Somebody dial Mrs McCarthy's heart 911- Marry's first tear

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..."don't you dare Priscilla!! Raise your defeaning voice and talk to me like I don't put food on the table"...

"And don't you dare too Terrance 'Mr prodigal son' talk to me like I'm one of the young girls you let dangle on your thighs! Angrily responded back Mrs McCarthy, as she felt her heart slowly starting to lean against her ribs like the Italian leaning tower. Her heart had had a more than enough share of enough, the only thing that was left for it was to go for an operation at the soonest possible opportunity. It had carried more scars than all the soldiers had both during and after the Vietnam war. It was slowly like the pase of a tortoise becoming more overweight with wounds. Mrs McCarthy's heart leaned back everytime pain kicked in it's doors like cantankerous police men raiding slums.

"Atleast those young girls are not always on their files solving cases every time I want to be satisfied by my wife!! A curious mosquito landed like a lost parachute on his forehead, as he directed these words to his wife, but cared less trying to remove it, because all he cared about was hearing what his wife was going to say back. Nonetheless, little did he know that what he just said to Mrs McCarthy caused her leaning heart fall on it's feet like the buildings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the bomb. A tear drop fell on the floor from one of Mrs McCarthy's eyes, as she told her cheating husband to please sign the papers laying on top of their bed, and not forget to take the ring too. Whether he was going to pound it or not, heartbroken Mrs McCarthy didn't care an inch. All she cared about were the four legs that kept kicking inside her womb.

A few minutes later, Terrance came back from their room holding the signed divorce papers, and dropped them on the table, as he told his ex-wife to please take care of their kids. She wanted to cry even more, but each time she tried to, she felt someone kicking inside her womb, and that made her feel like she's been comforted. Somebody would bet her twins were taking turns, comforting their mother. Watching the man she has loved all her life banging the door for the last time was the saddest among the most painful things he has ever caused her. She watched him start his Mercedes through her window curtains, and even though she felt sad at the spectacle, her heart felt the exact way a victim feels when seeing their oppressor packing and leaving for good. It felt the same way Ghanaians felt when Ghana became the first African country to taste Independence. Her best friend's words of comfort healed her a lot, and she was finally happy that she won't have to hide her bruises every time her sister Angel shows up.

1964, 14 December, Evelyn Judith Davids together with her husband Mr Retnick Dawson Davids welcomed their first child Marry Davids, who was later given Priscilla as her second name by her godmother. Mr and Mrs Davids raised their daughter in the house of God. Little Priscilla grew up to be a very God-fearing young girl, with a lot of ambitions and goals under her belt. Her dad was all she ever loved and Mrs Davids was like her sister or best friend to her, for they shared everything, from how her mom met her father, to how little Priscilla wishes to get married one day and have a child of her own too. In a nutshell, the Davids family was a beautiful and perfect specimen of a happy family. Every street in the Lovedale neighbourhood looked up to it. Kids and old men walking with sticks, respected Mr Davids. Infact, he was the kind of a man most mothers with daughters wanted as a son-in-law. Young girls and old women looked up to Mrs Davids, and came to her for advices. Almost every learner, was inspired by Mr and Mrs Davids' daughter to become a lawyer. Hatred, vengeance and wrath, were all like foreigners in Priscilla's mind. Church and School were two things she never wanted to miss. If she wasn't at school, she was at the Library, if not, she was at her most favourite restaurant, where she later in her life happened to meet the love and apple of her life, whom she was going to have kids with.

sometime a few beautiful years later...

I wouldn't mind going as far as volunteering to prove that it's true when they say a leaf never falls off far from the tree, because Priscilla became a spitting image of her mom in everything she did. From the way she treated her husband to the way she loved him. Every day she woke up next to him, she couldn't believe they were finally married. She was now Mrs McCarthy, and I'd be telling a blatant lie or lying through my pen if I'd say Mr Mathews Terrance McCarthy ever went to work with a dirty trouser or a shirt that looks like it just fell out from a cow's mouth after being chewed more than a bubble gum for the whole night. Her parents and her younger sibling Angel, were all she ever loved, just like how she adored her husband. She couldn't live without any of them missing in her life, just like you wouldn't live or survive with your heart's beats missing. Terrance was the first guy she ever loved in her life. Actually, he wasn't just a doctor at Tiger Bag Hospital, he was Priscilla's first and only man she ever went under the sheets with. I'm willing to bet that if there's something all women share in common, is love. Be she be a lesbian or not, but the characteristics of love will always prevail and show themselves. Some say when a woman loves, she loves for real, and these were all the traits Terrance's happily-married wife showed without leaving or forgetting anything behind.

