Write about two characters going apple picking.

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It was a warm autumn evening and Harper Richard and her Spaniel, ( Max) were playing outside their garden. Their garden was very large. There was an apple orchard and an orange orchard. There was a flower bed and there were beautiful flowers such as Roses, Bluebells and Lilies. The apple tree grew outside their house. Mrs. Richard came carrying two large baskets and said

" Harper, can Max and you pick some apples ? Pick the juicy red ones"

" Yes, Mum" smiled Harper carrying the baskets. She gave Max a basket and they both ran down towards the apple tree. While picking the apples, she met a girl about the age of twelve.

" Hi, I am Harper. What is your name?" smiled Harper trying to be friendly.

" Hi, my name is Janet" the girl said feeling very shy.

" Where do you live? I have never seen you before" asked Harper.

" I live down the street. I just shifted here with my uncle." Janet said smiling a little.

" You have got a fine old Spaniel ! " Janet cried patting Max.

" Oh dear! All the good apples are at the very top of the tree. I should have brought my stick with me." moaned Janet. Harper soon started climbing the tree like a monkey.

" Be careful , Harper!" Janet said looking worried.

" Don't worry! I have been climbing this tree for ages." Janet and Max both stood down the tree while Harper was picking the apples for Janet and herself. While Harper was on the tree she heard chattering and talking and she tried to look who was it was. It was coming from a small hole in the tree. She decided to give the apples to Janet and go up together and see who it was. She immediately went down the tree and gave the apples to Janet and put the rest into hers and Max's basket. She gave a crafty grin and she ran to Janet

" Janet! Janet! I have something to tell you" Harper cried feeling jumpy inside.

" What is it Harper?" said Janet feeling confused. Max started to bark and lick Harper.

" You understand what I am saying do you Max ? " said Harper patting Max.

" I am so confused!" grumbled Janet enjoying an apple.

" I heard someone chattering from the tree. Could it be elves and fairies? Like the Far Away Tree written by Enid Blyton"

" Could we just go home and leave the chattering?" asked Janet feeling nervous.

" Come on ! We will try to climb the tree together and see who it really is" said Harper grabbing Janet by the hand.

" I am too scared! I can't climb a tree! " cried Janet behaving like a freak.

" I can help you" said Harper her eyes glittering like glitter. So the three of them climbed the tree. They peeped into the hole and Harper cried

" Hello, anywhere there ?" There was no response for a few minutes. Suddenly a small elf came out. It was the size of a small leaf. It wore a small red hat and it looked very cute. Janet started to shout

" Harper could we just go down?"

" Keep quiet Janet ! " said Harper annoyed.

" Hello, Mr. Elf" said Harper her eyes twinkling.

" Who are you?" the elf spoke angrily.

" I am Harper Richard. Mr. Richard's daughter" the girl spoke proudly.

" Oh I am sorry I spoke to you in that manner. Since your father has saved as down a great deal of things for us. We will respect you." the elf spoke.

" Thank you" Harper laughed.

" So what exactly is this place?" said Janet moving her leg gingerly.

" This is the Magical Tree of Elves" answered the elf.

" Do you mind if you explain what my father has to do with this?" asked Harper stopping Max from barking.

" Many years ago, your father planted this tree. We elves lived in the woods but soon the forest was chopped down and we had no where to live. Your father knew about us so he allowed us to live on this tree. He gave us this tree in order if we allowed people to have these apples." said the elf smiling.

" Wow!" said Janet.

" Where is your father now?" the elf asked Harper.

" Oh, he got a promotion in the hospital in Denmark" Harper cried.

" Do you live alone?" Janet asked.

" No, I live with my wife. Let me show you around" The elf showed us around we saw the kitchen where Mrs. Elf was making tea.

" Mrs. Elf , this is Mrs. Richard's daughter and her friend"

" Pleased too meet you" bowed the little elf.

" What would like to drink?"

" My friend and I would like to have a wee cup of tea and my dog would have a bowl of water." We all had our tea on the tree and it was very fun. It was turning dark, and it was time for me to go home.

" It is already seven pm. I have to go home now" Harper cried looking at her watch.

" Bye! Nice meeting you'll" said Harper and Janet. Max licked the both elves. The both girls climbed down the tree and picked their baskets of apples.

" Please come to my house tomorrow, Janet. My mother is making apple crumble with this juicy apples." Harper said holding Max's leash.

" I would love too" said Janet patting Max for the hundredth time.

" Mum, these are the apples"

" Thank you" smiled Mrs. Richard.

" Is it fine if I call my friend tomorrow for apple crumble?"

" Yes"

" Mum do you know about the elves in that apple tree ? I met them today that is why I took a long time to come"

" What don't be silly Harper!"

" Is it fine if I call dad for awhile?" asked Harper.

" Yes, but after you finish that soup" answered Mrs. Richard wiping the table.

" What is for desert Mum?" asked Harper.

" Since there is too many apples maybe I could make Apple Fritters"

" Can I call my friend over?" asked Harper drinking her soup.

" Of course"

" I will go and get her with Max"

" Okay, but remember to wear coat as it is very cold outside" Harper and Max both went to get Janet. They rang the doorbell. Janet answered the doorbell.

" Oh it is Harper and Max" she said hugging Max.

" Janet, my mother is making Apple Fritters. Would you like to come over?"

" Of course" said Janet her eyes glittering. They both walked down the lane to Harper's house. They entered in

" Hi Mrs. Richard." said Janet.

" Hi darling" Mrs. Richard said taking out the Apple Fritters from the oven. The both girls started eating.

" Wow! This Fritters taste amazing!" cried Janet.

" Do you want to bring some home?" asked Mrs.Richard.

" Yes thank you" answered Janet.

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