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"Alright start talking"

"Sonia I swear I don't know anything! I have nothing to do with it! Why won't you believe me!?"

I slammed the table, "BECAUSE YOU DO! YOU DID ALL OF THIS. YOU were the freaking master player IN THAT HEIST ERIN. YOU KNOW THIS JUST AS MUCH AS I DO!"

Erin fell back, "Okay FINE! Yes it was me! Yes I conducted the heist! You happy? Now what? Are you going to tell the cops? Throw me to jail? Please! As if anyone would believe a little cop like you over a damn billionaire."

"Oh yes they will." I leaned in, "Because I have something you don't." With that I got up and left his house.

I went straight home and hit the shower.

My name is Sonia, and yes I am a cop. Erin used to be a good friend who'd help with cases, until a week ago. When I found out what he was truly doing. He was the main player in a grand heist, and because of him millions of innocent people are paying the costs! And all for money.

Even if it's the last thing I do, I will give justice to them. Now the only question is... how.

The one good thing is I do have a lead, and I have a lot of... alliances I can use. Now all I need is proof.

The next morning I wake up early and head directly to a colleagues house.

She opens the door immediately. "Sonia?" she asks confused.

"Lillian, I need help urgently."

She frowned, "This is about the heist isn't it? Sonia, you have so many other cases! Why focus on one that isn't even yours?"

I grunted in frustration, "Lillian, I don't have time for this, and you know the answer already. Can you help me or not?"

Lillian sighed, "What do you need?"

"Information. I need to know anyone who's working with Erin. I would do it myself but since you're the one with best access to the files..."

"Is tomorrow morning fine?"

"No. I need it sooner can you do by 6 today?"

Lillian thought for a moment, "I suppose I can."

"Thank you"

Lillian gave me a slight nod, and I got up and left.

I went to my office, and went over scanning some codes for a different case but no matter what I did I couldn't stop thinking about the heist.

This wasn't just work.

This was personal.

No one knows this but my best friend, a simple veterinarian lost her home because of this ominous heist! She's now homeless with her daughter because she doesn't have enough money to pay off the rent.

I closed the file that I was scanning, and got out the other one about the heist.

Then, just then, I got an idea. The heist happened in the top rated bank, and there has to be CCTV camera's there right? Meaning if I can get into the system... That will make for solid proof and that along with the files... I may be able to close this off!

I instantly got up and rushed out of the office and into the car. I quickly drove to the temporary replacement of the bank and walked into it. I approached an open desk, and said, "I need to speak with the manager."

The person behind the desk started, "That's n-" but quickly shut his mouth after I held up my police badge. Just one of the few benefits I thought.

Instead he re-phrased his sentence, "Uh, o-of course Ma'am, just a minute." He dialed a number quickly and a few minutes later, the manager was walking this way.

"Hello, we can discuss anything in my office, follow me." he said.

We walked over to a room in the far right corner.

After I sat down, he asked me, "Now officer, how may I help you with? However as you know about the previous... incident we may not have everything your looking for."

I cleared my throat, "Actually that's exactly what I'm here for. You have CCTV camera's everywhere. I need to get into the control room, it's for the case... I hope you understand?"

He looked confused for a moment before saying, "Oh. Yes um, let me take you there now."

We walked over to the small room which was on the second floor. The person in-charge of it was also there. The manager told him, "We need access to the CCTV's from..."

"April 22nd" I filled in.

The boy nodded.

After he got it up, he left the room after the manager told him to.

I sat down, and played the footage... Until I paused it at 1:26 PM.

There was a man, he looked pretty normal except for the item he was carrying... When I looked closer... I knew it was a bomb.

I took a picture of this before asking the manager, "Where can I find the bomb found?"

He hesitated for a moment before saying, "It's with the Forensic department..."

I got up, "Thank you."

With that I left the bank, and headed straight for the department. I got a friend, Cole on the line, "Hello?"

"Cole, I need a lawyer for a case."

