Tonight would be the full moon, the brightest night of July.

 The stars leered and scattered from the sky above, so it’s easy to see in the city. It was less than two weeks until the moon would be a new moon. I’m too scared to peep outside for seeing terrible things but then my auntie Cecily told me a bedtime story.

           “ Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in the town of Cielo de Grande a wealthy land of gold. There lived two spirit warriors known as Vaikan (The Royal werewolves) and Waya (Werewolves warriors) with a spirit chief  named Tao Kalai. One day, a group of beautiful maidens came from the North.

           “Com pa cia beltum bon pus do magnu ferrum Sultrado Tao Kalai en pilan dum benedictum Verona cargosatius pilibin dahar Sultrado Buran Gan senper di ci.”

They introduced themselves coming from a high-rank damsels known as ‘Verona’. But the spirit chief heard them in a high, piercing voice, in a language no one had ever heard. He is dumbfounded, not knowing how to answer them. Until the first lady fully understand the situation so he spoke in a tribe language.

            “Ave dara Sundriho Tao Kalai eza har Verona nu bari ni vega radiniero di ti sandi van gadi.”

           “The first lady was terrible beautiful with a shining shimmering gold hair and red lips. Her name was Cora then the second lady got curly brown hair with brown eyes, she is Zasha and the third lady got black long hair with a fierce smouldering black eyes, she is Marina. They got a huge gift from the spirit chief, a long and big gothic mirror engraved with gold.”

           “They offered a gift and the Chief was delighted, he praised and welcomed his visitors but there was something odd about them. Their smell was hurting in the nose, like it turn to acid and poison their lungs. But before the visitors went out, the three lovely maidens inhale the air coming from the kingdom and the fresh air coming from the houses of the tribe like they inhaled the smell of blood…so intense and yet so mouth-watering…..before they continue their journey inside a magnificent carriage driven by an old man with two horses.”

           After some weeks, the lovely maidens returned.

           News brought the whole tribe about the uncanny disappearances of the young men from their homes every night. But Tao Kalai is old and not strong enough to defend his tribe so he sent his three sons: Tao Sata, Tao Niwa and Tao Nara with their fellowmen from Iguera (Dark Rainforest between the town of Cielo de Grande and Cielo del Rio) to investigate and search for the culprit. But as they headed with the route they were horrified to witnessed deeper in the forest a strange, white pale women sucking the bloods of human corpses. There are almost 20 corpses lying in a pit, surrounded by flies. Stinking bloods flow all over.

           “The mens are mystified yet trembled in fear as they describe the creatures- they look like womens but was hard as a granite rock, cold as freezing point of an ice with a red fiery and demonic eyes like a bat. They’re lips were covered in blood like hideous beast crawling in the middle of the night. So they called them Ice Damsels”

           “There’s no much time to waste and they need to fight the monsters in order to survive. The men of the tribes transformed into a spirit wolf and counterattack the three lovely maidens. But they are fast and strong. They flew from the sky and then fell into the ground as they hold the head of the wolves, they tore it apart like a toy. Tao Sata wore one bag around his body and he got his three daggers and gave it to his two brothers. They didn’t transform to know the limit of their power even though they are young and not the soldier type they tried their best to fought the monsters. Other men underestimated that strength so that death comes easily for them. While the lady busy from his opponent, Tao Sata (Elder son) got his chance to ripped off her head while she killed his opponents. Tao Niwa and Tao Nara were more wary. They worked together, coming at the creature but out of luck, Tao Niwa (Second son) accidentally looked into the eyes of the lady and he was so attracted, he cannot moved a muscle like he was enchant in a mysterious charm.”

           “ The second brother lured in a bait, he is ripped off by the creature into unrecognizable chunks, tearing pieces apart. While his youngest brother Tao Nara almost 11 years old, cried out loud as he pulled the hair of the lady but it was too late, the lady pulled his neck and throw him somewhere. Tao Sata fought the second lady with a brown hair, he found an opening on the creature’s throat, and he lunged. He stab with his dagger the opening on the creature’s throat, blood spilled all over his face like the water coming from a faucet then he tore the head off the creature.”

           “He finally killed the woman but as he glanced up he is horrified to see that the third lady with a golden hair open up its big mouth to devouring his youngest brother. He run so fast with his dagger, his rage made him strong. The fight began again, it was close fight, the third lady was so powerful, and every time he stumbled into the ground, the lady carried him and throw him somewhere until it scratch his legs but he tried to raise up to save the only living wolf…..his youngest brother. He is just a boy, not yet a man to fight.

           For the last time he raised the dagger, scratch her skin, and deliver the death blow. He cut off his head as the dagger swings with an oozing blow.

           “Tao Sata finished the creature and sat down his wailing brother. Hugged him so tight and felt relieved to save him. They bought transformed into spirit wolves, growling and howling calling for help to save them in the forest. That was the story of PREGNANT MOON.” My aunt told me.

           I was so fascinated with the bedtime story as she was about to leave my bedroom.

           I went into my bedroom, half lit by the fading glow of the full moon. That’s when I saw something.

           I was so surprised I let out a scream.There in my study table sat a skull…grinning…scowling.. There was no doubt. This was the skull of a wolf.

           My aunt told me that werewolf comes during Pregnant Moon, full almost to bursting, and ready to give birth to something unthinkable.

           Every time the dogs barking and howling, the skull turned into a wolf flesh, its fangs glistening with some kind of strange supernatural saliva and those eye sockets darted in my direction, I’m afraid it will devour me soon so before what happen I jumped up and run away from my bed until I touch something hard, I was about to touch the hidden mirror in my bedroom but something caught my attention, it is somewhat old but magnificent and I saw the carving….the light shone from it’s reflection as i recognize that the mirror were surrounded with golds. GOLD? Like the mirror describe in the story. I was about to open my mouth when the mirror shake and form a very bright reflection that almost blinded my vision.


           A wild crash tore the whole room until the darkness crept my whole eyes.

           Everything went dark.

           Then all of a sudden i open my eyes…moaning…something bumped into my head… but as I witnessed something terrible…There i was seating in a thrown, where a big crown in my head and there are two people in my sides, the one is a young boy and the one is an older man. They both wore beautiful and expensive suits with their crowns. While hundreds….thousands of wolves surrounded the whole kingdom.

           “Where I am?” is this some kind of illusion? This is not my bedroom, I was suck in a different world,,, through that mirror inside my bedroom and I don’t know what to do right now.

           ‘Save me God from this critical situation.” I told myself.


May 23, 2020 06:28

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