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I was devastated that I can’t even think on what to do in my life. I wish to give joy but I can’t even be happy on my own. I wasn’t the same person yesterday, as days goes by, I came to realized that I changed as a person. I felt numb that all I think is to sleep to diminish the pain I had, the pain that I can’t even express to anyone. I wish to join in an Olympic and reach the very best I had, which is to jump high as I can to lighten up the baggage I had. I was bombarded by many things and I was thinking that I’m just a young man who’s lost in the middle of a maze. I was shattered into pieces, I was lonely and can’t even think a way to pick up those pieces that was broken. I can’t even think on how to rebuild again myself. The happiness I had which was lost because of every mistakes I did. I was given the chance to move on and to let go the pain and embrace the present and face the new beginning. “How will I be able to face it?” But slowly I take each pace and face every morning with a brave heart and jump as high as I can because at the end of the race it’s HIM I should face. A priceless award that will be given and there will be no weeping and pain.

Going back to my journey, as I recall one night, I had a dream. A man is having a conversation with me, he said “This isn’t you, you’re the bravest man I know and you need to face each one of them to conquer your fear and in order to do that you have to do something extraordinary and I know it’s hard, I know you fought hard and I know how afraid you are but I am here to remind you that I am greater than your fear. Take that steps and I’ll guide you to finish the race. I know all those tears, the hardships you encountered, the pain you experienced and the dream you had. I have all that in my mind, I can change that into wonderful endings. I know you’re tired and I know you don’t understand what I’m doing but I promised that the life you had right now is a preparation for your joy and enormous blessings I had”. It was like real and I know that I have known that man. I was trying to see his face that it is very bright and I can’t even see it clearly and all I know is that I have known him for a very long time.

I started to plan on what to do on the competition that is coming up and I prepared by jumping in a trampoline. I prepare every equipment needed to strengthen my ability to do every challenge. I have to focus and be a person who won’t be afraid to fall down because I know that there was this person who was rooting for me to win in this journey I had. I can feel that I had enough of those fears and I don’t want it to rule my life and makes me a miserable person which I’m not. It may be hard to change but I know that changing for the best is what he wants me to be and that includes to be a better person. I have everything it takes to win this journey of life. I know that one day as I look back in this journey, I can finally say I made it this far and it is because God is my strength.

As I prepared for this event, I came to realized I have to train myself to reach as high as I can, to dream high and to never give up in life. I’m going to use this pain to soar high as I can. I will jump and reach that board and everybody will see that this young man who have scars in his heart have overcome every trials in life. Seeing myself now in front of many people who cheers and let me down, hearing all the criticisms, rejections but one thing I heard a very loud voice that says “my child jump as high as you can because I will be here to guide you, you only need to trust and grab my hand”. It’s an echo that I hear out of all the noises I had. I smiled and face each one of the audience, I jump as high as I can and then I reach the very high and people were amazed on what I have done. I slowly close my eyes and then I felt that he was there and there’s a very bright smile and it was my father. I was able to land safely and as I opened my eyes, they were shocked that I was able to jump high from that board. I myself couldn’t believe that I made it. A moment of silence from the people and then they clapped their hands because that was amazing.

           I can see the light leading to the path to where my father was, I run towards him and as I reach the path to where he is, he was gone. I forgot that he was gone for good, to save everybody. Tears slowly fall from my face as I recall how he was gone. Awarding came and it was a very long day and I hear my name called and I got the first place and I stand in that stage with an award and I can finally say that things might be hard but it will come to pass. Slowly the smiles came back and I learned now to cherish every moment I had and to always remember that my father is my guardian angel who protected me from that long jump I made. 

December 19, 2020 12:17

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J P Fierkens
23:11 Dec 29, 2020

The gem of this piece is your detailed descriptions of the protagonist's inner journey. Also, your descriptions of personal pain are strong and authentic. I recommend you work on ensuring your verb tenses are consistent. You made a lot of mistakes with changing verb tenses and it is a bit distracting for the reader. Great job!


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Writers Block
15:28 Dec 27, 2020

I love the comparison? Of the olympics to life battles. Kudos!


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