Joe was a kind boy. He used to help everyone in need. He doesn’t want anything in return. He who takes Joe’s help becomes his friend. Joe was not selfish at all. Everyone adores him. Joe has best friends- Anna, Mike and Billie. These four kids were hardworking and well behaved.

It was a cool winter night. The freezing wind was blowing. Only 5 days remained for Christmas. Everybody was preparing for it. Some people were decorating their houses, some were cleaning the garbage and some were buying gifts. Joe, too, went for shopping with his family. While returning from supermarket he saw an old man stood under a tree. His clothes were torn and unclean. He had not any warm clothes. He must be hungry and lonely. Joe could not stop looking at him. Even he returned he was kept thinking about that man.

“Who is he? I think he is a poor and alone in life. He must be freeze in such a chilled weather. I must help him.” Joe was kind-hearted and he desperately wanted to help that poor guy.

In the morning, after breakfast, Joe asked mom for a tiffin box.

“Why do you want it? You have holidays, right?”

“Uh-its nothing mom. I wanted to store some cookies.”

He took a tiffin box and filled it with cookies, and snuck out of the house.

“You ate them all? Are you kidding? You can’t eat all those cookies in a single day!” Mom was so surprised.

“Yeah, I was so hungry so...and no one can resist your delicious cookies mom.”

“But you had your lunch and a heavy lunch I can say. How could you possibly eat them all?”

Joe answered something and ran outside.

At night, when everyone was asleep, Joe got up and opened the fridge. He took some food and drinks and went outside. And that made mom confuse in the morning. She glanced at Joe. He was eating quietly. After breakfast Joe went outside. His friends saw him in the park and they came running towards him.

“Hey Joe, what’s up buddy?”

“Hello Joe.”

“Hey all!”

“Hey, you said you are going to help mom and what are you doing here now?”

“Uh—uh.. nothing.”

“Don’t lie Joe. What are you up to?”

“It’s totally nothing guys. Come, lets play.”

When they were returning home, Joe asked Billie.

“Hey Billie, you said once that your dad wanted to buy a new overcoat and he can  give his old coat to you.”

“Oh yes. Actually he bought it last night and his old coat is mine now, although it doesn’t fit.” Billie laughed.

“Yeah exactly. If it does not fit you, will you give it to me?”

“Yeah sure, but it won’t fit you either. I mean we are of same size right?”

“So can I come with you to take it?”

“O-okay.” Billie and other were confused. They had doubt that Joe is doing something that they don’t know yet. So, they decided to find out.

Joe took the coat but he didn’t know that three detectives are chasing him.

“Is he not going home?” Anna asked.

“Seems to be right.” Mike said.

Joe came to the park and said, “Hello Mr. Blue, it’s me Joe. Come out I have something for you.”

“Whose Mr. Blue?”

“Let us see.”

“Shhh…don’t talk or they’ll listen.”

They saw an old man coming out from the bushes.

“Hand’s up!” Billie jumped right in front of Joe.

“What-what are you doing here Billie?” Joe frightened.

“Not only Billie, Joe.”

“Anna, Mike what is going on?”

“You tell us what is going on Joe. And who is this man?”

“Okay. Now you have caught me I will tell you everything. When I was returning from shopping I saw Mr. Blue standing under a tree, chilled and hungry. I felt bad for him. No one should be in such a condition at the time of Christmas. We should spread happiness everywhere and I wanted to do that. So, I brought some food for him. And I remembered about the coat and now I have taken it from you to give Mr. Blue, and rest is the history.”

Joe’s friends looked very proud.

“We are so proud of you Joe!” Mike said.

“Yes, and what you have done is the best example of humanity.” Anna looked so proud.

“You were doing such a great work and we suspected you. Sorry, Joe. But only you are helping him, and that’s not enough. We also wanted to help Mr. Blue. Right guys?”


“Thank you kids. I had no hopes about life. But you guys made me believe again and you are the reason why I am surviving today.” Mr. Blue had tears in his eyes.

Next day, Anna brought cookies and food, Mike brought blankets and warm clothes and Billie brought his camping tent for Mr. Blue. Joe couldn’t be happier.

Very soon, the kids’ parent knew all the good deed. They were so proud of their children. Joe’s mom realized all the things she was confused with and she made extra cookies for Mr. Blue. Kids invited him for Christmas and had a lot of fun. Joe realized the meaning of Christmas and with a little help from his friends he gave life to a person!

August 27, 2019 10:42

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