Fiction Horror

Chills ran down my spin as I stepped into the pitch black cabin, Becky, Mark and Billy where right behind me the dusty, creepy cabin was a much better option then sleeping in our broken down car. Becky dropped her bag by the front door and began to look for a light switch but her search was all in vain.

“Megan there is no electricity in this damn place, how the hell I am I going to plug in my cell phone?” I pulled my phone out of my pocket; no service. I asked the boys if I could use their phone but they had no service as well.

“It looks like we are stuck here until the weather clears, the phones don't work and I am not walking anywhere in that storm, we are lucky that we found this cabin when we did.”

“I know right, its almost like it appeared out of know where.” Mark shivered as he glanced around the room. “I get a really bad felling about this place, like something really bad happened here.”

Billy came out from a back room carrying a small box in his hands, he sat it on the floor and started to empty it, candles, matches, blankets. Normal things that a person would need to survive without electricity, but when Billy threw the blankets down another smaller box fell out, it contained black candles, a Ouija board and a strange black book that appeared to be locked. All of sudden I had a really uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, I made Billy put all the stuff back into the box and take it back where it came from. Maybe Mark was right, something very bad had happened here, I wanted to run out the door and never return. As I weather worsened outside the cabin things just got stranger and stranger inside the cabin, Billy refused to put box and all of the creepy contents back instead he insisted that we use the Ouija board, after all what else where we going to do.

“Come on Megan you know this crap isn't really, it will come passed the time.” Becky pleaded as she sat on the floor next to Billy.

“You can do whatever you want I am going to find a room and get some sleep.” Even though my phone had no service the flashlight was very useful as I made my way down the hallway, Mark wasn't to far behind me, he had no intention of joining Becky and Billy, unlike me Mark had actually used a spirit board he never said what happened, but whatever it was must have been really bad because when Billy pulled the board all the color left Marks face. The hallway seemed to go on forever, the first door we came to we opened. I shone my flashlight around the room. Everything was covered in dust, it was almost like this cabin had been empty for years. Mark and I stared to look around the room to see if we could find anything about the last person that had stayed there. The closet and drawers where still filled with clothes, they where covered in wholes and smelt moldy so where the blankets, I pull all of the blankets off the bed revealing a blood stained mattress. It took everything in my not to physically sick, I called Mark over and showed him what I had discovered. We stood in silence for what seemed to be forever, a loud bang shook us out our trance like state, I shone my light towards the direction of the loud noise, The chair that had been sitting in the corner was know laying on the floor, the papers that were neatly staked where all over the floor. Among the scattered papers a calendar caught my eye, I reached over and picked it up.

“Mark look at the date, January 16th 1971 that is exactly fifty years ago to this day, the car breaking down, running into this cabin was not a coincidence, something brought us here.” With the calendar still in my hand Mark and I ran out of the room and down the hall like a asses where on fire, but when we go to the living room Becky and Billy were gone and the board was still on the floor, they had lite all the back candles and the once locked book laid open on the floor covered in blood. Mark had a look of confusion when he picked up the book, the blood was dry, I filled with relief, old blood meant it couldn't possibly belong to our friends.

“Becky, Billy.” As I called out for my friends, my voice echoed as if I had been screaming down a well. I opened the front door and looked out, the wind blew the show causing a white out, there was no way they would have went out in that, I could barely see two feet in front of my face.

“This cabin isn't very big, they have to be around here somewhere.” Even thought Mark tried to sound like he wasn't worried but the tone of his voice told a completely different story.

Mark and went over every inch of that cabin but our friends where no were to be found, defeated I sat on the floor staying at the Ouija board when the planchette started to move.

H E L P U S H E I S C O M I N G. Then it spun around and flew off the board, almost hitting Mark who was still holding the book.

“What the hell was that.” The planchette laid at his feet and begun to spin around again, he tried picking it up but it wouldn't stop spinning. He finally was able to catch it with his foot but every time he would lift his foot it would start up again. It slowly made its way back to the board and stopped abruptly.

“We need to get rid of this thing.” Mark was absolutely terrified, he kept yelling and over again that we needed to destroy it before it killed us to. I knew that the board was dangerous but I also knew that it was the only way to communicate with our missing friends.

“What ever comes through is not going to our friends, it will lie to you and make you believe that its them but it's not.” He sat down on the floor next to me and whispered in my ear as if he was worried that someone might hear him.

“We need to get rid of it, our friends are gone and as much as you want it to be true; this evil thing is not going to bring them back.” As he was whispering in my ear more messages started to come through.

M E G A N P L E A S E H E L P U S.

I got Marks attention as another message through;

H E I S W A T C H I N G Y O U, the board catch fire and then it was gone, I screamed in horror, the only way of getting my friends was gone. I glared at Mark, even though he wasn't the one who destroyed the board I felt an intense hatred for him but as fast as that horrible feeling came it was gone and I wept for my missing friends and for myself and Mark knowing that by entering this place me have doomed us all.

“Its getting late we should try to get some sleep, I think Becky brought the sleeping bags with her when left the car, we can put them over the bed. I know its not ideal but it will be more comfortable then sleeping on the floor. I was very reluctant about going back to that bedroom but I was beyond exhausted, we were out of luck with the sleeping bags which meant that we would have to sleep on that disgusting bloody mattress but when we got into he room there on the bed where old black and white photo graphs that look there where from the early 1900's, I went to push the photos off the bed when something caught my eye it was an old black and white photo, the image made my blood run cold, there in the picture was Billy and Becky, they where sitting at a table, faces frozen in horror as they stared at the Ouija board, standing in the corner was a strange shadow figure, in his hand was the same black book that had been hidden away in the box. The light on my phone went out and the last thing I remember before being pulled under the bed was a bright flash like that of a camera.

Local authorities spend years looking for Megan and her friends and came up with nothing, there was no sign of the car or the cabin, until a group of campers stumbled upon the cabin while hiking through the woods. When they went to investigate all that was found a half burnt spirit board, the strange black book that was covered in fresh blood and black and white pictures.

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