The gossipmonger poured the soda almost leaning on the table, revealing her large breasts.

 The stranger, who was not blind, simply looked at them, without saying a single word.

 He just sat there, staring at the door, waiting for someone to enter the room - impatiently, he raised his head every moment, forcing their arrival with thought.

 He got distracted a little with the napkin holder on the table, putting the coat rack on and off.

 Suddenly, the black metal door opens.

 And Cecilia enters - wearing a tight-fitting black dress, high-heeled sandals and a lot of disposition to, preferably, leave there victorious.

 With firm steps, he made his way to the table.

 He greeted the foreigner with a little kiss on the cheek, and sat right next to him, nodding to the opponent,

 - Sign papers - explained the Korean

 - First of all, help yourself a bowl of nectar, as I still have something to question - what would it be about?

 - I don't fight. I apologize ..

 - contempt? - asked the witch named for being always speaking ill of all the people.

 - Clear out. I want to clarify: physical attraction, be good. But love, the better.

 I like Cecilia, María Cecilia, la Marita. .

 "Marita? That dog?" I mean miss? He only knows how to argue like a man.

 Marita looked at her as if she wanted to swallow him alive.

 But silently, she took a mirror out of her bag, and put it in front of the gossip saying: - There are people who should look at themselves in the mirror from time to time, and then gossip.

 - Special Marita - the Korean foreigner continued: I met her first and she helped me. Besides, she is cheerful, alive, intelligent.

 - Is it not possible to demonstrate what better? Inquired the gossip, passing her hands on her bust, and all over her body, eager for approval- I have a beautiful body - peaking and blinking her eyes

 - You have a great desire to please physically. I do not want that. And you must respect that position, because each one looks for what is most convenient for him. Understand: I like Marita, period.

 - Chinese shit! Despising me! - oozing.

 He wielded a bottle, hurling expletives

 - Didn't you want to retract what happened in the square, when you hit your face for not looking at your breasts? Well, that's what you should do now and leave because you're not going to get what you're looking for ...

 Park did not notice continuing:

 - I'm not from here. Not having a home.

 That is not defined as difficulty,

 Where to live?

 Any place becomes convenient, as long as we are together.

 I know that I am distant from my home, my people and my customs. It is frailize. And I see in Marita the strength I need to carry on.

 We are only together, And, we want to build our lives together, even for a moment a year, a bad life I know exactly because, we still meet. No hard feelings.

 Marita intervenes at that moment.

 - If you can't apologize for interfering in our lives, then why did you come? . Shouldn't you behave like people? Or, maybe you prefer everything to be like this? And when crossing in the street to pretend that we do not know each other?

 She was true. He was right about that. That compulsion to be appreciated and that invaded her days and her dreams had to end sooner or later.

 With or without apologies.

 It was necessary to change your mind, change your life, forgive before leaving for a new experience.

 Park extended his hand to the gossip, who did not accept his hand turning her gaze away.

 Marita and Park looked at each other, somewhat disconsolate, it's true.

 Narita also offered her hand, with the same response.

 - Well - said Marita, after a new rejection - now I would like to give you a friend's hug.

 - friend? Are you calling me a gossip and want to be my friend?

 - Moron! Hopefully the shitty Chinese man returns in the same boat we are in, full of plague-infected rats, he deserves it.

 - Because of the anger you show, I think he despised you, yes? I knew you would go after him or else you would not call him shitty Chinese, it just happens that first he is not Chinese, second, his natural simplicity is worth more than your gossip, Candissima Maria Santusa, that is, you should put your corner inside your legs, and go.

 - Daring !.

 - gossipmonger!

 - I'm not a gossipmonger!

 - Imagine if you were! How could it not be? - Maria Cecilia replied, losing patience.

 - Hey, professor, beggar, bad maid, you're going to see that I'm going to sell you to all the townspeople as a liar and a deceiver! - screaming with great anger.

 - You can do what you like best - still impatient - Only this is not a problem for the protectors, so it is better that you shut up and admit that you cannot fight with me because you will always lose.

 - Fuck off!

 - Look at your education,

 - it refers to yours.

 - If you were more appreciable, you would realize that that doctor brought with him only the desire to work, to do something for people. Without ambition.

 - I do not think so.

 - good , don't believe it, dear. You don't have to believe for me to care.

 - He surely eats dogs.

 - That does not concern you, nor do you know, so it is better that you shut up because we eat the chicken that we raise AND we kill it in the same way as if they were beggars. Where is the difference? You do not know how to forgive, you only want your personal pleasure. Therefore I am leaving - she got up from the chair, leaving accompanied by the foreigner with shaken hands.

 It was the strong character of María Cevilia, the one who would protect the foreigner, not only from the gossip but also from the evil of the world.

 The gossipmonger remained seated in the same chair, all the rest of the day, with the soda served in front of her, not to take a sip.


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