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Suspense Thriller Teens & Young Adult

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Hi im this 18 year old kid and something has been teetering on my mind. People have been saying this town I'm in has a quote on quote dark past. Whenever I walk around this small but very big eerie town there's always strange happenings, things that people can’t explain. You may believe or not believe in these strange happenings but i can tell if you were to ask anyone who lives here they will tell you lies to make you stay. Sometimes this town's curse as I may call it sucks you in and won't let go.  

May 16th 2020, a dark and seemingless night, I was walking home from a party and before I reached my front door step I heard something coming from one of the sewage pipes. As any senseless teenager would do, I went to put my ear closer to the drain and I heard some sorta growling and or some chanting. It was already 12 out so what was the bother if I went to go check it out. After about 20 minutes walking through sludge there was this big opening with the ceiling about 40 feet high and paintings everywhere. 

For 18 years there was no talk about this not even local party goers in the town knew because if so this would be the party spot. The next day because obviously I was not staying down there, I asked a few friends if they wanted to come with me back down. About 16 minutes of persuading Ally, Markus, and Josh they said they would come with the only expense I have to pay for dinner for all of them and when I tell you they are not cheap anyways back to the story. At 12 we all jumped in and started walking but when I started to hear that chanting I stopped all of us. They all asked why we stopped and I told them do you guys not hear any of that chanting and to my surprise all of them said no. well then let's keep walking and josh all mighty and tough started to lead down the pipes. When we reached the big opening it was like all the chanting stopped but the weird part was all the paintings were missing. It was like someone went down there and painted it all over but nothing was fresh though. They all asked if I was lying just to get them down there but in fact I wasn't because it was all here last night. 

When we got out of the pipes it was daylight which wasn't possible because we were down there for maybe an hour or two. We went to my house first and my family was still there but they seemed sad and very surprised to see me and my friends. They sat us all down and said that we’ve been missing for about a week now but like i said it couldn’t have been possible. We told them where we went but when we described the opening it was like the entire town flipped upside down. We were sent to the police station not only to tell them that we are here but each of us got interrogated for being down there. With all the crime shows i've watched when you get inargatoed they think one of a few things, you are hiding something, you have seen something you were not suppose to, or last but not least it is a matter of government hands and they don't need 4 meddling kids being somewhere where they are not supposed to be. We all agreed not to say anything about what I was hearing as we all got interrogated. They told us to never go back down there but we are meddling kids.

We grouped up at Ally's house because both her parents work and it was summer break. When we got settled i told them when i was down there the first time about 20 minutes is the max before you need to start heading out. We got rope, flashlights, and we are hoping to try to figure out what is going on. As soon as we got there they had steel rebar cemented into the ground so we tried figuring out another way to get in. Josh knew a party spot that had access to the sewage systems and we all looked at Josh like he was some noble when in fact he just knows every party spot in town. When we got there we saw some sorta light coming from the pipes so we started walking in but then the light disappeared. We followed the direction of the light and we realized that it was maybe taking us there because the chanting started back up but this time everyone else heard it too. We kept following the light until it dropped off to a ledge where the opening was. We then realized that the steel rebar was fake because then we saw the same people who interrogated us at the police station just right outside the opening. We all watched and when they stepped into the opening we couldn’t see them. It was like some sorta reflection of the room was getting casted to us but we saw them step back out and they were shocked. What we were hearing them say was something we never thought was possible. They go on to say that the longer you stay in there the shorter time is or in better explanation faster than outside of this strange opening. We waited until they were gone and tested it for ourselves. One of us with a timer outside started the same timer inside and said to wait for the 2 minute mark. But when Markus came out he started running the same way we came in. We all ran after him to ask what happened but all we got from his frantic breathing was a lady, drawings in what looked like blood, from there we were all spooked. 

We all got back to Ally's and we had him explain everything. But what I'm about to say may be disturbing for people reading. This monstrous look of a lady with super long legs who looked at him and went back to drawing was eating what looked like flesh…

June 09, 2022 16:04

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1 comment

06:09 Jun 20, 2022

You have a unique voice and there was great suspense and tension to the story. Watch some of the reedsy youtube videos, keep working on learning fiction techniques and keep writing!


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