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Creative Nonfiction Historical Fiction Mystery

The entity called Nigeria is so divided that one is still wondering how those that amalgamated her in the first place both colonial and local master never saw from all the evidence on the ground that it was bound to fail from the very beginning.

Tribalism is so, rooted in the fabric of the all the tribes that even fake prophets saw clearly from their prayers that the entity will never work. Yet, the colonial and local leaders some refers to as visional leader failed to visualize the unworkability of the entity.

Religion is one devilish canopy under which the most heinous atrocities has been committed in this entity called Nigeria. Politics is based on religion family life, culture etc are all under the religious canopy. There is nothing like nationalism in the sense it is known all over the world including the eastern world the two prominent religious practices in the entity came from. What exists in this entity as nationalism is tribalism. Even when you are from the same tribe but different religion as event has shown over and over again, you will be first to be kill when some forces believe that their nation (tribe) is losing control of their territory, sector or resources They believed to be theirs. So, nationalism (tribalism) actually means religion to some people here.

Covid-19 which was slaughtering as if to nonsense or mock companies that manufacture weapons of war, was behaving in some parts of the world as if it is afraid or selective in meats it devours. Most were dying in some parts of the world through the pandemic as if death was running out of fashion. Over here, people still doubted the existing of the disease. The government was not helping in the education of the masses due to the way and manner the pandemic was politicized.

In the beginning, it was used as mean of demeaning the tribe, political parties at helm of affairs in the particular state and even as a sign of insecurity. the perpetrators suddenly found out that the state or region they were persecuting was using the disease as means of attracting revenues both home and aboard, every tribe and states start reeling out figures of victims suffering from covid-19 as if there is anything like record keeping in the life of the this entity call Nigeria.

If anyone dies through accident, it is covid-19, if police mount roadblocks to collect bribes from motorist and the drive refused to pay, the officer out of anger or under the influence of alcohol shot the driver, it is Covid. Funny and crazy numbers were being called out every day on air that people lost trust and interest. When news of strange disease broke out in northern part of this entity and was killing thousands of almangeris (beggars) and it was being shown in national television, people were surprise to hear that it was not covid-19. What is the name of this strange disease? No one knows even up to today. The footage continued for weeks some rumors people suspected to have some elements of truth in it, started circulating. According to the rumors, the child beggars were becoming too many, covering everywhere in that part of the entity that their leaders decided to utilize the opportunity covid-19 presented to do away with the child beggars.

They were even distributing others to various states at questionable hours of the night. these distributions were done during the lockdown imposed by the northern president and the distribution was seen by others as a means of middle term goal of the northern leaders. Some say that they were borrowing leaf from the Chinese han leaders that specialize in planting their tribe into other legions of that country and empowering them against the owners of the land and within twenty years, or fifteen, they will dominate the owners and their land that they will not only be dictated to, they will forget their culture and even start speaking the language of the envaders for survival.

 Most of the governors that turned or tampered with the trucks that were transporting these beggars to other tribe were still being dealt with through all the agencies and bodies control by the Federal government. Some were not even allow to speak in the meeting of the governors forum presided over by the president. 

Fulani herdsmen has become an extension of boko haram terrorist group that some leaders from northern part of this entity is using to make sure that the impact of book haram is felt by every legion in this entity they refer to as Nigeria. It is no more a secret that the Fulani tribe was being sponsored by the government. They kill, main nowadays,. It is occupying land by force that their sponsors are interested in. kidnapping observing and reporting is the in thing now.

They camouflaging as motorcyclist, beggars and animal dealers to penetrate their targets.they have been killing even the leaders of their host community, students.it is no more news that they intentionally damage the farm products of every community they pass through.stories has it that atimes, another group of the herdsmen will attack another passing their way and still their cows.at times,they will Carter away their victims families and marry the wife.they are used to settling in hilly places and stay there for years,kiddnaping and demanding for ramsons.what was unthinkable before.carrying guns and swords around openly and some educated members of their tribe will start making excuses for them, telling the complainants that it is their culture.no one is asking them how they came about the weapons. It was in view of the above reasons that when during covid-19 lockdown that people of Achida Community was full of fear early this year when trucks loaded with people from the north appeared in their midst from nowhere in their hundreds in middle of the night, parading as transporters, cobblers and other pitable excuses they show up in to settle among them. The traditional leaders of Achida did not only write to the governor, commissioner of police and other relevant security bodies, but they enacted their own law that no indigene of Achida should rent his or her house to anyone from north. They started forming vigilante groups while waiting for governor and commissioner of police to take action. 

September 14, 2020 13:23

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1 comment

Sifat Simi
06:03 Sep 26, 2020

I like the fusion of history and present COVID 19 situation presented here by the writer. Though I found no particular character as protagonist here or any climax or any dialogue here, I enjoyed reading it.


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