Tania is coming at the station after the outcast of seven years from home with the injured shoulder and curved wrist she is originating from the dogfight close to the outskirt. How about we move back first!.

Tania, a determinant, and the solid young lady she was the lone offspring of her parents. She loves to sit by the window near her bed to watch the freedom of birds, she wanted to fly as high as an eagle in the sky. She wanted to feel the flux of breeze on her cheeks. But she knew she couldn't be what she wanted to be, an airwoman.

In light of the tradition in her family that the females of the family are not permitted to carry out the responsibility, since they consider it against their family honor.

She was eight when she wrote in her journal that "I want to be an airwoman." Her grandpa was an airman he was her adored picture. As time flew by, she grew up so her desire. tradition has never come in between the love of the family before, two weeks before her 18th birthday Tania decided to talk about her yearning at the dinner table. With the beating heart, she sat at the dinner table and after some pieces, she spills her guts. with her clench hands held under the table, she said " I am applying for the passageway test for the air force."

Her dad didn't let out a single word at the table, her eyes moved towards her mom in an asking way. Her mom gave her a gaze of big NO! however, her father calls her after in study and said you realize you are young lady Tania! I am considering your marriage. However, daddy, I don't need marriage, not now, at any rate, also, you realize my friend has a job, as of now and next Monday she has that college interview, Her dad got up from his seat with the scowl, while getting the coffee mug he said, "you are going to meet the kid one week from now I am thinking about you to wed with, end of the conversation!" she stayed there for a few whiles with tears in her eyes than she ran into her room and set down, she began thinking how she's going to change that dull tradition while thinking she tumbled to rest, and when she woke up the following day she was befuddled about the fantasy she had: she considered herself to be a feathered creature in home preparing for her first flight, and afterward she woke up!.

In the wake of thinking about her odd dream, she understands its time: she should leap out of the dull tradition of the family. After that acknowledgment, she felt the fire in her heart, she realizes what she needs now, an escape plan. She spent the following evening and night in formatting the plan.

Now, it was an absolute time to follow the plan first, she did the easy part which was to fill the application structure for the way test for the aviation based armed forces. Also, here comes the troublesome part: her mother and father use to take green tea before going to bed, that she uses to make, so she had a chance there, to mix some powdered pills in the tea, so she took that chance she mixed some powdered pills in the tea, to put them to deep sleep, then she went into their room and took her dad's phone, to get the number of the kid her dad referenced: she knew who he was because she had just caught her mom and Aunt talk that he is her dad's companion's child Jeffery.

She opened her dad's phone with his fingerprint and after some looking, she had the option to get Jeffery's number. She went into her room and quickly settled on a decision to call Jeffery, paying little heed to the time fortunately Jeffery was alert. He snatched his phone and muttered who might call me around then of the night without wasting time around he got the call and with no welcome, he stated, "Jeffery, talking!". after that new voice of the familiar name, her heart was going to emerge from her chest yet controlled herself and stated, "I am Tania, I..." Jeffery cut her and said yes! my dad educated me regarding you. For what reason did you call? Well! I need to meet you and our folks couldn't know! would you be able? Tania replied. Indeed! I need to meet you as well! yet I didn't know, how about we choose a date and time? said Jeffery.

After having the affirmation of the gathering they hanged up and now it was the ideal opportunity for her to be bold she needs to persuade Jeffery in their gathering to state NO! to that engagement proposition.

Barely any days spent its was Wednesday! it was the day she was going to make the primary gap in the mass of family tradition. Rather than going to class, she went to meet Jeffery at the coffeehouse. Both sat at the table to make up for the shortfall he requested two cups of coffee one for her and one for himself, so for what reason are we meeting you have a remark I assume, he said. truly! I can't marry you either, I need to remain on my feet before focusing on anybody.

That is extraordinary! I would prefer not to wed you possibly I have that sweetheart back in college whom I need to wed so what's the arrangement he said.

I came here to persuade you to disapprove of my folks however now I figured that we shouldn't need to state anything. I'm not catching your meaning by that? he inquired.

It's basic in a couple of months you are going to be a college graduate, open doors would be hanging tight for you can run they are your folks they wouldn't be furious with you for such a long time. She said. He smiled and said. "I figure your correct I ought to do that, and what you would do after that?"

I would attempt to persuade my folks once again I figure they would let me join the aviation based armed force and if they wouldn't, I am going to go along with it in any way.

Next Monday Jeffery and Jeffery's folks were at her house. Tania and Jeffery let everything goes as they have decided. After that, Jeffery went off with his plan and she poured her head into the books. Things went smooth Jeffery ran with his girlfriend, Tania passed her test, now that was the time for the big debate.

After dinner, she sat with her folks and tell them that she has passed for the aviation force academy and that she has to report there in three days, and then added "I won't let you down please let me go willingly I won't be a disgrace for you I promise, and dad! mom! you always said you want me to be happy. My happiness lies there at the academy please try to understand! also the world has changed so much now it's not odd if a woman would work."

During that whole heartfelt speech of her, her dad didn't say a word he was just looking at her with mixed emotions of surprise and disappointment, after some moments he got up and went to bed. However, her mom hugged her and said I understand dear! make us proud, and then she went after her dad. Tania couldn't sleep that night and the following two nights too! because of the scary imaginative thoughts of what her dad would do now. on the other hand, her dad was not processing his emotions because they were tangled in his heart and deep in his heart, he was also happy for her after all she was his child. He barely came out of his room for the next two days.

 The third day Tania was all packed up ready to go, her mother said goodbye to her. Her father came out of the room Tania anxiously said, "Dad, I am going say something." the word that came out of her dad's mouth broke her. He said, "If you walk out that door don't you ever come back." But she knows what she was doing she was breaking a family tradition and she was not just doing it for her only she was also doing it for all the daughters of the family, so she went out of the door sat in the cab, and went to the academy.

                                   AFTER SEVEN YEARS

Tania is coming at the station after the exile of seven years from home with the wounded shoulder and twisted wrist she is coming from the dogfight near the border. she is coming home to receive an award for her act of bravery. Her parents have waited several hours to meet her that day due to the delay in the train.

Oh! look she is here her mother yell. As she saw her mom she ran and hugged her then she looked aside and saw her dad she was shocked she hadn't expected him as her father approached her, she stepped back. Her father smiled and said that's enough her father hugged her and said, " I am proud of you my daughter."

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17:55 Sep 07, 2020

Wonderful first submission! Keep writing! P. S. Welcome to REEDSY!


Zainab Shahid
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thanks for your appreciation.


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Zainab Shahid
11:09 Sep 05, 2020

Please! check my story its my first time here. Thanks!


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Megan Sutherland
14:25 Sep 05, 2020

Hi. You seem to have a lot of run on sentences. Try to work on smoother dialogue.


Zainab Shahid
09:24 Sep 06, 2020

Thank you for guidance! Megan, your story "Big Mistake" I love it! Thanks! for your time


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