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Hero saw the dark tower come into view. The neon lights were almost blinding in the rainy night. Hero stopped a good hundred feet away, turning to the sidekicks. “All right, I’m going to go in and distract them. You guys will free the captives on the lower level and then get out as fast as you can, got it?”

One of the sidekicks rolled their eyes. “I think we have the routine memorized.” He muttered. The other one nodded. “Yeah, Villain always does this. Even the hostages have the routine memorized.”

Hero pursed his lips. They weren’t wrong. It all happened and will probably happen again. “Still…”

Leaving his sidekicks, Hero went weaved his way through the dark hallways to the throne room. “Villain!” He called. “You will not succeed!” Now for the part where he is trapped. Villain was sitting on the throne reading a small book. They had their legs slung across the arm of the throne in a less than caring way. 

“Ah, welcome.” Villain reached over to the side of their throne and pressed a button. On cue Hero was trapped. A clank followed by the shifting of gears. A wall lifted on the west side of the room. A robot came marching out like the clunky piece of metal snatching Hero’s arms, locking them into place behind his back shoving him onto his knees.

“You know, I was enjoying the day thinking just maybe you wouldn’t show up.” Villain rolled their eyes from behind a black helmet only revealing their multi-colored eyes. “But of course I’m not that lucky. You could probably sign in for a meeting with how often you come.” The last part added in a quiet growling voice. Hero was slightly confused by the comment but shoved it out of his mind. He himself growled. “We are not going to let you hurt anyone.” The speech was engraved into his brain and he put energy into his words. “We always win, you always lose! Same as all the other times, we will come out victorious!” He finished smiling. Hero thought he said his lines very well. 

Villain took their feet off of the arm of the throne and stood. The room had little light, all of it coming from the window. A flash of lightning painted the sky silhouetting Villain as they stood. Their cape swished covering half of their body. 

“Won’t I? With all I’ve done? You still doubt? This is but a strand in the grand scheme. I have weapons that would make you tremble if you knew what they were capable of. Of course you're still alive because as annoying as you are you do provide slight entertainment.” They got up from the obsidian throne and began to circle with Hero as they went off on their monologue.   The only thing remotely scary about the speech were the echoes coming from their three inch heel. Villain’s speech was being voiced as blandly as possible. Hero stifled a yawn midway. Maybe he could sneak in a nap in the arms of the robot? Not the strangest sleeping place he’s had.

Villain stopped in their tracks. Hero didn’t hide his yawn as well as he had hoped. 

“You know, I don’t have to put up with this.” Villain sneered, their multi-colored eyes narrowing. A small communication band on their wrist started to flash.

The heroes' own eyes widened. What was happening? This wasn’t normal. “Don’t have to put up with what? I’m the one who’s trapped.” He said smiling weakly, trying to stall for time.

Villain stomped. “You doing this, acting like it’s a game! I work hard you know. Maybe harder than your stupid henchmen!” They screeched. The robot behind him tightened his grip as though it could tell how mad Villain was.

“They're sidekicks.” Hero muttered feebly. 

Villain scoffed. “Who listen to your every word. Gee, sounds familiar.” Villain placed their hands mockingly on their helmet where their cheeks should be in mock thought. Their hands dropped. “I give up. I’m leaving.” Their voice was laced with defeat.

Hero was shocked. “Leaving?” He echoed numbly.

“You can’t...” Hero sputtered.

Villain tilted their head. “Why not?”

Hero remained silent. There wasn’t anything mocking in their voice, just a pure question.

And he didn’t have an answer.

“Yeah, no good reason. You don’t take me seriously anyway.” Villain’s shoulders sank. They  walked over to a wide window that was so high up the ground was in no way in sight. “I don’t even know why I'm still doing this.”

The hero’s jaw dropped. “But… you’re evil.” He said meekly.

Villain shot him a look that almost certainly meant a wicked smile was hiding underneath that helmet. Villain took out the gun that was resting on their hip. “Then I shouldn’t be so predictable should I? I don’t know why Sir wants to keep you alive, but he can keep you. I’m leaving.” 

Hero had no warning. 

Villain hurled the gun at the window. The glass shattered as Villain leaped out of the window with her back to the ground.

His brain blew a fuse. Thoughts were scattering like dandelion seeds in a hurricane. They had gone off script. Villain had gone off script and Hero was left in the metal grip of a robot waiting for 

Villain laughed as the wind whipped their hair out from underneath their helmet. They unclipped their cape and fluttered as they left it behind zooming down to the ground. Rain coldly lashed their face as they sped down. It left a biting sting as they hurled toward the ground, but they didn’t care. The ground came into view. They slammed their feet together and heard the unfolding of their hoverboard. The familiar hum of the engine turned on and they flipped from face towards the ground to her feet towards the ground slowing down their descent and began to fly forward. 

Villain floated above the ground. Where was she going to go? A thought in her mind whispered. Her wrist communicator had begun beeping erratically. Sir had found out they left. They slowed down for a moment as their breathing became shallow. 


No, they didn’t have any orders. Villain wouldn’t have any more orders. They were going to fly wherever they wanted and they weren't coming back. Villain grappled the wrist communicator hurling it into the dark rainy night.

There was no clatter as it fell; it was as if it didn’t exist. It felt proper for it to not exist. Villain was never going back.

December 13, 2020 19:35

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