Stop Talking

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 Stop Talking

The woman said behind her in line. "We all have places to be." Alex turns around looking her in the face “Are you speaking to me?”

“Yes, no one cares how your day is going. Stop talking and hurry up I don’t have all day.”

Holding the frap in her hand she pictures whipped cream dripping over the woman’s bad weave. “Well maybe you should care, because who knows what could happen to you with your rude attitude. I have a few ideas of what I would like to do to you.” Walking away she yells Bitch and laughs as loud as she can.

Entering her clients apartment she is still smug with the little encounter. “Alex, so glad you’re hear, I need you to clean the toilet, I had an accident and the dishes are overwhelming in the sink. Also there are no groceries in the house so I have left you a list. Oh and the pharmacy called and my prescriptions need to be picked up. Vincent sent me a letter, so we need to respond to that. Also I have no clean pajamas and the cats litter boxes have not been cleaned. I also heard the mailman so make sure you check the mail. My hair is also a mess if I could get a wash and comb. And do you know when my daughter will be home?? Alex sets her things down and smiles, “Stop Talking for just a moment so I can make a list and we will try to get everything done today. I will text your daughter to see when she plans on being here. One thing at a time.” Reaching into her bag she gets a hair tie, pulling her wind blown hair into a ponytail she gets ready to take on the day.

Later in the evening she enters her home, three children run to greet her. “Mommy, Mommy”, they are all speaking at the same time. She raises her hands, “Stop Talking, give me one minute and you can each tell me what you need. “I want pancakes for dinner and Tommy tore the head off my doll, Mommy the girls at school called me fat so only healthy food. Mom I am now a vegetarian and will no longer eat the dead animals that you put on our plates.” She stares at them smiling, yes dears whatever you need.

Danny walks in and pecks her cheek. “How was your day?”not really wanting an answer he continues to speak, “Damn, I’,m so tired, all day long, it is never enough, the quotas, the fast bullshit sales, I remember when we built repor to hold onto customers and receive residuals, not now, there are too many people in the world, always another competitor to call if their not happy. Management is the worst they don’t care that the economy has tanked, they just want you to sell and even when I reach my numbers they still want more, I need to find another way to make a living or you need to find a job that pays better, so I can stay home and find my dream.”

“Im so sorry dear, that it is not working out,” Her oldest child Rebecca pushes her plate across the table, “I won’t eat this, you never listen to me and my beliefs.” Matthew has not made a comment all night, just staring at his phone and the youngest throws her bowl off the highchair and starts to scream. Alex goes through the motions, removing plate, cleaning up the baby’s mess off the floor knowing that her family is unaware of the pain and anger that is raging inside her.

Dinner prepared, people fed, husband kissed, children in bed. Thankful for the internet everyone is entertained. She looks down from the top stair at her husband slumped down and watching and hopes for at least 30 minutes of silence. But in her heart there is only dread, for another day will start tomorrow, the constant caring for others, she wonders when she became a shadow. A day of nothing, a day of someone else giving her a break could make a world of difference but she knows and has told him many times, that it will never happen. He has his days, the country club the golfing, the nights out because he works so hard. But her, only things are expected, with no complaints, when he does a few things like laundry, fixes a clog, mows the lawn, he is superman. For in his mind her job is easy. A caregiver, what?? you sit around all day and take care of an old lady. How hard could that be.

Each night she curls up next to him, rubs his back, sucks his cock, he is too tired to giver her more, because he worked so hard today. What if she disappeared, what would they do, would they even notice. She feels they would not.

Filling the tub with warm water she sinks in slowly, Mommy, they bang on the door. “Go to bed, if you need something go ask your dad.”

“But mom, he said to ask you.”

Slowly she pulls herself out of the tub, slipping the robe around her tired shoulders. Stepping out into the hall, she puts them each to bed, reads stories, kisses foreheads, tucks in blankets. Creeping down the stairs her husband has fallen asleep in his chair.

In the bathroom the water is cold, she drains it and turns the hot water back on. Sipping on the wine, she watches the steam rise and glances at the bottle sitting on the counter, so easy to take a handful and let the world go away. Sliding back into the water she closes her eyes and tries to breath.

The next morning no coffee is brewing, no heat has been turned on to cut the chill of the winter morning. They all holler, “mom where’s my breakfast, and why is there no coffee.”

He goes upstairs, taps on the bathroom door, “Alex?” Opening the door he kneels by the side of the tub.

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March 15, 2020 22:25

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Thaine Chase
23:52 Mar 25, 2020

Wow... intense


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