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The colors, of course it was also their colors ,always, so living ( vivid) and dazzling ,  which gave him that idea. But, above all, it was their scent, so intense , yet also evanescent, which you could now perceive so strong, so all pervaded, sometimes even stunned or pungent, and which soon after you could no longer feel, as if it had dissolved in the air, as if wind had carried it away.  But here it is again, after just a moment or, however, when you did not expect, that cascade of perfume returned, more intense and all pervading than ever. And the smells of the different  flowers not only alternated, but  also  mixed, releasing incredible scents, always more than pleasant. Of course  Kevin knew well that it was far from that usually the scent of flowers would have inspire what inspired him.  Mostly their scent would suggest ( would have suggested) the creation of perfumes such as those which are then sold in pretty glass containers, packaged in very attractive packages , and launched on the market with advertisement that promised, indeed assured, wonders: yes, just that perfume to open the doors of Eden in front of you.  He, Kevin, instead, since he was a child, in front of an expanse of daisies, and golden buttons, of poppies and cornflowers, which peeped out, peering ( winking) from the green of a meadow, as well as  in front of the royal roses and the delicate lilies of a well-kept garden, had always thought, but even  hoped: oh, what a wonder it would be if these flowers, with their colors, with their scent, could move. Yes, if they could go for a walk , at least into the lawn or the garden where they are  .What a fantastic  show if these flowers could dance! And something like this he had always felt, more than thought, in front of the trees, with their arms outstretched towards the sky and yet so planted on the ground . “ Come trees, walk with me” And then the trees would have said him____they would have spoken him with the rustle of their leaves  moved by the wind____: “Other than walking, we are also able to fly, even to make you fly. Come on, Kevin, get on board and we’ll take off.

Kevin pondered, thought and thought again for years and years about he could realize his dream, his aspiration to give life to flowers and trees that were able to walk, to dance, even to fly. But it was only as an adult, when he had children, that he decided to work hard to make his dream come true. He would have like so much to be able to see his children  walking together with the flowers in their garden or in a meadow, that they could fly on the trees. When he started to experiment to make his dream come true, his wife Matilda began to glare at him, and to scold him harshly . According to her, his project was absurd and absolutely impossible to be  realized. It would only made him waste time and waste money. He, Kevin, stubbornly, continued to carry out his experiments, and to look  for others who,  like him, tried giving life to flowers and trees which were able to walk, to dance, and, why not? even to fly. Matilda then considered him crazy , and she wanted to put him in an asylum. Unfortunately even his children, whom he loved so much, raised (put up) by their mother, began to consider him crazy , and dangerous too.  Kevin had to realize , with dismay, that they were afraid of him, that they tried to avoid him ( to stay away from him). And even his friends , his neighbors , relatives  and acquaintances too, demanded that he would be locked up. Kevin felt and was now a hinted animal. He was hindered at every step he took. He could not even get supplies of what he needed for his experiments, which were regularly sabotaged. But he knew, he felt that he had to make his dream come true.  As much as he regretted it, as much as it was even heartbreaking for him to be separated from his beloved children, Kevin decided to leave. He thus began his wandering from one countryside to another countryside , looking for lawn (land) on which to grow his flowers, to plant his trees.  Kevin decided to devote himself soul and body to his project, to the realization of his dream. By now he spent even the nights into the shed , where he had arranged his laboratory in the best possible way.  He kept making crosses of seeds, inventing new fertilizers, experimenting with grafts.

He knew that here and there, scattered around the world, there were others who, like him, dreamed, and also tried to create flowers which could move, walk, even dance, and trees which could fly. Other people who, like him, were considered crazy and dangerous. It seemed that no one, other than those , not many, who had adventurously thrown themselves into it, took their research seriously. It was considered nothing more than a game, a waste of time, good just for idle brankles or, even, madmen. It often happened that when Kevin was looking for and trying how to make the roots of a plant was able to move, he suddenly saw Matilda, as if she reappeared, as if she were there. He saw again his wife looking at him with a fierce look , cursing at him, shouting at him that it was a time waster and a vagabond, and she, Matilda threatened him with the broom , too. What a ugly, grim face she had when she had hurled herself against him. Ah, he, Kevin didn’t really mind leaving her ( his wife). His children instead, Chris and Paul, oh, he felt a tightness in the heart, so strong, that he believed he was going to die, if only he thought of them. For them, to be able to see them again, to be with them again, he would also have given up his research. So when it happened to  think it, he tried to drive away the thought of them as soon as possible. And to succeed in it Kevin remembered his children as they had been with him lately, before he left. Then they too had considered him crazy, a poor madman. They had even been afraid of him.  Sure, his heart ached even remembering the frightened faces with which they, his children, had looked at him. But it ( remembering their faces in those days) also served him to drive them away from his mind, and to come back to his research, that no, he couldn’t leave.

