Wat is fathe?

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Hi. My name is Michael Goldman, and Im in the 1st grade. My teecher axed the class to rite down a story in 1 month abowt wat is fathe? Im confuzd. I dont no wat that meens, so i axed arownd. 

Mamma tole me fathe meens to beleeve in god, but not to speek his name out lowd becuz it was to holy. My oldr sister Patty is a softmoor in hi skool, she sez theres no such thing as god, its juss a fary tale to forse pepole to think a like. My frend Ali, sez theres only one tru god in the werld, and its not mine. Im still confuzd. 


Im jewish but I dont feel very fatheful about anythin speshil. May be its becuz Im only 6 yeers old and havnt bin arownd the bend enuf. Thats wat my Daddy yoosd to tell me all the time.  

Tomarow we selabrate the ANNIVERSARY (my teecher tole me how to spell this word, thats wy its in big lettrs) of dee day. Daddy sed that it waz won of the most importint days in aal of the histry. If we had lost the fite on dee day, Daddy sed we wood hav bin EXTERMINATED juss for beein jewish. im glad we won. I wood be ascared to be EXTERMINATED like a bug.  

For vacashun last month Daddy and I went fishing with my sister Patty to. He took all of us to the middle of the lake in a row bote. Thats ware he tot us abowt how to hook the bate, and how to cast the pole. I was so exsited that I coodnt sit still. And then i was the first won hoo cot a fish! I reeld it in and then Daddy and Patty helpd me poot it in the bote. We wer all laffin and shoutin.

Then I lookd at the fish. He waz lookin bak at me and he lookd so sad. I got sad to. I tole Daddy that I changd my mind and that I wantd to set him free. Patty got mad and sed its my first catch and its going to be my dinner tonite. i cride and sed i dont wanna kill him, i want him to go home to be with his fambly. Daddy lookd at me for a long time and then unhookd the fish. Patty cald me a dummy and sed this trip was a waste of time. I poot the fish bak in the water and watchd him swim away. I sed to Patty that it waznt a waste of time to that fish and his fambly.  

Daddy tot me to beleeve in my self and in god and contry and the Marine Core. He sed weer the PATRIOTS hoo protect the contry and all the pepole in it, even tho haf of the pepole heer in this contry hates us and the Prezadent for warin red hats.

My sister Patty, hates the Prezadent to. Shes always mad at him and joyns big crowds in the streets to cary sines and screem at the Prezadent. Mamma tole me to leev her be. Shes sik in the hed with trump disordr sindrome.  

But Daddy sez no, Patty is exsersizin her freedum of the speech. Evry won has thayr own opinyons and shood be rispectd for it. Daddy sez thats wy he fites, so that pepole will always hav the rite to say wat they want, withowt feer or werry.


My Daddy was my bestest frend and the most bravest man in the hole wide werld. He died last week in AFGHANISTAN. Mamma sed Daddy went to Heven and that he luvs us so much that hes now like our gardien anjel and wotchs ovr us evin tho we cant see him. 

On sunday we had a fyoonral for Daddy to say good by. Evry won wor there best cloze and lined up to see him won last time. I gave Daddy a big hug and left him my gi jo soldjer. gi jo is from the army but i dont think Daddy wood minde much. Evry won was so sad, thay cride, even Patty, and shes so tuff she never crize. Thay coverd Daddys cofin with a big flag. Then thay gave Mamma a little flag, all foldid up. I mis him so much. 

Wen we got home from fyoonral, Mamma gatherd us all in the livin room. Then she red a lettr to Me and Patty from Daddy from last week.


My dear Pamela,                                                                                                    

I miss you and the kids terribly. Is Mikey still working on his Faith assignment? The way you tell it, working on it is the only thing he seems to enjoy lately. He's a good kid. I have complete confidence that he'll compose a mini-masterpiece. My son, the writer. 

I know you sometimes worry about Patty's activism. But I think she feels she has to do it, to learn and grow in her own way, on her own terms. You have to admit we raised her that way. She's developing into a beautiful, strong, and independent woman.    

I couldn't be more proud of them.     

The military honchos are still clambering for me to re-enlist, Pammy. They can't do without me, they say. My troops need me, they claim. My country needs me. Now the general himself has personally requested that I remain on duty for just two more years as a personal favor to him. Oy vay! No, no, no and no. I'm flattered they think so highly of me, but they'll be just fine. I have to do what I think is best. 

Babe, we're almost home free! Our unit has just one final mission tonight, then I'm packing it up. I'm coming home for good next week, Pammy, can you believe it? Woo-hoo! Can't wait to get my hands on you. I'm going to enjoy just being a husband and father for a change.   

Well, got to run. Wish me luck and keep the porch lights on for me. Sending you guys long-distance hugs and kisses. As always, if for some reason I don't make it back, know that you three have been the happiest things to ever come into my life.  

I love you all, Dearest Heart. 



Wat is fathe? My Daddy tot me fathe is fiting for wat you beleeve in, even tho peepol mite disagree. Thats wat makes our contry grate. Thats wat makes our contry free.

My Daddy thot that was werth fiting for. And dieyin for. And thats how I feel abowt it to. 


October 05, 2019 11:41

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Sadia Faisal
06:38 May 26, 2020

nice story, also like my stories if you like them and send me me feedback if you would like and please follow me.


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