Moving can be a pain, especially doing it without knowing that you were buying a house. My boyfriend was trying to be nice and by a house as a gift for my twenty-fifth birthday. He had bought it a couple of weeks prior to my actual birthday and he asked for a six month by back so that way I would have I would have time to adjust to the large baby blue house on the southern coast of Florida. We met at a culinary school in Italy. It was on the Mediterranean sea and we literally ran into each other and accidentally fell into the sea and it was freezing, but I enjoyed it and he didn't: he said that he would've much rather enjoyed falling into a much warmer body of water, but I disagreed because I absolutely hated super humid places like the coast of Florida. we figured that we ought to get to know one another even though we had such different opinions on many different topics and subtopics; like if pineapple goes on pizza(it totally does, but my boyfriend disagrees). We still thought that it would work out. And for five and a half years it did.

I've been to the east coast once in the eighth grade for school, and I didn't even get to see the coast. I hate the bugs here during summer and it is almost always wet and musty. don't get me wrong the water is a lovely teal blue full of tropical fish, and we always get fresh seafood. the coast reeks of fish and saltwater which I love it's just the bugs, stupid flying monsters. my boyfriend always went to the coast of Florida or the Gulf of Mexico for his summer breaks, but I went to Oregon or I just stayed in my hometown. he absolutely loves it there but if he didn't remember that I hate bugs and humidity, which it really is down at the house, I think that he bought it more for him, not me. The house had six bedrooms all with on sweets and huge closets, he has always talked about having a large family, and a majority of the time I would agree, but this time I wanted nothing to do with it because I didn't want my children growing up in a moist, buggy place with water, the ocean also known as possible giant tidal waves, surrounding them. I want them to grow up without the fear of giant waves or sinkholes swallowing them up, I wanted them to grow up near the mountains or at least more inland because growing up I had the worst fear of tsunamis and hurricanes. I do not want my kids to have anything, fear-related, with a state that close to multiple large bodies of water, even if it is the brightest, most beautiful blue ever.

I was just trying to get her a birthday gift, but when I showed it to her it looked like she was going to puke. So I went down to Florida for my summer break because I just love the crystal blue water and the tan sandy beaches, but I did not realize that she was not joking when she said she loved the west coast and dreaded being in as beautiful of a place as the East coast. We both love cooking with fresh food so I figured getting fresh fish literally every day would be nice, and she loves pastel colors, especially blue. I mean I do really love the location because its beachfront and it has everything on my wish list, but I thought that she would compromise because I love it, even though I got it for her birthday. It was such a big mistake, but at least I had a really good friend who wanted to move to Florida who is willing to buy it from me for the exact same price that I bought it for. She always talks about how she loves the Rockies, the mountain range, but hates the cold and the humidity of an ocean so we took the money my friend paid me and looked for houses in Colorado because it has the mountains and it isn't very cold. We had a long, long, probably exagerated argument about it. Our argument went on for about a week, maybe. Although my girlfriend was happy, I was not happy at all. I wanted to live by the ocean, and have it be warm all year round (almost). But she wanted to be in the middle of the country where it is warm during the summer but extremely cold during the winter, and it snows! Cold weather is painful, sharp and very , well, cold I hate it so, so much. During summer, I always go to the east coast, but she used to hate it so much because we would be seperated for over 3 months. Every one of our friends new how much she hated the east coast, and somehow I really didn't. My friends told her frineds that I bought her a house on the east coast and they talked behind my back for a month about how I don't really even know my girlfriend that much. By thirty years old Iwanted a large family, and I couldn't have that if I lived in a two bedroom apartment. However, when she talked to me about moving to the west coast I felt sort of happy because I would get to be buy an ocean. I did some research and Yachats, Oregon looked very cordial next to the few sparse mountains and the beautiful dark blue ocean. But she suggested Florence, Oregon because her dad grew up their and she was there almost every other summer. She said it felt like home. So I suggested we go look at houses in the two areas over summer break. We both went to Oregon with an open mind but we came back to Colorado both with three totally different top houses. Mine were all tiny, but tall and on the mountainside where you could see the sunrise over the dark blue ocean, and hers were all one story ranches that were in a little neighbor hood or close to the coastal sand dunes so that way we could ride them all the time. I did like the idea of living close to the sand dunes, but I also wanted to live in a multiple story house relatively high up so that way I could see the bright orange sunset over the contrastinly dark blue water. After a week of debates we decided that we would live in between the cities and up on a hill, but also close to the rolling hills of the sand dunes.

September 13, 2020 14:20

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