The most difficult thing to deal with was even for Kevin___and he knew that the same was true for the others experimenters or…dreamers who had undertaken a research like his___(was )the fundamental link that every plant, flower or tree, had with the ground. A flower, like a tree, but also a blade of grass,  is born and grows in the soil ( ground, earth), it has its roots into the soil, it is planted in the ground. To make it ( one plant) to move, or even to fly, it meant ( implied) not only , somewhat, to uproot it from the ground, that is the indispensable habitat for its life, but also to endow it with some characteristic , or property, which, as a plant, does not belong to it. And not only that,   since it was) necessary to provide  the plant  you want it become able to move  with the proprieties of another genus , taking care, at the same time, that it ( the plant) maintained   intact its essence  as a vegetable, that it remained a flower, that it remained a tree.

Moreover Kevin, like almost all his fellow adventures, who wanted make their dream, of seeing flowers and plants move, walk, even fly come true, also worried that the flowers, after they had walked, they could go back to being flowers planted in the ground ( earth) of the garden or the lawn, that the trees, after they had taken off, could go back to being planted firmly in the ground.

There was someone, like Aldous  Kief in Kurdistan, or Julien Prix in Normandy, who was only interested in creating flowers and trees ( plants) capable of moving and flying, who did not care at all that , after the walk or the flight, they, the flowers, the trees,  come back with their roots anchored to the ground ( earth). But if the plants don’t come back to the the ground , with their roots in the earth they will die, the others pointed out. To be able to realize their dream Kevin, like his fellow adventures around in the world, knew that, of course, the selection of seeds, obtained   through genetic engineering, was of great importance, but it was also necessary a great work of research on the roots of flowers and trees. More precisely, on the roots and on the ground  in which they were planted. They all agreed that plants seeds, be flowers or trees, needed to be enhanced or added to with properties which did not belong to the plant kingdom, but rather to the animal kingdom. They were among them those who managed to obtain  truly extraordinary beings, even if monstrous, crosses between plants and animals which, although only a little and very slowly, were able to move. Needless to say that these very strange beings___plants or animals?___to which their experiments had given life , aroused protests from the people, who had come to know about these strange beings through the media. Televisions and newspapers spoke of monsters creators who threatened and upset too the balance of the planet, of mad scientists who were destroying nature. They were reactions that embittered also Kevin, like the  others, not many, who scattered, here and there in the world,  were engaged in the same research, an adventure that was a bet. Not at all mad scientists who wanted to subvert the laws of nature and upset the balance of the Earth ( of the plabet Earth). They just wanted their dream come true. Sure, there was  also something of the game , indeed theirs was a bet, there was also fun in their enterprise ( project). Yet they all thought that to manage to giving life  to plants capable to move, this (it) would have brought, in a more or less distant future, benefits to the Earth and to all its inhabitants.

Years passed. Kevin often thought of his children ( sons), who were grown up now, who had probably given birth to children. How much he would have liked  that at least his grandchildren could one day see flowers and plants move, trees fly.

With the relentless passing of the invisible time life was coming to the end. He, Kevin, had never abandoned his enterprise ( project). Sometimes he had almost succeeded in creating flowers capable to move, but unfortunately, after they had taken a few steps, so to say, they had gone limp , they had even become suddenly dry.  Ah, he had done something wrong in the fertilization or, maybe, in the treatment of the roots.  The roots and the seeds required a lot of attention.  Time went by, he became older and older. Yet the desire (the wish) to see his dream come true remained the same as when, many years earlier, he had left even his children to devote himself to realize it.  His children, who by now had long since grown up, and  who will have had children they too. How strange, over time Kevin, even though he kept feeling the fierce pain of when he had left them, he didn’t think anymore that he wanted to see them again.  Indeed never to see them again, this now was okay for him. Since they had grown up without him, far away from him.  They had had a life of their own, in which he had not been present. What sense would it make (have) to look for them after so long time?And he too had lived his life without them. He had suffered when he had left them, and even after then. Yet he had never come back, he hadn’t regretted his decision ( choose). When he thought his life was about to end, Kevin didn’t think he would  want to see again his sons ( children), to whom he was a perfect stranger. He  rather thought that before his life ended he would have wanted so much to succeed in creating trees capable of taking flight.  And, why not?  being able to fly on a tree. Yes, what a wonder to fly to the moon on the edge of a tree! Unfortunately, as much as he tried and tried again , Kevin never managed not only to fly to the moon, but even to fly much lower, getting aboard of a tree. However he was sure he had come close to being able to create flowers which could move, and trees which could fly. The secret was in the seeds to plant ( to use), which had to be very special. These seeds had to have, in addition to the characteristics , or qualities, which allowed them to germinate  in the earth( ground), also aerial , or rather aerodynamic qualities. These very special seeds would have given birth to plants that, even if terrestrial, they had also the propulsive thrust to detach themselves from the earth ( ground). Kevin wrote a treatise on properties that seeds had to have to obtain flowers and trees which can move, and even fly. Kevin’s treatise is still today, after more than a century, the almost complete text for all those who intend to realize Kevin’s dream to be able to reach the moon by flying on a tree.

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