Western Drama Friendship

                       Today was the last day for Alex who will marry tomorrow. His closet friends and cousins were preparing the bachelor night party for him. On the other hand, the bride’s friends and relatives were also arranging the party for the bride. How would they expect they will meet in one place? There were two people who didn’t like to attend party at both sides. Junie was feeling bad to go there because she was at 30 and all her friends were married only she left in single. She didn’t want to get ask by them anyway. She wished to have an over time today. But she didn’t have over time today as she wished. She blamed to god why didn’t fulfill her wish once. In the past, she never go to friend’s goodbye party or any other parties. Because she had lots of jobs, tasks, classes and over times. But today she couldn’t give them a reason for not going there. If she did ignore them again this time, she might be coward inside her closet friends. So, she deeply breath in her chest and decided to go there this time. It’s 5:00 pm, she felt heavy in her heart. But she hadn’t way out so she picked her things up and said goodbye to her colleagues and get off from office. It’s time to go to party when she looked herself inside the mirror she looked strange and need a little touch to be perfect. So, she decided to go to dress rent shop to rent a dress for today. And then, she planned to go to salon for making up the hair and make up. All those were need for her as a old lady. She never thought that she was old enough to marry but today was her friend’s party she must kept in mind and dress up well. An hour later, she got all things done as she planned. She leave the salon with confident and drove the car to the place where her friend’s told her in message.

                       “There she is” her friends shout out loud and wave her to come to them. Melisa said “we thought you haven’t show up again”. She said “luckily I hadn’t over time today but anyway if there had anything like that I will cancel it”. Virginia said “that’s my girl”. All said “of course Junie came for you because you two are the twin”. Virginia and Junie looked each other back and said “how did you figure it out”. Since middle school, she and Virginia were the closet friends like a sister. At the past, Virginia was the queen of the school and she was the transfer student everyone didn’t want to talk with her because she didn’t seem like friendly person. In the classroom, only Virginia came to friendship with her. Later, she had friends which were friends of Virgina. She said “you always cover me, teach me and drag me with your kindness and changed me I always thanks to you, you are like my twin sister Virginia”. Virginia was being shocked by her emotional saying and then she hugged her tight in her arms and said “why did you crying I wouldn't leave you even if I got marry him, you all were family of me forever”. All said “Yes, we are”. Virginia was rich and pretty girl who never faced hard times but she was being lonely all the time because she lost her mother since she was a child. The cousins, family and everything were the things she hadn’t owned a little. Her rich father was being busy with oversea businesses. So, friends were family for her. The girls stop chit chatting and memory digging were stop when the special order was arrive. All of them didn’t know what will be the special order for their party.

The order was sent by Leona who was being naughty all the time who couldn’t come to this party. That was the fire men who came to dance and doing naughty things today. All shouted loud and said “we do know what would she do again”. Only Virgie was keeping silent over her chair. When those men came into the room and go up the stage and striped off their tops and start singing, she looked at Virgie’s chair and she found out her face was turned redder than normal now she knew what to do. So, Junie went up to the stage and told them to stop and leave this place. But the other friends were being attacked with their performance so they didn’t want them go. Then, they shouted over her “what’s wrong old lady, do you want to dance with them”. Junie was angry over them so shouted to them “What on earth? Aren’t you get it? Virgie’s didn’t want it”. Then, they looked over her and said “why this was the last time to have fun with friends”. Virgie was being silent for a minute and said with slow and calm tone “I wanted to spend my precious time with you guys not the stranger”. After she told them clearly, Junie raised her right eyebrow and looked at them. Then, Junie took them out from their room and she gave the fire men money for coming here and sent them back. As she thought, her naughty friend didn’t give them rent fees.

                           Then, she headed back to the room of her friends. She heard the familiar voice near their room. But the door was opened a little so she peeked inside the room and look. She saw a strange men in there. She looked around the room and at last she found the person she knew. That was Richard who was her first love at school time. In her mind, that was just an accident to meet him here. When she turned back to their room, she heard a voice of him calling her name. She knew that was him but she hadn’t power to look him back and say as normal. So, she hurried went in their room and shut the door. She thought she was doing a great job because of she ignored him he wouldn’t know that was her. She stayed back with her friends and eating and talking and singing over hours. At 11:00, all her friends decided to head back to their home and also it was too late for bride to go back home. So, she said “don’t be a bride with puffy eyes okay” to Virgie. And then, she told goodbye to her friends and she headed back to her apartment on her own. She rent a driver to drove her apartment because she was drunk. She opened the door and went in the car and she blacked out the situations. The alarm was ringing so loud so she moved her hand to close it. She moved her hand to the place she ever closed her alarm but this place was being strange. She couldn’t open her eyes well yet but she tried hard to open the eyes and looked at there. She said “Hmm, what’s that”. Then, she looked at the ceiling and said “why ceiling was changing”. So, she looked back to the desk and said “that’s not mine where am I”. She held her head with hands because she felt dizzy again. She thought back, she remembered she called the driver service and the driver arrived and she went in her car. So, she told herself “it’s all that I remember but what am I doing here”.

                              At that time, she heard the sound from the door “click”. The person came in with foods in his hand. So, she looked closely to him and found out “Oh! crap it was Richard”. “So, this room was his why am I here” she had full of thoughts in mind. Richard was placed the foods and milk bottle over the table right beside the bed and said “are you here now”. She looked at him and said “how did I get here”. Richard was smiling over her and said “I took you here, you was drunk and sit right in front of that place right next to your car, I didn’t want you to get danger, so I”. Then, she looked back herself and said “the clothes did you change it”. Richard said “if not me, who else do you see here”. He looked up to the clock over the wall and said “hurried, get up and eat something or you will be late your friend’s wedding”. At that time, she remembered her friend’s so she quit from having conversations with him and went into the bathroom for washing and then had breakfast which he left for her on the desk. When she finished her meal, Richard was well dressed and looked up to her and said “had you decide to go there like this”. She said “No, I won’t, I go back and change at home”. Richard was sighing himself and said “you know, it hadn’t enough time left, let me take you to the place I knew well”. At that time, she didn’t want to get ashamed in front of her friends so she accepted his offer. They drove together to the place he recommend and they went in. The wedding was starting and everyone was beside Virginia but still Junie hadn’t show up yet so everyone wait for her. At the last minute to get into the wedding hall with father, Virginia heard the sound of her friend and sister Junie’s voice. Now, she could go and marry without worry because she saw Richard was holding Junie’s hand and they came here together.

Junie didn’t know that how her friends care of her. They knew she was a nice match for Richard but she was being clumsy everyday so she couldn’t make it happen since school life. Over their conversation last night, Junie denied their questions over her relationship and marriage. Now, she went in the wedding hall with full of confident together with Richard. She clapped and happy for her lovely Virgie marrying the nice husband. She looked at Richard and he also smiling over her. “Who knows what will happened next” Junie told herself. She ever thought he didn’t like her or care her existence but now she knew how much he care her. She got the wedding bouquet from the bride, people said “if you got this, you will get marry during a year”. Everything was like a dream for her before she went back to normal life. On their road to wedding party, Richard requested her to be his girl. That was being their start. Over their way to here, she got confess by Richard. Everything for her was being now blooming because she knew her answer clearly. Still now, she couldn’t belief that was real or dream. But anyway the two love bugs were being together after the party. When the love came to you it didn’t show the hints, also the love wanted to leave you how much you tried it will leave. Things were fast and can’t imagine. Only if your heart was saying its true, believe it no-matter what it is. 

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