" _-Some one who hates something,

Eventually does it by desire-_"

Maybel Twining is a lazy adult who never thought of doing anything by her desire. Her only goal in life was to be a comic artist and her hate for actors around the world was so much that she never talked or even saw them on TV. She was obsessed by Anime shows and books. Maybel didn't liked any other things except books or anime so, when she told her parents that she wants to be a comic artist, they told her that she is breaking the traditional rules of her family. Even after listening to them, she refused to accept their 'dirty' rules. Now, Maybel was heading to a comic store to find any ideas for her own original work. Suddenly, a young boy passed by hitting her shoulder quickly in a rush saying her, "Excuse me, miss!" With that, Maybel became furious . "Who the hell do you think you are?!" Maybel shouted at him, but fortunately, he had already left. After the commotion in the store, maybel went home from embarrassment thinking that if she would meet him again, she would definitely kick him and teach him a lesson! Maybel came home and sat down for dinner at the table. She remembered that her mother told her that if doesn't succeeds in her first time, they will eventually marry her with someone in the family, which she doesn't wants. Erasing her negative thoughts from her mind, she switched on the TV and before was going to change the channel, She saw the same young boy as before and he was an actor! Maybel's eyes opened wide. She had only 2 thoughts in her mind that moment. First, "He is that careless jerk." Second, "Why is he so cute and handsome?!"

The next day, after what Maybel discovered, she decided to remove him from her mind and again, started to create her own original comic. She started to draw, suddenly a call came from her friend. "Maybel, can you come to my place for some time? I'm having a difficult time!" Said her best friend Maya. Maybel got worried and rushed to her home, thinking, "Why did she had to call me now?!" When she arrived, he saw 3 police women standing next to Maya with a diary in their hands. Maybel asked Maya what happened. They both sat down and talked. "In the morning, I went to a mall for some shopping but, when I came back home , I saw everything was messed up in my apartment! so, I called the cops and they found a mysterious diary in my room." informed Maya. Maybel became confused for a moment and asked the cops to show her the diary. When she held the diary in her hands, it was a scratched up diary-notebook and started to read it. -"On Sunday at 2pm, I took a 3 year-old girl as a hostage, but alas! she was a mistaken for a 10 year-old. Dah! I am gonna fail and boss will surely kick me out." Maybel was astonished She continued. -" Today Monday at 3pm, I will find a girl in the SUMAI building apartments to rape her. Ha! This field is really making my desires come true."_Rikel

Maybel understood a little bit of the game. "Mam, the criminal is Rikel, the diary's owner. And the victim, Maya, was supposed to be raped by him but, however, He changed his mind or something came up to that bastard." said Maybel. The police women were surprised to see such a sharp minded intelligent girl. They appreciated her intelligence and left to perform further more investigation. Before they were going to leave, Maybel stopped them and asked them if she can keep the diary for sometime. They replied, "If you're interested in this case, them please have it in your own way, young lady." Maybel , then promised Maya that she will find the criminal and give him to the police. Weeks had passed, Maybel had already forgotten to make her comic. In the afternoon, She got a call from her father. "Geez, this time it's the old man!" said Maybel. He said her that she has only 3 months to prove her success in her desired profession. With that Maybel was deeply worried so, she replied that she is further going to make her final decision.

After 3 weeks, Maybel had finished her comic volume 1, 9 chapters

and was going to publish it. On her way, to the studio, she saw that same young actor standing outside. They both ignored each other. After submitting her first comic, she started to shed tears for how much she was happy. When the young actor saw her crying, he gave her his napkin and apologized for being rude to her the other day. "Nice to meet you, I'm Aiden, what is your name, miss?" asked Aiden. "Ah! thanks.. it's Maybel Twining." replied maybel with a weird smile. She told him that she was so very happy to see her comic being published to the world wide! Aiden smiled and said her that he was waiting for someone called Rikel. Maybel stopped. She started to glare at him and gave him an angry shockingly glance. "Rikel... is your friend, Aiden?" asked Maybel. "Oh! yes we're both actors of BlueSwan company. Some times we have singing appointments, or sometimes modeling. Ha ha! we both are best friends and team partners." replied Aiden. "You.. your idiot friend is a criminal!" shouted Maybel. Aiden was surprised to hear that. "What.. are you talking about?.. my friend Rikel did what?" replied Aiden. They both were seriously glaring at each other. Then, Maybel told Aiden everything that happened to Maya, and that Rikel his friend, is a crminal raping young girls for his dirty desires. Aiden was shocked to hear his doings, hearing about his best friend who turned out to be good for nothing, was quite unbelievable for him. So, he said, "Thank you miss Maybel! If you had not told me about Rikel, I would have done the same thing, and it is true that out manager is a pervert. I apologize for what Rikel did to your friend, Maya, and I will handle other things by myself." Maybel smiled and accepted his apology saying, "Nah, She is fine. She wasn't raped."

One month later, Maybel got the results from her publisher that her comic isn't selling on good price, therefore the reason is unknown. She feared it long ago. Maybel decided to take a walk and find new ideas for her next comic. While walking in the park, she saw a thin way between 2 buildings. So, Maybel decided to make that way her mini adventure. When she was walking, it was a young man standing beside the wall in black coat and hat. "Oh! found a masterpiece." and wrapped Maybel's mouth with a thin napkin and took her to a messy garbage side where there was a hollow room. He started to call his boss. In the meanwhile, Aiden was getting ready for his song concert. "Manager, where is Rikel? And where are you planing to go?" asked Aiden. "Oh! nothing. Um.. uh something came up in home. Gotta go!" replied his manager, Dave, and he rushed to Rikel. Aiden noticed that something was odd so, he followed Dave. Following Dave, Aiden ended up coming to the abandoned garbage side. There Aiden hid somewhere and saw Dave and Rikel were going to rape the girl. When he zoomed in , the girl was Maybel! He ran up and kicked the both. Aiden removed the napkin and untied her. While Maybel was hiding and watching the three, Aiden talked to Rikel. "You! I never knew my best friend and acting partner would be so much shameless." yelled Aiden to Rikel. "No! you got it all wrong. I'll tell the truth. It wasn't my desire from the start. It was my mom whom I saw at age three being raped by my uncle and then I wanted to get revenge. But, when I saw my mom would enjoy it so, I ended up doing the same. And second, as I grew up, my dirty desire had finished but not completely. Manager told me that if I would bring young girls every weekend, he would rank me and you up. If I would have refused him, he said he would kill me and fire you... Please somehow forgive me..." explained Rikel. Aiden was angry and he slapped rikel. After that, he hugged him saying, "You foolish friend! all.. for me..? you were doing wrong just for me?*sobs* I will forgive you but first apologize from Miss Maybel and her friend Maya." After the misunderstandings, rucks, They both cheered up and Maybel realized that her big hate for actors had been finished the moment she got involved with Rikel and Aiden. And she wanted to be one too. She just found her goal, making people happy with her singing and acting around the world.

After what had happened to Rikel, he left acting and said Aiden that he promise him to fulfill his incomplete dream. Now Aiden's new partner was Maybel Twining. And on the night of Maybel's first show, they both sang together, -Bright Up The Future-

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