"Henry waits up you're going too fast!" Said, Crook.

"I'm not! It's just that both of you are too slow! Aren't you excited to see the king of dragons?" Said, Henry.

"Not only that Henry we are also seeing the prince." Mastermind said, in a deep growl.

"Sure all Dark dragons like you are all handsome for nothing." Said, Crook.

"I'm sure ocean dragons only swim and have control over water." Said, Mastermind in a serious growl.

"Stop it guys!" The King of the dragons wouldn't want us like this! Said, Henry in a hushed voice.

"I know the King won't like seeing us like this. But Henry you look like a hybrid mix what type of dragon are you?" Said, Mastermind with a confused look.

"I am a half storm dragon like the King and I'm half ice dragon," Henry said, slowly.

"Hmm, that seems awesome-ish because one, you look handsome and two, uh you don't look like a regular dragon." Said, Mastermind.

"Have you ever thought who was the queen of the dragons." Said, Henry.

"Yes, who is it?" Said Mastermind and Crook eagerly.

"She's an ice dragon named Glacier," Henry said, slowly.

"Glacier is my mother and Thunder is my father."

"Wait you mean king Thunder?" Said, Mastermind with shock.

"Yes, I'm a prince." Said, Henry.

"My real name is Blizzard."

"Blizzard." Someone said, in a deep voice.

"Father these dragons came to see you they are my friends," Blizzard said.

"I thought you would take your little brother out with you." King Thunder growled.

"Calm down Thunder dear, you keep pushing him on going out so he couldn't have the time to bring his little brother." Said, Glacier.

"Whoa, you're the queen of dragons." Said, Mastermind.

Glacier nodded. "Come on out Zym." Said, Glacier.

"Hey, Lil bro." Said, Blizzard.

"Hey Blizzard can you take me with you I have to go to a friend's birthday party." Said, Zym.

"No problem Zym what are brothers for." Said, Blizzard.

"Let's go!"

"Goodbye, mom! Goodbye, dad!" Said, Zym in his small voice.

"So how old is Zym?" Said, Mastermind.

"He's 3 years old." Said, Blizzard in a low voice.

"Oh so your 10 years older than him." Said, Crook.

Blizzard nodded. "Ice dragons lay an egg every 13 years." Mastermind explained to Crook.

"Makes sense." Said, Crook.

"Hello prince Zym we are so glad that you could join Lava's birthday party." Said the father of Lava.

"And prince Blizzard thank you for letting him come here."

"No problem, he has my parent's permission to come." Said, Blizzard.

"Wow, I didn't know princes go to non-royal party's." Crook teased.

"We do," Blizzard replied simply.

"Well, whatever that attitude is we are going to go to my favorite place!" Said, Crook.

" The place where you eat a lot of fish. We get it, Crook." Mastermind said rolling his eyes.

" Sure, we don't go there much so I guess we're eating there today?" Said, Blizzard.

Crook nodded." I want to try out there new spicy fish!" Said, Crook with a hungry look.

"Why is it always you that's hungry." Asked, Mastermind.

"I think it's because he skipped breakfast again so he can eat all he wants in the afternoon." Said, Blizzard.

"Welcome! Welcome! Please have a seat." Said the Fire dragon.

"My name is Azamondius I'm here to serve you your food and if you have any complaints I will try to fix it." Said, Azamondius with a charming smile.

"Whoa look at the menu so much stuff!" Said, Crook with a hungry gaze."

"If there is ever a food eating contest and I have to choose someone I would choose Crook." Said, Blizzard grinning.

Mastermind laughed. "Ha! I would too." Mastermind said, still laughing.

"Azamondius does this place have a food eating contest?" Blizzard asked.

"Not at this restaurant." He said.

"But there is a fair around here that does."

"I would want to enter!" Said, Crook.

Azamondius shook his head. "No, you would have to be 15 to enter." He said.

"Aww, are you sure there is not a 13-year-old eating contest?" Said Crook sadly.

"There will be one next year." Said Azamondius

"Anyway what would you like to order?"

"I would like two orders of fried fish, and 3 orders of the sloppy day." Said, Blizzard

"Is that all for all of you?" Said, Azamondius.

"No, wait for one more thing one order of French Fries? Said, Crook.

"Sure no problem." Said, Azamondius.

"That's all for us." Said, Blizzard.

"Alright, your order will come in just a minute." Said, Azamondius.

" Alright enjoy your meal and just leave the plates on the table when you're done."

Blizzard nodded. After they were done their meal they went to Blizzard's place.

"Your place is awesome!" Crook said gazing at the room.

"I wished I had a room this big so I can put more of my studies in my room." Said, Mastermind with an amazing gaze.

Blizzard nodded. "You can run around the room cause there is so much space," Blizzard said.

"Oh, it's time to pick up Zym his friend's birthday party is almost over." Said, Mastermind.

So they walked to Zym's friend's house.

"Hey, Zym how was the party?" Said, Blizzard.

" It was good, but the only problem is that fire dragons have this tradition where you make everything on fire, so I left early and just waited for you."

"Oh, I thought that it was going to be a normal birthday party," Blizzard said.

"Zym, Blizzard. I'm glad you made it back here on time." Said King Thunder.

"Why are you glad?" Said, Blizzard.

"I glad because of the Royal party about to start! And you came just on time my boys." Said, King Thunder.

"Oh, okay." Said, Zym

"I'm gonna go get ready for the party guys see you tomorrow." Said, Blizzard.

"You better get ready early. This party cannot be delayed. We only have it once every 10 years." King Thunder Growled at them.

"Yes, father we will get ready now. Come on Zym we can't delay it you heard him." Said, Blizzard.

"Should I wear my armband?" Zym asked.

"I will wear mine to show our royal jews we can't go empty jewed." Said, Blizzard.

"Ok I will wear my armband and which earings should I choose diamond or emerald?" Zym asked.

" Emerald it will show out more and diamond blends in with the color of our scales." Said, Blizzard.

"Father we are prepared and done. Said, Blizzard, and Zym.

"You are late for a second." Said, King Thunder in a Deep Growl.

"How?" Blizzard said.

May 20, 2020 16:34

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I liked your story. I've never read anything like this before.


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It was interesting to see dragons interacting with each other as family members and friends, as shown in the dialogue you've written. I think the next point you can work on is setting the scene for where the dragons are interacting by describing the locations that they're in. It was a bit confusing to hear them having a conversation (mid-flight, I presume?), to talking with a King/Queen, then with a "restaurant owner", without any indication that the location had changed. Balancing out dialogue with location descriptions would greatly ...


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Thanks, I'll try to fix it


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Really good story! I recommend Grammarly!


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Nice story! They're some grammar issues, but overall, an amazing story! If you have time, could you check out my story fish in a tree? Thanks! Keep on writing! :)


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