Mrs Marry Priscilla McCarthy crossed the age of 30 without anything that changed her for worse. Most people experience their first heartbrakes around the ages of 15 to 18, and by 22 or latest 25, they have experienced and gone through love's and life's hardships. What used to heartbreak them when they were 16, won't even stomach them when they're 19; why in case you asked, because the scars they went through at the age of 16 until maybe 18, trained and taught them to be strong like soldiers in the infantry. They say the first scar is always the deepest, and I say since that's true, what can be deeper than it? In fact, your first scar will always teach you a lesson. We can all agree that our first scars in relationships or just life in general aspects, taught us something. They opened our eyes, and taught us not to ever trust or even love wholeheartedly.

42 years old Priscilla McCarthy had never had a heartbrake. No scar... no wound... never grieved before... or atleast mourned... nothing at all. Smart and intellectual as she was, she'd get lost and bored out of her senses in a class of people her age opening up about their first scars. Her parents were still happily-married, old as they were, they were still together and kicking. On the other hand, she had the job of her dreams. Achieved all her goals, and graduated from her varsity of preference. Her life was a big crossword puzzle with all the pieces still available. She still had her parents, her sister and her Terrance, whom she loved and trusted wholeheartedly, without even a smudge or an inch of distrust.

Two months of happiness and pregnancy later...

..."babe, let me go to work, will see you later, take care."

"Okay, definitely love. Love you!! Said 2 months pregnant Marry Priscilla McCarthy, as she sat pole straight up in her chair, to start working on the cases in her files.

A few hours later, as she was driving home from her parent's villa, she saw out of her Audi's window something that made her heart jump out of it's skin. She, for the first time in her life, saw something that caused her heart function slower than a tortoise sneaking on top of eggs.

3 weeks and 5 afternoons later...

..."what's wrong Priscilla? "Nothing at all Angel, lied 3 months pregnant Mrs McCarthy, trying her level best to hide her teary eyes and bruises away from her little sister.

A week and sleepless nights later...

..."you always come home late, drunk and smelling colognes I don't even use!!! "Terrance what's wrong with you...?

Another week later...

" haven't been sleeping home for almost the past 3 days, meanwhile I'm 4 months pregnant with your kids."

A month and 3 weeks later...

"Mrs McCarthy, are you sure about the decision you're taking? Asked one of her colleagues, Miss Herbett, who looked more shocked than a chicken that just laid a pigeon's egg.

Few hours later after Mrs McCarthy's decision...

..."but what am I supposed to do Kim? Interjected Mrs McCarthy. "It's better we part ways." "And what about the kids? "My parents and my sister are still alive." Responded beaten-like-a-drum Mrs McCarthy, with her face clear of bruises of punches. "I don't know what went wrong with my husband.. I even regret being pregnant, because ever since I've been carrying his kids, he's been a nightmare. He cheats on me like I'm not carrying his kids!! Beats me up and tells me he'll kill me together with what I am carrying. I've been granting him forgiveness, thinking he'll change... No!! It's enough!!! I haven't even visited my parents in a while, because of hiding my bruised face from my dad who'd go berserk if he'd see me like this. As Mrs McCarthy spit the beans on the table for her high school best friend, a very rude knock came through the door.

Frightened Kim stood to go open the door, because she could sense and see the beaten-like-a-criminal Mrs McCarthy wasn't even in a mood to go open, or to say come in atleast. She was all alone lost in her mind as she was thinking about her unborn twins, and how's she going to tell her parents that their pregnant child has been getting rolled on the floor, kicked like a suspect of rape, received more punches on her womb than all the ones Mike Tyson received in his face, cheated and heartbroken beyond possible repair to pieces even a microscope's radar cannot spot.

If the walls of the universe had abruptly fallen on Kim's shoulders, she wouldn't have fallen, because of the way she freezed like a more than 6 feet deep tree when she opened to come across Terrance McCarthy's grave face.

