We live in a place where the character always has to be in the first place of a man .. A man is called the one who knows how to forgive, who knows that after a difficult life there will always be someone who will stand behind him/her for his help if you can't handle thing anymore. Often a man who is very demanding of this title and believes very much in his actions.

This is the story of an old man who had no one but himself and his daughter who had left many years ago and only he meets her once a year. The old man believes in his character he formed because his past had completely changed him as a man. Formerly he did not value anyone,or making promises that were never realized, his family on his side that she was, he always practiced violence and always suffering and having no happiness in that family. Years passed away and the family endured no more. Until the girl's mother committed suicide, the girl left home and the husband remained alone. Years had passed and he met his daughter with the most commodity ever when the day came to meet her. The man had changed, had become another person, by a person confined to himself, but for him there was still hope as he always had tears in his eyes. He had hoped that one day he would reunite with his daughter after many unforgivable mistakes he had made. One cold winter's day, even though the conditions of his home were catastrophic, he was laying in his cold bed covered with a thin covering, crying and lonely crying because he was abandoned by everyone. And he thought about how his character so tough and worthless with his family how he behaved had put him in the position he was experiencing in those moments. He judged himself why he had been such a disgusting creature to his family, when love had never existed except for the pains they had many times. The life of this desolate man was only black and he didn't know where to go. Each day had the same usual day where his only beautiful day was when his daughter came to visit him once a year. And then when she came he could never express himself as he always saw himself so guilty in her eyes that he thought even if his ego were gone, she would be right again. What did she needed a man like him?

But all this time spent just reflecting on himself had made one another feel he could change and manage to get his daughter back, giving him a chance because the love-free life of mostly children is empty if they are not helping you in the most difficult days that the father or mother have ,or if they don't love you anymore.

-My daughter, if I had forgiven you, I would give my soul only if I had heard these words from your mouth. Oh what if a miracle would happened. I have been thinking all this time and I do not allow that character of such a wicked man to change your life for the worse.

And suddenly there was a knock on the door of that house. The old man got up from the bed and trembling with the cold opened the door and burst into tears. It was his daughter who brought food and clothing for his father.

-Dad, again I'm calling you by name. You brought me these things because even though I don't want to die alone as mom died. Even though you don't deserve it again I can call you this name because you are my dad. Whatever we have been through I can't forgive you. Maybe I need time to forgive you but now I can't give you as much as I want but as much as you deserve.

-My daughter, I have changed . I am not the father who once caused only suffering for you. I have confidence and have come to judge the character I once had with what I have today. I don't need anything in this life except your forgiveness because I know that your mother would never forgive me for what happened. But you still breathing, tell me there is still some goodness for this bad man who ruined everything.

 To think that the girl was crying too, and just told him one word that her father would remember until he would pass away: '' My mother gave me life and escaped from this life, I will go away with a pain because I never knew what was the love of the parents, while you dad you will leave with a feeling of guilt from my mother and half forgiveness from your daughter because you are still my parent ".

The girl's father felt very overwhelmed and did not know what to say except trying to embrace his daughter. And the girl did the same. Hugging them was very pointless and more love at the same time. There were two feelings that you didn't know how to explain because the end was a feeling you couldn't easily forgive because the death of the mother she no longer had was not easy to embrace the person who caused it, but on the other hand is a suffering person who has suffered from his mistakes and tries to recover over time and have someone in his side because death was waiting for him from ,without economic opportunity and the depression she was carrying. The contrast was quite bitter but the reality the girl agreed to have was that she had to stay with her dad until she gave the last breath. Days passed and that cold winter day was very hard to believe and forget because, new and shorter life had begun.

October 04, 2019 20:34

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Jane Smith
22:33 Oct 15, 2019

Love it🥰,could you write more of this?


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Arta Arta
22:26 Oct 15, 2019

Oh my god ,this story made me 😢 ,please we want another story’s from you🥰😇


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