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I wasn't sure what I was running from. Or who I was running from. All I know is that I found my stepfather lying facedown on the ground, not breathing; and instead of crying, or staying with him, or even calling the cops like most people, I just ran.

There was so much blood. It was already starting to darken, but I didn't know where it was coming from. And now I felt stupid for running when I did.

Who knows - he might've been alive.

I was a coward for leaving him there, all alone. Although, I'm sure he did this to himself. Not literally of course. Thomas Hamsworth would never just kill himself, no. I'm talking about the human trafficking ring that he so stupidly became a part of.

I'll never understand why mom fell in love with him. He was a load of trouble in the beginning, but she married him nonetheless. I suppose it doesn't matter now. I don't think he would've survived even if I called the cops.

At least that's the story I was telling myself.

Now I was alone, waiting outside an elevator that seemed to know that I was in a rush, because it wouldn't open.

I shifted on my feet and breathed heavily as I waited, impatiently. I never liked that man, but noone deserves to die. Not like that. Completely alone.

What would I tell mom? I don't even know what happened!

I knew one thing for sure. I was not going back there! The loud 'ding' and the heavy, sliding of the elevator doors pulled me from my thoughts and I bristled before stepping inside, quickly. Once fully inside, I turned to the tiny buttons for the various floors of this stupid banking establishment and lifted my hand to choose one. I was shaking. Really badly. I managed to push the ground floor button nevertheless and it was silent for a moment, with the only sound being my heavy breathing. The doors then started sliding closed and I swallowed as I thought about having to tell the people on the ground that one of their best bankers was laying dead on his office floor. I wasn't looking forward to that; what if they think that I killed him?

My body shook even more as I thought about Thomas' dead body, but I had almost no time to complete my thought, when a small whooshing sound was heard and a loud bang sounded from right behind me.

I gasped, shocked and looked at the back wall to see a small indentation in the metal wall. I looked closer, struggling to see in the very dim lighting.

Is that a gun shot?

I looked back at the closing elevator door, my eyes wide with terror. My breath hitched in my throat once I saw a man. He was looking straight at me with a scowl on his face. He was dressed in a nice suit, dark hair slicked back; the same colour as mine.

His right hand held a small black pistol, with a tube-looking thing on the end. An ear piercing scream left my throat when another bullet whizzed right past my face and I threw myself behind the elevator door, covering my head with my arms.

I flinched as two more bullets dented the back wall of the elevator, my breathing now sporadic and shallow.

Oh, my god!

I crouched low on the ground and prayed that the metal of the elevator was enough to stop this crazy man's assault, or perhaps someone would've heard my scream. Only after a few seconds of sitting there, did I register that the doors had closed completely and the elevator was starting to go down. I released a shaky breath, my nails dug into my skin. My cheeks were wet with tears, even though I couldn't remember crying in the first place.

Is that the man who killed Thomas? It had to be! He must've been shot and that's why there was so much blood when I got there! Why wouldn't he just leave? Or was he from the ring and he was trying to kill me and my mom too? A shiver ran down my spine.

Please god, no!

I shivered as I sat there and sniffles was the only sound besides my uneven breaths.


A short scream of terror left my lips and I slowly looked at where the sound was coming from - the top of the elevator!

This time, I started sobbing and brought my legs up to hold against my body. I flinched when another bang sounded. That's when I realized.

The elevator stopped.

I used the cool walls to help me to my feet and I tried looking for a way out of here, but I almost facepalmed myself.

There is no way out of here!

I wrapped my arms tightly around myself as the tears kept streaming down my face uncontrollably. Why can't this guy just leave me alone?! I didn't do anything!

I went to the elevator doors and tried to pry them open, but it wasn't working! The doors were too heavy and I was much too scrawny to move them even an inch!

That's when I heard something on the roof go 'pop', and not even a second later: lights out.

I couldn't even help it anymore. I sobbed loudly and backed myself into a corner. I was sure that I looked like a hot mess, but none of that was going to matter once that guy got in here.

And he didn't wait. As soon as the lights were out, the panel on the top of the elevator was lifted and I could see the cords that held it up. Seconds later, the man who killed Thomas appeared in the opening and he jumped down.

