it had all the things she liked but she couldn't order them all and she had to stick to one restaurant too, that made her more confused, she scrolled past the menu in hopes of finding something she liked the most.

There were burgers, fries, waffles, pizza's of all different kinds of flavours, sandwiches with all sorts of toppings, noodles, sushi and curries, it all made her mouth water but she quickly controlled herself and selected things she felt she liked the most, although after placing the order she wasn't sure that she liked it the most or not.

As he drove through the snow, Immanuel regretted not taking a day off today, he couldn't trust the weather forecast because they weren't right all the time and he didn't want to waste a holiday for nothing but seeing the snow around him felt he missed out on something.

As he looked at the order he had to deliver he thought it must be for a party, who orders five regular burgers, two large fries, three regular milkshakes and two nuggets for themselves!, but only a fool would party in this weather, this was a weather perfect for snuggling at home not for partying with others.

He glanced at the address again, he knew at first glance that it was far, like really far but he still took up the order, he didn't understand his decisions sometimes, when he had the liberty to decline why did he even take it up!, it was like he was craving for something, something he couldn't define yet.

Violet looked out of the window, there was no sign of anyone out on the road, she checked the app and it showed that her order was out for delivery, she was getting restless, her hunger pangs were getting up to her, she felt she was loosing control and she didn't like that feeling.

The road seemed to be never ending, he hadn't estimated it would be so far and he cursed himself for being so stupid, he was sure he would run out of fuel before he reached the place and there was another worry that occupied his mind, he was worried about something spilling out and the order being ruined.

She knew she lived quite far and her order was going to take a long time to reach but she was running out of patience, she didn't mind the food being cold when it reached her but if something was spoiled or the milkshake had spilled into the fries or burger, she would definitely loose her mind!

As he reached near the location, he was surprised how desolate the place was, what if he had driven all the way just for it to be a prank?, or what if something more sinister was at play?, what if he was going to get robbed?

His body quivered with fear as he reached the house, it was a beautiful and grand house but something was off about it, it had an eerie aura around it, that made him panic more, his instincts told him to leave but he just didn't want to leave, he wasn't a coward!

With trembling hands he rang the doorbell, Violet came rushing and opened the door, her expressions a mix of excitement and fear, her hunger pangs had left her fuming with anger, he handed her the order, she took it with an angry glance.

She was unexpectedly beautiful, he had expected a couple or a bunch of people to open the door with loud noises in the background but here was a young beautiful woman glaring at him.

"You are ten minutes late!", she said voice laced with anger.

"It's your fault that you live so far away!", he said with a defiant tone, Immanuel wasn't one to stand down.

She was in no mood to argue, she turned to close the door as he turned to leave, she suddenly recalled the actual purpose of this whole exercise, she was hesitant but she knew it was either now or never!

"Wait!", she called out to him, a certain urgency in her voice.

He stopped dead in his track, something inside him told him to run but he was frozen with fear, as she walked up to him, he felt a sudden rush in his veins, he quickly ran for his car but unfortunately for him she was faster than him, she grabbed him as he was inches away from his car.

As he turned to face her, he could clearly see her sharp teeth, they were sharp like razors, he struggled to get away from her grasp but as she bit him, he felt an electrical sharp pain course through his body, the kind he had never felt before, he screamed but he knew it was in vain because no one was going to hear him in this desolate place.

As the blood rushed out from his wound, the finality of the situation began to dawn upon him, he still continued to struggle not giving up a glimmer of hope he could win against this monster that was hell bent on gnawing him, his struggles irritated her, she bit into his neck making him gasp but then everything slowly started to blur, his regrets began to fill up on him, he now understood the craving that made him take up this order, it was a thirst for adventure, a search for thrill and he got an adventure but it isn't always that our cravings take us to the right place.

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