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There are all sorts of libraries in the world. Some are in buildings that you have to go to. Others are mobile and the stories are able to come to you. Then there are those who are virtual, on the internet, available for anyone with access to the internet and a search engine.

I had a mystery I had to solve, of late. It took many visits to the library to find the information I needed. However, this wasn't the average sort of library. It is a very special one. To access it you need a unique key. This key I am talking about is one very hard to come by. You can not purchase it, or steal it. It can only be given to you, by spiritual powers, after you have put in the spiritual groundwork. The library this key opens is called the Akashic records. The mystery I was determined to solve was that of who I am. Who I am is not what the world thinks I am or what society wants me to be either.

The Akashic records is the spiritual library of Earth. I would assume that the other planets also have their own Akashic records. You can say they are spiritual, but they are also magnetic. Let me explain. Think of a tape, or even a vinyl record, or better yet, a hard drive. The information, whether its music, video, language, or pictures is imprinted on these mediums using a form of magnetic adjustment. Once something has been placed down, even if erased, the magnetism of the medium has been adjusted.

It's the same for our globe's magnetic field. Every action, word, thought and emotion that has ever been on our planet whether it be from a human, a non-human, or a tree has been imprinted on our globe's magnetic field. The truth about climate change? It has more to do with the human-spawned negativity throughout the last several millennia than physical pollution. Humans, however, are still close to the animal kingdom and have yet to learn how to tune into the higher realms. They only believe what they see. The Elite have used societies' lack of true faith in the unseen world to their advantage. People's lack of faith is what keeps them slaves to the Elite. That and their greed, their lust.

I digress. This story is about me finding my purpose, not telling people off for over-attachment to the material realm.

To get the key to the Akashic records, you have to clean yourself up. To be able to read the energy right and get the correct translation, your energy field needs to be as close to natural as possible. It is important to learn how to neutralize other people's energy in your own field. An empath, a real one, is one who is able to feel magnetism easier than a mundane person. Empaths, you will find, care more for the environment, because they feel the effects more. A mundane person is like a person unable to feel tactile sensations. Because they don't feel, they have a lack of awareness.

Meditation is an important part of preparing yourself to receive the key to Earth's terrestrial library. Meditation is also the way you enter the library once you have the key. All this I found out only by accident. I will say many times in my life it is as if an energy has been directing me. I call this supreme energy God. It would be why there is so much evil around me and aimed at me. God said there was light and the darkness was pissed.

The thing is, I did a lot of thinking about my life. I spent years reflecting on things and found a much bigger story at play. Memories came back from my early childhood. Nasty things my parents, siblings, and grandparents did to me surfaced. I had to deal with the emotions of all this on my own. Some of the things my family did were pretty sick. How I am not evil, like them, I don't know. That higher power is looking after me because I have a purpose to fulfill according to its design.

So, I discovered, through all this, that I have a purpose to fulfill which has nothing to do with the lusts of the flesh and much to do with the re-balancing of the cosmos. By the time I got to that stage, it meant I was ready to use the key, which I had earned the right of, through spiritual hard work. Physical labour, going to work every day, would have been easier than what I went through to get this gift. I needed answers. This is the way.

Not that long ago, I entered the library.

This library is incredible. I gasped in awe, or perhaps it was the realization that there was no oxygen there, but I was still able to breathe. There were no windows or doors. The library doesn't need it. Ah, you ask me, how does the key work, then, if there is no door? Remember, it isn't a real key, but a key of energy to be allowed to enter and read the energy field of everything.

This library is vast. A human mind needs a familiar concept to be able to navigate one's way around the realm. Rows of shelves appeared. They were tall, ever so tall. They stretched far below me to far above me. Each shelf was packed with books.

A well-used library would have had books dangling loose from the shelving. There would have been books on their side, shoved in spare places. Not this library. It was easy to tell it was barely used.

I glanced at the titles to my left as I levitated down the row. “WWII” read one book. Next to that one was “Adolf Hitler”. I had to take a peak. As I flicked through the pages of Adolf's childhood, I discovered some very nasty stuff about his family. I also made a discovery about his heritage too. Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood in him. He didn't like it, because of the abuse he suffered at the hands of a Rabbi. I don't think I need to go into it too much except to quote a quote I once heard that said Narcissists rewrite history to escape accountability. I placed that book with care.

Then I picked up a book called “Nikola Tesla”. That one was an eye-opener. Apparently, Nikola never said a thing about the secrets of the universe being 3,6 and 9. Nikola said the opposite. To understand the cosmos, one must detach fully from humanities insane need to quantify everything. Once you get to the higher realms, there are no numbers. Nikola knew, and thought, that the Elite would manipulate things he said to further their agenda when they would use the technology they stole from him for personal gain. He knew a liar would come after him and claim his work. That book, I also put back.

I had stumbled into the most amazing library ever. The truth was at my fingertips. How I wanted to speak to the world about my findings. I knew it would be useless because of the lies the Elite had perpetrated against me. This was why I was here. To find out who my soul had been in previous lives that would make the Elite react in such a way.

I needed a starting point. I needed some help to find my way through this library. As soon as I thought this, I found myself at a large, circular desk. As I looked around, I saw that all the rows connected to this desk, as they fanned out beyond it.

The being in the centre had its back to me. This creature was huge. It wore a large, black, voluminous leather robe with segregations in the material. The tight, dark, curly hair spilled down its back. For want of a better description, it looked like a biker.

I cleared my throat. “Excuse me,” I whispered in a timid voice.

The hulking beast turned around, slow. It faced me. The beard and mustache were pure white, with tight curls spiraling halfway down the chest. I glanced at the name badge. 'Metatron', it said.