"Where's my wife? Demanded to know Terrance, with his voice followed by a very narcissistic and cantankerous attitude.

"Good day Mr McCarthy, your wife's inside with me." Kim's voice began to shake more than ever, when she answered Mr McCarthy, who was in no patience to wait for her to finish her sentence.

Mrs McCarthy's face showed naked boredom as she poked her husband and said to him,

"I'm surprised you even knocked, that's so unlike you these days." When Mrs McCarthy heard a knock on the door, she wasn't even concerned who it was, but as soon as she saw Terrance's grumpy face, she became disgusted thinking that the man that just entered is the same man who's the reason why she's afraid to take a walk outside, or let her sister visit.

" that's how you going to talk to me Marry? Asked Terrance, as he called her by her first name, for reasons best known to him, since calling his wife by her first name was something he never did.

"Please do me a favour and go to our bed, I have a little present for you... and please go back to where you come from, myself and my twins are fine without you."

A few seconds after Terrance went to check his present, he came out of the room he was told to go to more furious than a female elephant that just lost it's first and only offspring.

"So is that what you call a present? Terrance asked with a clear sound of annoyance in his husky voice. "Ohh yes, definitely that's what you deserve my ex-husband... I want you to take all your belongings and leave me and my life alone." Bruised Mrs McCarthy shed tears and ended up raising her sad voice, as she couldn't believe what she just said to the man she loved all her life. She couldn't believe she just chased out of her life the man she loved with all her heart, her soul, her spirit and her body too.

Kim still stood next to the opened door, witnessing something she didn't know how to stop unfolding under her nose. A very harsh voice from Terrance shook her eyelashes when he shouted and said to his wife, "is that what makes you happy?

"Yes Terrance! "It makes me happy more than you can ever try to! "I'm tired of you and your punches... look at my face, and my body.. I'm having pregnancy cramps, I can't drive myself to the shop for what I'm craving for, while the man who's the reason behind my cravings is out there having meals with nurses and young girls!!! "You don't even sleep home when you're paid...

..."don't you dare Priscilla! Raise your defeaning voice and talk to me like I don't put food on the table!

"And don't you dare too Terrance talk to me like I'm one of the young girls you let dangle on your thighs!!! while your wife is left alone tossing and turning from pregnancy cramps.

Remember how vengeance, wrath and hatred were all foreigners in Mrs McCarthy's mind when she was still a young girl? You'd be shocked and cry if you'd see how these 3 foreigners have now become permanent residents in her mind. She had a lot of hatred for men because of one, while wrath and vengeance led and drove her all the way to end up divorcing Mr Terrance McCarthy.

"Atleast those young girls are not always on their files solving cases when I need someone to please me".

The only man I ever went under the sheets with just admitted he entertains young girls. God what did I do to deserve this? He can't even see I'm pregnant, and wait for me to give birth, then I'll satisfy him like he wants. These were all the thoughts and words that dangled in Mrs McCarthy's mind.

Frightened Kim and heartless-like-a-skeleton Terrance saw how the words shuttered Marry, who couldn't wait to see Terrance out of her life and her house. Everything about all men changed. She never saw things the same way ever again. She wanted to spit on the day she said 'yes I do' to Terrance, who now had forgotten all the promises he once made in church to Marry's parents when they got married.

"It's going to be fine Marry, don't cry." And this was Kim's first sentence after he stood rooted to the ground, watching Mr and Mrs McCarthy exchanging words like riffles in war. It was all she could say to her sad but relieved friend as she watched through her curtains, Terrance's Mercedes disappearing in the street like a drop of water in a dry sponge.

"I'll stay with you until you give birth, I don't think my husband will mind.. you don't have to worry now.. he's gone, no more tear drops and bruises... you don't have to cry too, tell your unborn twins aunty Kim is here now", and Mrs McCarthy heard another kick inside her belly once more, as Kim said her piece of words of comfort to her almost 5 months pregnant friend.

Kim's word's made her feel like she's been comforted by her dad. They consoled and gave her hope that all will be fine..

To be continued with "Somebody please dial Mrs McCarthy's heart 911- Marry's second tear

April 15, 2021 09:01

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Cassandra Durnin
15:20 Apr 20, 2021

You have such a way of dealing with strong emotions, and it’s so plainly raw. It’s powerful, man. Great work.


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