Christmas Fantasy Inspirational

‘Who am I? Where am I?’

Roy stood in the still, dark night, holding a package wrapped like a present. He didn’t know who it was for.

Starlight helped him see its professional wrapping in fine paper. It had no tag indicating the intended recipient. The large box, though not unwieldy, felt lighter than he’d expected.

He could only guess its contents. ‘Why must I lug this box around?’

The stars looked like velvet in the clear sky. The Milky Way lay just out of reach. Trees lining the road seemed to glow through the darkness. He felt submerged in a universal vibration. Each thing stood separate and distinct yet was connected beyond understanding to everything else. The living vibration felt almost like standing inside a peaceful, blissful beehive.

Yet he felt an ever-present pain.

He walked through the silent winter night toward distant lights. There was no wind. Snow floated down but it didn’t feel cold. How could this be? He looked at the shining stars. A glistening snowflake settled onto his sleeve and lingered.

He couldn’t remember who or why he stood on this road. With no sense of the past, nor connection to anyone, he felt as if he’d been dropped there at that moment. Poof!

But the pain kept him focused. Always present, it reminded him he was alive. Something triggered it. He must have a past.

His crunching footsteps were a lonely sound. Though no traffic passed, he kept to the shoulder. It felt like the road was built solely for him. By whom?

Walking steadily, he became aware of a presence keeping pace with him off the roadside. Peering into the gloom he realized a small deer walked beside him. When he stopped, it did also. It looked at him with its head tilted as if wondering at his delay.

‘Where am I going?’

Shifting the package to free an arm, he reached out to the deer. After several moments it stepped toward him tentatively, coming almost within reach. It sniffed with its neck outstretched. He didn’t move. The fawn took a step. Its breath warmed his fingers.

It stepped closer and allowed him to touch its trembling head. His gentle stroke soothed the deer. It moved close to his side.

An odd pair, they walked into the outskirts of a small town, more of a village. He recognized nothing, not the modest houses, nor anyone in it.

Snow swirled magically around them.

Getting closer, the lights revealed a Christmas festival held in the brightly lit square. Distant music played. A choir sang carols.

The Christmas décor was familiar but didn’t help him. The eclectic architecture offered no sense of place. Some of it could be found in medieval Europe. While other buildings were strangely futuristic. He could be anywhere.

Many in the crowd wore fanciful costumes. Most dressed as elves. Pretty women smiled at him. Some playfully reached for his package.

One woman, dressed in a flowing white gown, reached for the gift. With shining eyes, she asked, “Is that for me?”

For all he knew, it was. But he knew nothing. He gave her a skeptical look. Her musical laughter lilted through the air like the sparkling garlands on the trees. She returned to her group of giggling friends.

Thousands of celebrants filled the town square. The fawn stayed close to him. People watched them pass. No one interfered.

The Christmas tree in the central square towered over them. Descending white icicle lights contrasted with red garlands. Hundreds of presents lay beneath the tree.

The choir reached a crescendo as Roy bent to place the package in an open space under a branch laden with snow.  The song ended as he released it. The crowd applauded.

Ever vigilant, the fawn stood watching.

A small boy dressed like an elf walked up to the tree where Roy left the gift. Very short with slender limbs, he could almost have been an elf. Without hesitation or a sideways glance, he crouched to pick up the gift. Almost too big for him to carry, the boy looked even smaller leaning back with his arms outstretched to hold the package.

Roy followed the boy to see where he would take it. The fawn stayed close behind.

With single focus, the elfish boy walked to a cluster of people standing near the tree. In their midst a wizened old woman, bent and huddled, sat in a wheelchair. A knit shawl lay draped over her shoulders.

The elf boy handed the gift to her. Nodding, she smiled and opened it. Those standing by her exclaimed as she held up a shining crown. Gently, the elf boy placed it on her head. Everyone applauded. Then he drew a golden cape from the box. He unfolded it and held it for all to see, drawing more applause. The boy laid it over the woman’s shoulders.

Roy watched amazed as the smiling old woman transformed into a young, beautiful maiden. Her smile brightened the night. She appeared to be the source of her own light. She looked at him.

Roy shielded his eyes from the glare of a spotlight trained on him. Everyone clapped as the band began a procession.

Unsure of what the crowd expected, Roy approached the woman wearing the crown. The fawn walked by his side. The applause rose with cheers.

The elf boy came up to the fawn and petted it. The fawn nuzzled him and nibbled the food held in his hand. Carrying the empty box, he led the fawn away.

Roy stood alone before the maiden and followed the protocol he remembered from a movie. He bowed.

She said, “Oh, stop that, silly,” and laughed.

He laughed too. The whole crowd laughed.

Still smiling, she stood and took his hand. The band began to play a waltz, and they began to dance. They moved like they’d been dancing together for years. Snow swirled down around them.

She leaned in to kiss him. Roy shut his eyes and felt her lips touch his.

Opening his eyes, he saw her tear-streaked face looking down at him.

He realized he was lying in a hospital bed. The maiden and his family stood around him. Seeing he’d awakened, they burst into cheers and applause.

He remembered her.  She was his wife.


He tried to sit but she eased him back onto his pillow.

“Rest. You’re going to be okay.”

“But what…? Why…?”

“Driving home, you swerved to avoid a deer. Witnesses said you hit a patch of ice, spun out and crashed into a tree. You’ve been out for days. You’re lucky to be alive. Welcome home!”

It all came back. He remembered everything.

It was a very merry Christmas.

December 21, 2023 16:33

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Mary Black Rose
13:16 Dec 28, 2023

Very heartwarming story! This one was different in that you experience amnesia with the character which made it different than others I've read. Loved it!


John K Adams
17:35 Dec 28, 2023

Thank you for reading and commenting, Mary. I'm glad it worked for you. It was fun to write (with the added trope that it was 'all just a dream'). I'll check out your stories.


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Mary Bendickson
02:06 Dec 22, 2023

This so much reminded me of some other story but I can't remember it.


John K Adams
02:32 Dec 22, 2023

Funny. I hope it was a good one.


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