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Victor's group drove in a large van with a fake logo on the side. Charlie sat next to Victor who drove. Charlie's heart raced at what was to come, but it was the right thing to do and he glad he had backup.

He figured he would let them sort this out and he can do whatever orders he was told. He never led a group before and Victor was trusted by many. Charlie was not going to get in the way of that all because he was Jasper's picked omega.

Victor had other ideas.

They arrived near the supposed whore house and Victor parked in a dark alley, facing the building. The place was three stories high with many windows, though covered and dimly lighted.

Two men, Charlie guess they were human, stood by the doorway, welcoming occasional men and women as well as horny half breeds and full-breds. It made Charlie sick and made his stomach twist. He doesn't believe this place shouldn't exist. Sure he knew there were sex clubs and such, but the person working was voluntary.

This was against people's will. "So what's the plan?" Charlie asked, hating the silence. "You tell me. This is your mission so your rules." Victor said. Charlie looked at Victor in shock. Him? His? "Wait, we're letting a newbie omega run this? He damn near peed his pants just walking in a minute ago." One guy said.

He was a big, bald guy with many tattoos. Others in the van started to complain and while it did crush Charlie's already small ego, they were right. Victor raised his hand and growl at them. "Shut the hell up. All of you. While yes he is a newbie and didn't seem much when he came in, but he experienced this before.

He can help us. Also, I don't let me tell the head honcho that not only you doubting Charlie, but you're also doubting his choice for Charlie to be his omega. As much as I hate the thought of Charlie being with him or even being here, y'all are going to give him respect."

Victor said with a stern voice and a glare, daring anyone to speak up. They stayed quiet. Victor turned to him with a soft expression. "He chose you to be his Omega for a reason," Victor told him softly. Charlie looked at the group before looking at the building. From the angle they were parked, going in teeth bare was a bad idea.

The side of the building was a maybe, but it wasn't dark enough, thanks to the street lights glow. The back of the building was dark, but Charlie still considered the possibility of someone back there.

But that was there safest bet Charlie was ready to risk. It also made him feel better that Victor trusts him. Charlie looked at Victor, who played a small smile on his lips. Charlie told them the plan.


Charlie struggled in a Beta's hand, kicking and growling. The beta walking through the doors, no one stopping them. The inside reminded him of a hotel. It wasn't as nice but served its purpose to collect payment from customers and give them keys to whichever room available that held a man, woman, or their kind inside.

"Guess what I found. A lovely addition, don't you think?" asked the beta holding him. Charlie paused his fight, huffing, but scanning the desk a man sat behind. It had a booklet with a list of names and numbers with checkmarks by a room number. There were a few buttons and a lever.

"Well, a delight indeed." Said the man. He got up from his desk and walked around, eyeing Charlie. "With those eyes, he'll leave an impression on our customers. I can only imagine how he sounds." Charlie frowned and struggled a little more until he was slapped. Charlie was shocked and whined. "Calm your shit, you breeder. All that fussing for nothing.

If you were smarter, you wouldn't have gotten yourself caught." said the man. He reached behind the desk and pulled out a syringe. Charlie shook his head slowly, the man not noticing. "This should calm you down. Or at least make you lose your mind. The beta should enjoy his catch." The man stuck the needle in his neck and injected him.

Then the man handed the beta a key. "Second floor, room 206. Enjoy." The beta smiled and led them towards a door that the stairway was. Once the door was closed, the beta let him go. "Shit Charlie. You should've let me at him." The beta said. "And risk getting jumped and killed by the guards and leaving me abandoned?

Besides, I'm fine. Let's hurry to the room." Charlie said. They raced up, the beta keeping an eye him. They opened the second-floor door and paused at the smell. "Damn, smell like sex and ass. Now I know why you chose me to come. How are you feeling?" Beta asked. Charlie lifted his shirt to cover his nose, his body shivering.

He only has a bit of time and he needs to get back to Jasper asap. "Fine. Let's go. Victor must be in place and the back should be cleared." Charlie said. They hurried to the room and removed the blinds, their room the only one lit up bright. The room was filled with toys, lube, a few things that made Charlie curious.

Not now, he thought. Victor climb up the window, followed by the rest of the group. "Well, step one is done. Good job Charlie." Victor said. "Except Charlie got his ass injected." The beta said. Traitor, Charlie thought. "Charlie?" Victor questioned. "I'm fine. I have a good idea of what it is, so I can still do what I have to do.

