Friendship Kids Happy

Destiny watched as the sun dipped down below the trees creating another beautiful sunset. She captured the moment with her camera then looked down at it to review the pictures she took of the maternity session. Destiny loved taking pictures around this time of day when the sun was starting to set; it created such a unique background. Pleased with the pictures and with the sun gone for the day she headed back to her car. She got in and sent a text to her babysitter letting her know she was on the way to pick up her daughter. Fifteen minutes later she arrived at the babysitter’s house, who also happened to be Destiny’s best friend. Destiny got out of her car and headed up the steps when her daughter, Marie, ran out to meet her giving Destiny a hug.

“Hey baby, did you have fun with Aunt Bec and Jane?”

“We played on the big slide and painted and made cookies!” Marie enthusiastically stated while hopping up and down.

“That’s great! Why don’t you go pick up the toys while me and Bec talk.”

Marie left to help Jane pick up the toys and Destiny walked into the kitchen where Bec was fixing dinner.

“Hey girl was she good.” Destiny asked.

“You know she always is at Auntie Bec’s house”, Bec said smiling, “Besides she loves playing with her best friend.”

Destiny picked up a cookie and took a big bite out of it then sat down at the kitchen table.

“So how did the session go?” Bec asked.

“It went great, was super easy and the woman was so beautiful. Sorry it took longer than I said but the sunset kind of captured my attention.”

“No worries hun, the girls love playing together and they are super excited for tomorrow!”  

“Girl I’m excited too it’s the first day of summer and our summer vacation. I just need to go home and finish packing.” She laughed.

“Yeah I hear that. I got most of our clothes ready just got to get the soaps and stuff. It was kind of hard to pack with two little girls running in every five seconds wondering what I was doing. I didn’t want to ruin the surprise so I told them I was organizing.” Bec chuckled.

“Haha right, I’m waiting on Marie to do that tonight while I get our stuff ready.” She laughed.

“So to clarify the plan, beach tomorrow followed by a sleepover at your house then butterfly museum the next day.” Bec asked while stirring the spaghetti.

“Yes, I’ll be here in the morning to pick you up. Let me get Marie so we can head out and y’all can eat dinner.” Destiny said standing up.

“You know I made enough for you two, y’all are welcome to stay.”

“Oh good, I really didn’t feel like going home and cooking, haha.” Destiny laughed and got the plates ready.

Once they got done eating Destiny helped Bec clean up a little bit then her and Marie headed home. Kitchen cleaned, Bec finished packing for the next day. Her and Destiny decided to make the most of the summer this year, both wanting a memorable summer vacation. Bec and Destiny decided not to tell their daughters exactly what they were going to do, just that they all were doing something fun together. Excited for the next day and bags all ready, Bec got a shower and got her and Jane ready for bed.

The next morning Bec got up early to watch the sunrise, she wanted to watch it from the beach but funds were tight so they didn’t get a hotel like previously planned. Coffee cup in hand, she went and sat on her front porch watching the summer sky wake up. A couple hours later she went and woke up Jane and got her ready. Jane figured out they were going swimming, just not where. Destiny and Marie showed up a little while later with donuts in hand. Jane and Bec climbed in the car, buckled up and headed out for a fun filled day. On the way the girls kept guessing where they were heading; Marie guessed the springs or lake and Jane guessed the beach. Destiny and Bec wouldn’t say anything though; they just kept saying the girls will see when they got there. Soon the beach dunes come into view and they could smell the salty sea.

“I knew it! I knew it! I love the beach!” Jane squealed in the backseat.

“I’m gonna collect a million shells!” Marie squealed along with Jane.

“I’m gonna build the biggest sandcastle, ever!” Jane said throwing her hands in the air.

“Me too, me too!” Marie replied copying Jane.

“Okay girls, there a few rules so we can be safe. Stay with us and don’t go near the water without us.” Destiny said.

“Yes ma’am.” The girls said in unison.

Sunscreen lathered on and buckets in hand Marie and Jane headed towards the sand to build their castles while Destiny laid out the blanket and Bec set up the chairs. The girls started filling up buckets with sand then called for help dumping them because they were big and heavy. Bec got up and helped dump it out to make a big castle, and then she went with the girls to look for some shells to decorate the castles with. Destiny got out her phone to take some pictures; she was all about capturing the moment.

A few moments later Marie and Jane, pleased with their decorated castles, said they were ready to swim, so all four of them went down to the water and played in the waves. The girls ran back and forth chasing waves and then they started jumping in them. Jan sat down and let the waves wash over her, pushing her and she laughed. Marie saw how much fun she was having so she joined Jane and sat down in the waves. Bec and Destiny sat down next to them enjoying the cool water. Jane jumped up because she saw a crab and wanted to get a closer look. Marie crawled into her mom’s lap as the waves started getting bigger and pushing her. They all got up and took a short walk across the beach looking at shells and climbing on rocks along the way.  

A few hours later all four of them were worn out and decided to call it a day, they packed up and headed home. They stopped on the way home for a late lunch and then some ice cream for dessert. With their belly’s full Jane and Marie fell asleep in the backseat and Destiny snapped another picture. Once they made it to Destiny’s house Jane and Marie woke up full of energy, so Bec put on a movie while Destiny put the wet clothes in the washer. Marie showed Jane her new toys and Destiny and Bec talked while sitting on the couch. Soon enough it was bath and bed time and the next day’s adventure could begin.

They didn’t leave for the museum until around noon Bec suggested stopping for lunch on the way to the museum and Destiny knew a nice park they could eat at.

“Where are we going?” Marie asked buckling herself in.

“On an adventure.” Destiny replied pulling out her driveway.

A short time later they got their food and sat down at the park, they ate and let Marie and Jane play for a little while then got back on the road. Arriving at the butterfly museum Jane was ecstatic, she never been before but learned all about butterflies in school. Walking inside there was a giant butterfly hanging on the ceiling and Jane gasped.

“Wow!” Jane shouted.

“Okay girls once we go into the rainforest there will be live butterflies flying around so we have to watch our step and no touching.” Destiny said grabbing Marie’s hand.

They walked to the rain forest entrance and along the wall from top to bottom were butterflies and months pinned to the wall with blown up pictures of each. Jane stopped and looked at each one while Marie went to the butterfly chair and sat down. They walked into the rainforest and butterflies were flying everywhere. Jane was amazed by all the colors and the flowers. Marie saw a mini waterfall and went to look at it and saw some koi fish.

“Look a fish!” She screamed when Destiny came to look.

“There are a lot of fish and butterflies!” Jane chimed in.

They walked through the rest of the forest stopping to take pictures in certain places and watching the butterflies fly around. After they left the forest there was the cocoon area where people can see real butterfly cocoons and sometimes watch a butterfly emerge. Along the wall there was “the life stages of a butterfly” poster which Jane already knew so she told Marie all about it. They walked through the rest of the museum looking at bees and wasps and even seeing the caterpillar room. Again Marie and Jane were starting to get worn out so Destiny and Bec called it day and headed home. Making a new tradition of stopping for ice cream on the way home, they stopped for ice cream sundaes.

Destiny dropped Bec and Jane back at their house and waved goodbye. Bec turned to Jane and asked if she had a good time in which Jane replied yes. They walked in the house but not before turning around and watching the sky turn pink, the sun setting and ending another wonderful day.    

June 24, 2021 00:55

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