“Excuse me, Metraton?” I asked, still in a hushed tone.

“Yes, Camille, your looking for the book on your previous incarnation, are you not?” Metatron queried. The leather robe spread itself out wide behind him. It wasn't a robe, I realized at that point, they were his wings. He wasn't wearing anything beneath his wings. After taking a good look, I realized it didn't matter. Metatron was neither a man nor a woman. In the spirit world, there are no genders.

Metatron arched an eyebrow at me after my perusal. He knew.

I blushed.

A huge, dusty tome landed on the desk between us. I glanced upward in time to see a tiny golden orb flitting out of sight. I glanced at the name of the book. It said “Bible”.

It was my turn to arch an eyebrow back at Metatron. “This book has my former incarnation?” I disputed. How could the Bible possibly have a previous life of myself in it? Would I have not known?

“You're in there. Try the New Testament,” Metatron replied, as the corner of his lip raised in a half-smile.

I stared at the book.

“Have a glance at the gospels. Test your emotions when you get there.”

I opened the gospels, taking my time to read each one. When I came upon the parts about John the Baptist, I saw him standing waist-deep in the river. He hadn't seen me at this point. John was baptizing a family of 3. They were gentiles and not Jews. It didn't matter. They had known John since before the conception of the squalling creature in their arms. John had been right about the situation.

I moved to the edge of the river. John glanced my way. Our eyes met. His face gleamed with spiritual fervour. Crap, I thought to myself, slamming the Bible shut.

Metatron smiled at me, nodding. “See, you remember.”

“No,” I argued. “I have a vivid imagination.”

A memory of a feeling imbued me as I stood there, remembering the anger and sorrow I felt when I heard of the death of my friend, and how it had happened. I had known it would go down like that, but I had been forbidden from saying a thing. Certain prophecies had to be fulfilled. I had to run on the script of God, for there were thousands of years to be corrected when it come to society's spiritual errors.

There was a huge grin on Metatrons face by this time.

I was not impressed.

Metatron opened the book to Revelations, about the return of Jesus Christ and his purpose the second time. “It's not an accident,” Metatron started, “You know your spiritual gifts. They are there for a purpose. Each time you incarnate, you get the gifts you need to carry out your task.”

“Your talking about my ability to see souls, to see into a person's heart and mind,” I mentioned.

Metatron nodded, “There is also your knowledge about the spiritual, about what happens to souls after death. Remember your mother? She was evil. You had mercy on her and commuted her spiritual sentence so that she could have eternal peace. Not just anyone on Earth has that sort of spiritual authority.”

“I am powerless on this planet!” I disagreed.

“You yourself said to be master you must serve. If you want to sit at the highest position in heaven you must be in the lowest position on Earth,” Metatron reminded me.

I didn't need his reminders. I knew my scripture. I had loved Jesus Christ my entire life, regardless of the fact I didn't go to church. I didn't attend church because the behaviours of churchgoers did not line up with scripture.

“If that's the truth then, I didn't return to be sacrificed, as I already have been and people have been granted that amnesty in order for them to get straight for the afterlife,” I mused.

Metatron nodded, handing me a gavel.

I gave it a dubious glare, “You have got to be kidding me? I can screw over everyone who done wrong by me.”

Metatron took the gavel back, “It will take time for you to understand how to embark upon your purpose. You still have things to learn. You don't 'screw over' anyone. They have already done themselves over according to thought, word, and deed. Your power is there to make the final decision on where people end up. You have the power, the ultimate, eternal power, to commute the sentence of someone who is guilty and pass them through to heaven. You do not have the power to send anyone to hell. Only an individual can do that to themselves. This is regardless of religion, or any other difference. You decide for 8 billion people, as an individual and collective, where their souls spend eternity. The end for everyone is coming soon. It's why you are here.”

I thought about what Metatron said, “The Elite know about me, don't they?”

“Yes. It's why they attack you. They fear your judgment on them. Instead of making a wise decision, they have decided on the fool's path. Think about scripture. Does not everyone on the globe spy on your life in some way, shape, or form? Scripture says every eye will behold Jesus. Does not scripture say you descend through the atmosphere, as does every soul when re-incarnating? Does scripture not say Jesus arrives on a white horse? What colour is your physical body? What did the Elite do to you?”

“The Bible also says there will be false Jesus's. To think I am him, could put me at risk of being false. I do not wish to be false.”

“The false Jesus's are those social influencers with big followings repeating exactly what the Elite are telling them. The fact you have no physical person on your team, the fact you are not of the Elite should be evidence enough that you are not the false one.”

“The world is in a mess of trouble, then, isn't it?”

“It is,” Metatron finished, and closed the Bible. “It's time for you to return. There are people vying for your attention on Earth. They think you are dead and are calling an ambulance.”

“Ah. Okay. It was lovely meeting you Metatron. Thank you for clarifying things,” I thanked him.

A huge, black, leathery, clawed hand thrust itself from beneath the wings, grabbing my hand and shaking it with profusion.

I startled, stepping backward.

“All of heaven is behind you. The Elite will begin to lose power over you now that you know who you are. Best you don't tell people. Not because they don't believe, but because they know and aren't happy about their future sentence.”

The Bible, Metatron, and the library blinked out of existence.


April 16, 2022 04:40

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23:35 Apr 23, 2022

Curious story. Made me wish there was a higher word limit so you could've had a bit more action in there to tell the story with, you know? But well written. Oh, and I'm sure you already know this, but 'your' = belonging to you. 'you're' = you are. Keep the stories coming!


Minerva Noiropp
03:13 Apr 24, 2022

Thank you. I have a bit too much dependence on the grammar checker, I see.


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