There was a pause on the phone before he said, "By when...?"

"Today 8 PM latest."

"um... Okay I'll take care of it. I'll send you the address, meet me 7 sharp.

He hung up before I could respond.

When I finally reached the Forensic department, I approached someone I had acquainted recently, and told him what I was looking for.

"Okay... Go to Anne for it. She's over there." she pointed to a woman nearby.

Anne was able to take me to the bomb, and I was able to take a picture of it.

Later, when I came back to the car to compare it with the photo I took from the CCTV... it matched perfectly!

"Now all I need is the relationship this guy has with Erin." Which reminded me that I had to meet Lillian in like 20 minutes. It was already 5:40 PM. I got her on the line as I started the car, "Lillian, hello? Were you able to get the files?"

Lillian spoke from the other end, "Yeah... Meet me at my place soon"

"Will do"

When I reached where Lillian lives I knocked on her door.

She opened it a minute later, "Sonia, I found out quite a bit on Erin."

I nodded, "Good. Wait do you know this guy" I showed her the picture of the man holding the bomb in the picture.

She instantly nodded, "Yes! His name is Sam Wells, he's been in other situations with Erin before, and they've both worked together plenty of times."

I smiled, "Perfect. Can I have his file?"

Lillian nodded, she went over to her room, and after a few minutes came back holding a file. "Here you go!"

I took the file from her and quickly scanned it before getting up, "Thank you for everything Lillian."

"You can always count on me." she said with a warm smile.

Later, I drove over to the meeting place with Cole. When I reached he was already there with a lawyer.

I walked over to the table and sat down, "Hello"

Cole nodded, "Sonia, this is Amelia, the lawyer for your... case?"

I offered my hand to her and she shook it, "Amelia, as you may have heard over the news or so, about the bank heist that happened a week ago? Well I'm on that case right now, and I got enough evidence for it."

"Ah, splendid." Amelia replied.

The rest of the evening I went over everything I had collected from the CCTV footage to the bomb, etc.

The next afternoon was the court meeting which I attended. I wouldn't have missed it for anything. I was very happy to see Erin standing for trial.

We locked eyes for a brief moment and in that moment I could just feel all the hatred he had for me... The trial began shortly.

15 minutes later...

The court was in mid-way now, and I have to say Amelia is an excellent lawyer! She stated the facts in such a clear and affirmative way! She covered nearly every topic and addressed all the evidences we had as well.

The lawyer defending Erin, at one point was even speechless in what to say. The fact that he barely provided any evidence reassured me quite well too. Plus he only said things such as, '"Erin is a top billionaire why would he ever do such a thing?"' with no evidence, it was really pathetic.

At the end of the court time, the judge looked over all of the evidence he had heard until he finally said, "The court is adjourned for today. We will continue tomorrow."

The next day...

I was one of the first people in the court, when the judge arrived everyone sat down and the court began.

"Are there any last minute statements from either side?"

When no one said anything the judge continued, "Very well then."

After a pause he said "After carefully looking at both sides of this case. We find Erin Williams guilty of the Bank heist and is herby sentenced to a lifetime of jail. As for the victims they will each get 4,000 dollars."

The smile on my face grew. After the judge left, I thanked Amelia for her excellent job!

Remember this, Justice will always find a way.

June 28, 2021 00:19

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Jon Robles
21:25 Jul 07, 2021

Good work! I felt like I was part of the story!


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Akshara P
01:54 Jun 28, 2021

This was really good for your first crime story. The concept of the story was amazing, but I felt like you could have added a little more to the ending. The story also had a few grammar mistakes! But other than all this, I think this is a great story with a great idea! :)


23:46 Jun 29, 2021

I agree on this


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Retee Satish
22:01 Jul 01, 2021

Thanks for your feedback! I'll keep it in mind for next time!


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Retee Satish
00:21 Jun 28, 2021

Hey all this is my very first Crime story, if you have any feedback, I'd love to know! 😊


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