Anyway, everyone cover your nose. The scent out there will drive anyone mad with lust. Let's try to keep this quiet and do the first floor last. I want two guarding the stairway and don't let anyone come on this floor by any mean. Let's go." Charlie commanded. He likes this.

He wouldn't want to do this all the time, but he was glad the group was giving him trust and respect. Everyone did what was told and filed out the room. Victor stuck close to Charlie, still frowning at him. Charlie ignored him and knocked on the door. Victor got in front of him and Charlie turned his head when the door opened.

Victor took care of the lover and Charlie headed over to the bound breeder. He untied her and helped her sit up. "Uh? What?" She mumbled. "We're going to get you out of here," Charlie said. She started crying and hugged him. Charlie calmed her. He helped her up and walked her to his room.

"Are you okay to climb down?" He asked. She nodded, holding her head and wobbling on her legs. "I'll be fine." Two people were by the window and help the breeders climb down, four of the people from Charlie's group escorting them to the van.

After a few people that Victor and Charlie helped, Charlie groaned and fell to his knees. He felt the warmness in his belly and his mind was getting cloudy. Not now, Charlie thought. The group was just getting the third floor. "Charlie, you should get to the van. I'm starting to smell your scent." Victor said. Charlie shook his head. "I'm fine. I can handle this." Charlie said just before the fire alarm blared.

"Shit!" Victor said. We ran to the stairway and saw guards coming up with pistols. Victor dodge one shot and Charlie saw it was darts. Victor attacked along with the others. They couldn't leave yet. They haven't covered the first floor yet.

Victor was going to kill him.

And Jasper.

Charlie ran into the fight, dodging and swerving around others, pretty sure he heard his name being called. He rammed into the first-floor door and looked around. Quiet. Empty. Charlie ran down the hallway to the bedrooms and paused. They had metal doors.

Why are these different than the seconded and third floor? "I should've given you a higher dose." said a voice behind him. Charlie turned around and a dart entered his arm. As if he doesn't have enough problems. That's when he remembered the lever. He needs to get to that. He shook his head and walked forward, a bit dizzy and his stomach tightening.

"Aren't you a fighter. You should be down already. I'll fix that." Charlie morphed into a wolf, hoping it would give him a long time. It was quick and easy since half his body was already a wolf. He dodged a dart and leaped at the man, knocking the gun away. Charlie still didn't want to kill him, so he bit the man's forearm.

The man yelled in pain and punched the wolf. Charlie took the hits until one hit his snout. Charlie moved away, his eyesight swim and he felt the signs that he was going to leak soon. He needs to get to Jasper soon. The man got up and kicked him, Charlie felling his ribs burst with pain.

He needed that.

Charlie ran to the desk, the man behind him. He just needs to push that lever. Charlie's legs were about to give out. Sleep, he thought. He got by the desk and got on his hind legs and pushed the lever with his nose. Just buy them time, he thought.

Charlie shook his head to straighten his vision and went to bite the man's legs. The bite wasn't as hard as he wanted it to be, but it still drew blood. But it didn't matter when he felt an electric shock. Charlie whined and fell to the ground. "You have spirit, I'll give you that, but it doesn't matter now." Charlie felt his heart raced.

He hoped his group left with what they have and not risk their life for him. He felt weak. Who knows what was in that dart. Charlie saw the man raise his foot to stomp his head, but it never came. The man was knocked down by a couple of people wearing shock collars.

Charlie heard the man's screams until he heard a crack. Charlie didn't have the strength to jump at the sound. A girl almost his age got in his line of view. "Get up. You have to fight this. Get up." She told him. Charlie wanted to say he can't. He was horny and tired. Charlie heard a snap and saw the collars coming off and much falling.

They looked towards the doorway and heard many people coming. The girl growled. "Get up Omega. You stay here, you die. You came this far. Show us where to go." The girl yelled at him. Charlie whined. Why can't he just get laid or go to sleep in peace? Charlie moved his limb, which felt heavy.

"Get up, Omega!" Charlie growled at her, wishing she would shut up. He has to get back to Jasper. To Victor. Oh my gosh, do they think he's dead? He has to go to them. Charlie looked towards the door. One step, two steps.

The doorway to the stairs opened up. Run! Charlie moved faster. Run! He moved faster. The group he rescued behind him. They were out the door and Charlie kept running. Towards the underground. To Victor. To Jasper.


August 25, 2019 17:03

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Ari Berri
16:44 Dec 23, 2020

This is an awesome story! Nice job!


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