He instantly looked at me, the same scowl on his face from earlier. Heavens know how he did all that without messing up his hair and suit! Now, I could see that his face was extremely defined and his one eye was hazel with the other blue.

I wanted to say someting to him, to not be the wimp that I was right now, but it was impossible. I was scared!

The man reached into the back of his pants and pulled out the same gun as before, making me sob even louder and fall to the ground. There wasn't any way that I could get out of this. It was obvious that he was stronger and he now had a gun!

"I didn' want to do this. " my breath hitched and I looked up at him shocked that he had spoken. He had an Irish accent, "I told your old man that this wouldn' work and he was wastin' me time. "

I frowned. Why was he saying this? Why would he have spoken to Thomas before he killed him?

Even with all my questions, I stayed silent and focused on choking down my sobs.

"You're a quiet one. " he sniffed and stared me down, "Others fight back, or tell me to go fuck me'self. "

I didn't appreciate being reminded of how pathetic I was being right now.

"Don't you wanna know what I'm talkin' abou', girlie? "

I wanted to roll my eyes and sob at the same time. This man didn't care that he was going to kill me. He'd probably go to bed feeling proud of himself, whilst I lay here, until the maintenance crew fixes the elevator and finds my rotting corpse.

I didn't feel like pissing him off, so I nodded.

"Well, your dad hired me. " he began, shifting his stance a bit, with the gun still clutched firmly in his gloved hand. I frowned deeper and shook my head. No. Thomas wouldn't hire his OWN assassin!

"M-hm. Wanted to see how you and your mum reacted to his 'death'. " he added air quotes when he said death. What? Thomas was definitely dead! I saw the body in his office!

The assassin chuckled, "Honestly, I didn't expect ya' to just run off like that! Thought you at least would'a checked him out - see if he was dead! " he shook his head like he'd just heard the funniest joke ever whilst my eyes glazed over with tears, again, "Didn't think I'd have to get ya' in this elevator! "

I felt numb as I finally tried to speak, "I....wh-who was that, then? " I whispered, not able to raise my voice.

Did he just kill an innocent person?!

The guy sniffed again and shrugged, "Yeah, that was the turd that ya' mum was boning. Found him in your driveway. " he explained, carelessly.

I winced when hearing that. My mom cheated on Thomas? Why? I thought she loved him!

Another thought came to mind, "My - is Thomas alive? " my voice cracked a little and my body trembled.

"Weren't ya' listening? 'Course, he is. Paid me extra to kill that guy, too. "

My eye twitched and I wrapped my arms around myself, remaining on the floor, "And my mom? " I sniffled, trying to blink the tears away, "Did Thomas want her dead too? "

He sighed heavily and hefted the gun in his hand, "Pretty sure she's my next stop. " he chirped, looking me up and down.

My breathing turned shaky and I looked away from the assassin's piercing gaze and looked at the tiled floor instead. Thomas wanted to kill us all? Even if I hated the notion of my mom dying, I understand why he'd want her and her apparent lover dead.

But, why me? What did I ever do to him?

The assassin noticed my silence, "If you're wondering why ya' father would want you dead, he didn't. " my head swiveled to look at him and I stared at him wide eyed. If Thomas didn't tell him to kill me, then why was he shooting at me?

He just smiled at me and shrugged, "Well, he didn' want to kill you before, but he changed his mind when ya' just left him like that. " I scowled at him. Thomas was willing to kill me, because I didn't want to go near his dead\not dead body? Why would he do that?

The assassin pursed his lips together and nodded slowly as if he could read my thoughts, "Yeah, I didn't get it either. Your father's a sick man, girlie. "

He's not even my dad.

He hefted his gun one more time and he pointed the gun at me. My eyes widened and I shook my head vigorously as I realized what he was about to do.

"No! No! Plea- "


"But, that's your own business. "

September 10, 2020 11:45

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Blen Mesfin
21:15 Sep 16, 2020

I love the plot twists that the story has! The stepdad seems like a pretty messed up person. Word of advice though, I think the story would be better in third person instead of first.


Lesli Williams
09:48 Sep 18, 2020

Thank you, so much! And duly noted.


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Kit Davis
11:19 Sep 17, 2020

So, did he shoot her? Wow, that was tense. So many twists and turns.


Lesli Williams
09:49 Sep 18, 2020

Yes, he did shoot her🙃


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